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TP-Link HS100 Smart Wi-Fi Plug $14.95 + Shipping / Pickup in Lidcombe NSW @ Mwave


Cheapest so far I believe

Last time it was $19inc cheapest in centrecom

Normally selling $49inc in officeworks and Jb Hifi

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    • Also could match @ Bunnings for 10% price beat.

      • Thanks mate. Got three at Bunnings instore for just over $40.

      • Went to Bunnings to price beat, best they said could do was $27.45 each (down from $29.95) ?? So I said keep your plugs woman.

        • Did you remind them of their 10% price 'guarantee'?

        • Same, they said that they had to add the shipping price to each item rather then an individual shipping price. So 3 came to $74 something even though Mwave came to $59. Went to officeworks and at least got them for $56.

          I said to the guy at Bunnings that its hardly a Price beat guarantee when you come out more expensive.

          • @worthy1: It's a "Pricematch and we'll do our best to get out of it 100% guarantee". You can order it from amazon prime for $33.90 delivered

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              @Leeeroy: I had an interesting 1.5 hour at Bunnings listening to various interpretations of its price policy and how it does (not) apply to Mwave's $14.95 pickup price.

              It applies where the other retailer’s final price, inclusive of delivery, taxes, fees and charges, is lower than our price on the day that the price guarantee is requested.

              Refusal 1 at checkout

              According to an Electrical department staff, Mwave is an online shop and Bunnings does not price beat online shops.

              Action 1: Asked to talk to the (floor) manager at Info Desk. She claimed that Mwave does not offer a pickup service because she could not see a store address. I logged into Mwave on mobile and created an order costing $14.95 pickup and shown it and Mwave's address to her.

              Refusal 2 by (floor) manager

              (Floor) manager explained (interpreted) what Bunnings' price policy meant by inclusive of delivery: the lowest cost delivery must be included regardless of the free pickup option. Bunnings will price beat at $14.95 - 10% + $14.45 delivery = $27.90. She said Bunnings will not price beat the in-cart final price without me backing out and choosing the delivery option. And she said Mwave is discounting the product to $14.95 because it is earning money back through the delivery fee.

              Actions 2: Long discussion followed as to what final price, inclusive of delivery meant. Her interpretation: the delivery option MUST BE CHOSEN to arrive at the final price, full stop. She asked the operations manager to talk to me.

              Refusal 3 by operations manager

              Bunnings will beat Mwave without delivery fee if I can show that a random person can walk into Mwave's store and buy it off-the-shelf for $14.95. (Wait, what happened to price beating an online store?) Floor manager called Mwave and Mwave confirmed that "yes, you can, but you must create an Mwave customer account to place the order online." Operations manager said this being the case, Bunnings price policy does not apply at all because Mwave's sale is restricted to its account holders and is not available to the general public, even though anybody can create a free shopping account with Mwave. (How a person can buy from an online store without a shopping account is beyond me.) He offered to sell it to me at $27.90 as a goodwill gesture, or I can purchase from and drive to Mwave. This is the wildest interpretation of Bunnings' price policy I have ever heard. There is nothing in the published price policy that excludes sales ordered through online accounts:

              our price guarantee excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations and commercial quantities

              Bunnings telephone centre

              Action 3: Call Bunnings' national support telephone centre (03) 8831 9777 to ask for a clarification of the price policy. Operator A told me it is up to local team as to how the price policy is applied. I wanted to know if Bunnings has consistent and written guidelines on how its staff is to apply the price policy, or whether it is up to the whim of the manager.

              I was transferred to Public Relations Team. PR Operator B said there should be no local management discretion but then she flip-flopped between free pickup and "final price, including delivery" and had to refer to her team leader. Team leader returned with price beat with free pickup.

              Went back in store to talk some more. While I waited I asked PR Operator B whether there is an internal set of explanatory notes. She said what is published on the web site is pretty much it, and there are no additional staff-only guidelines.

              Operations manager had finished work. Floor manager repeated the "sale is restricted to Mwave account holder" story to PR Operator B, without once mentioning that anybody and everybody is free to create as many shopping accounts as they wanted at no cost. She seemed to think that an Mwave shopping account is a restricted-membership trade account with hidden qualifying requirements.

              Refusal 4

              Floor manager got off the phone and repeated her bullshit to me and said I am not a Mwave account holder. I shown her my Mwave account again, even though she denied seeing it more than an hour ago (see Action 1). She said the PR Team had given her authorisation to price match $14.95 but NOT BEAT IT by 10%.

              Action 4: I said this is unacceptable and as I turned to walk, (floor) manager told the checkout "just do the 10% and give it to him".


              1. Bunnings did not adequately train its staff on how to interpret and apply its price policy consistently. The many interpretations/excuses given to me varied with the individual, but all are wildly unreasonable and seemingly concocted to frustrate.
              2. Bunnings' published price policy contains ambiguities which lead to very poor customer satisfaction.
              3. Possibly because I refused to accept "no" as an answer and kept on asking for better explanations, the conversations with the managers were cold and not at all friendly. At one point the operations manager stopped mid-sentence to speak to someone behind me.
              4. I would rate my shopping experience 2/10. One point because I wasn't asked to leave the premises, and one point because I did receive a 10% price beat.
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                @alvian: Sounds like a good use of your time. Why not just support the price leader and buy from Mwave?

                • @d3ft: Because I wanted clarity on Bunnings' price policy, and I want it for the future too. Of course it would be easy to buy from Mwave, I was one button press from placing an order. And 5% price beat ($0.75 difference) at Officeworks is only 5 minutes drive away from Bunnings.

              • @alvian: Your post gets 10/10. For your tenacity and your detailed log of events. If you could be bothered, go the final mile and take this to the ACCC. Not as a complaint per se, but as a prompt for them to review and hopefully contact Bunting’s and get them to get their house in order. The above doesn’t sound a very nice experience at all.

                • @GaelicAU: The above comments of mine must have offended somebody enough to receive neg votes, so your score of 10/10 might be overgenerous. See below also for this much hated comment of mine.

                  worthy1's experience is much more outrageous than mine. Who is the genius who came up with the idea to add separate delivery fees for every single item? Bunnings should promote him/her to rewrite the price policy. Who could have guessed Bunnings can increase its profit by giving 10% price beat guarantee to its customers?

              • @alvian: i had a similar experience at Bunnings in Craigieburn, then went to the one in Thomastown and had no issues at all, so i bought the last 3 they had.

              • @alvian: You went far and beyond anything I would have bothered with but I can't understand why anyone would take this attitude? Is the discount being docked from their personal income? Or is it just some power trip from a "manager" not wanting to lose face after being mistaken.

              • @alvian: Had a similar experience to yours, although my interaction was just with the store manager who happened to be nearby. She initially insisted that they had to call mwave to confirm that it was in stock, to which I replied that the website already tells you that it is in stock. She then said that their pricematching policy did not apply to other retailers who had the item on sale, to which I brought up the policy on the Bunnings website and asked her to show me where this is stated (it was not). Perhaps she just wanted to go home, because after going onto the mwave site herself on a PC, she grudgingly instructed the cashier to apply the 10% price-beat. As I was leaving the store, she was on the phone, possibly with the head office to blacklist the item from pricematching or to match the price. Thankfully it only took 10 mins as opposed to your 1.5hrs! I completely agreed with your conclusions - thanks for your post.

      • Managed to get them at local Bunnings for $13.46 each. Were quite reluctant to match mwave.

  • Kmart was offing these for $6 each so not the cheapest ever.

    • Are you sure K-mart $6 is a smart plug at all??

      Cannot find that from the web site. Will be very interested to see if you can upload a picture :-)

      • $6 during K-Mart's TP-Link clearance. K-Mart no longer stocks this product. potplanty is correct in saying this deal isn't the cheapest ever.

        • And yet I get a neg.

          • @Tacooo: I didn't neg you. OzB comment negs have been unfair since forever because of its anonymous nature. If you think you have been hard done by, you should see some of mine. Just ignore negs that were not accompanied by a comment because there is absolute nothing you can do about them. Complaining or protesting just lead to more negs.

            • @alvian: Oh I wasn't assuming that you did. Just stating fact. Idiots will neg for any reason without looking at the facts.

              • @Tacooo: Yeah there's so many reasons people may neg a comment.
                1. They don't like the language used
                2. They disagree with you or think you're wrong
                3. They are having their own personal problems
                4. They have 'fat fingers'

                Personally I don't think you should be able to neg comments, at least not anonymously and not without a reply to explain yourself. Otherwise it's a cowardly form of bullying

      • It's a long ago deal, where someone saw a sign for these @$6 on clearance, but no stock in australia according to the thread.

  • If I purchase online click and collect with Bunnings (or OW), would they refund the price when I drop in store to collect?

    • Probably would be risky. Would be best to call up?

      • Loaded up MWave page on iPhone, jumped in car and went to local Bunnings (5 mins drive). Bought three from info / returns counter where they seems to keep 'Smart' electronics at Bunnings these days. Showed the cashier the MWave page. $40.38 total, no questions asked.

        Thanks OP +1.

        • Are you in NSW?
          I once went to OW and they refused to price match a router…
          They said mwave have no physical store in our state…

          • @Taneda1988: There is nothing in their T&C's that mention about having a match a physical store in state.

            Bunnings' price guarantee applies to any lower price on an item that is currently stocked and available from an online store, or in a physical store in Australia. It applies where the other retailer’s final price, inclusive of delivery, taxes, fees and charges, is lower than our price on the day that the price guarantee is requested.

            From https://www.bunnings.com.au/price-policy

  • What do you guys normally use these for? Just hoping for some ideas and if I need/want these.

    • This, I haven't had any practical use for them so i've never bothered.

    • I use it for vaporiser in kids room. I normally leave it on for about 6 hours before switching it off automatically.

      • Another use is to power your router with this so that you can restart it remotely!

        • Although that would require your router to be working to be able to restart it.
          Even if "remotely" but within the local network, you'd need the WiFi to still be up.
          Remotely, you'd be needing the WiFi and the outside connections to both be up.

          There are DIY restarters which you can build with an Arduino and a Relay which would be a better bet - automatically restarting the router when they cannot ping a set of public IP addresses.

          • @LukeS: Id prefer to use an arduino to automatically tweet the ISP when the service drops below the expected threshold.

        • I do this - but it is to 'cycle' a 'Mango' (GL.inet GL-MT300N-V2 Travel Router) that we use as a range extender in our home. As LukeS suggests - it'd only ever be an off switch if we attached it to our primary router!

        • Surely your routers web interface has an ability to restart it :)

      • I've done the same. Saves me forgetting to turn it off and running it dry for hours.

    • Use for Heaters to turn on in the morning.

      • Same here. I use it for a pet heater which I can control from work depending on the weather.

      • Funny thing is these WiFi switches are only able to control 'dumb' units with on/off capability. Fancy things like dysons need you to manually press the power on button, which leaves them useless when trying to control with a wifi switch…

        • That's true, that's why for those kind of device consider a Switchbot.

          • @Sequenox: The Dyson Hot+Cool Link has on/off capability out of the box as well as air filtration for those people with allergies. I can control it (air flow, temp etc.) with Alexa and some automation with timers.

            I know it's a bit of an expensive solution (bought mine from Dyson's ebay for ~$500) but it ticked all my boxes when it came time to replace both my heater and fan.

    • Pretty much anything you connect to a powerpoint you can turn on remotely, set a schedule for or power on off with your voice with google home or Alexa.

      Make a lamp a smart lamp without a smart bulb, turn your jug on remotely, power off all components connected to a power board. Outdoor lights, heaters etc.

      My downlights are connected into powerpoints in the roof so I could in theory use them to power on down lights. Also plan to use one on a few fish tank electrics I have. So basically it can make a things smart objects without some of the crazy costs.

      • My downlights are connected into powerpoints in the roof

        I am investigating this very same thing

        • Best way to do it as makes upgrading/replacing an easy DIY down the track. They are all individual powerpoints though so you can only use it in rooms with single downlights. A better way is a smart light switch but they are quite expensive still

    • I use it to remotely turn on my PC and I'll now be using it to charge phones overnight, so they're not sitting on charge constantly at 100%.

      I'll have it turn on at around 5am so it's 100% by the time I wake.

    • Our garden lights are powered from the garage. Its a pain to have to find keys, go out of house, open roller door, stumble around in dark to find power switch.

      Anyways, thats how I justified buying this today.

    • Garden lights out back… Can control with siri and very handy.
      My mate has one for his coffee machine so he can turn it on when he is still in bed.

      Edit: Siri doesn't work with these of the box fyi.

    • Christmas lights
      Heaters overnight/morning
      Fans in the warmer months

    • Turn off lamps and TV when shuffling to the scratcher.

      Boil kettle next morning before getting out of the scratcher.

      Turn on iron before jumping into the batheroom in the morning.

      Turn off via app when you've arrived at work because you forgot before leaving the house.

    • My phone charges for only two hours before I wake up which is enough to get it close to 100%. Not sure if this helps improves the longevity of the battery but this is what I use it for.

    • i have my theatre room and lounge powerboards plugged in so everything is turned off between 10pm and 6 am. im hoping the i plug on standby is cheaper than the other 8 devices hooked up

      and i have the kettle turn on in the morning..

  • Shipping kills this for me :(

  • Can you get switches for these? Ones that send a wireless signal to turn it on/off?

  • Thanks OP got 2 at Officeworks

  • Is this the one that has a watt meter to measure power consumption?

  • mine died after a year. Not very reliable

  • Mine lost its configuration, connection and stop responding 3 weeks back and I had to reset, redo all the configuration again

  • It's around $34, not $49, in JB, OW, HN and Amazon

  • The shipping fee is almost $15 and these things are $34 at Jb so this is not really worth it…

  • great for fish tank lights to be set on and off.

  • I need the HS110 lol

  • Can someone confirm if this plug would work without wi-fi eg. on mobile hotspot

    • Well the mobilehotspot is wifi - so that would work while the hotspot is up. But they dont do direct bluetooth or anything, they genuinely need a wifi connection.

  • +$6/year running cost?

    2 Watts (measured for HS110).
    8760 hours / year
    = 17.52 kWh

    = $6.13/year

  • I cannot find any practical use of it. I want it!

    • Just buy one haha, too lazy to get up and turn on electric blanket?
      "Hey Google, turn on electric blanket" Go to bed toasty warm

  • Bunnings Northland refused to price match saying that Mwave doesn't have a store in Vic and therefore shipping cost would be additional. To get the shipping cost on Mwave you need to register.. couldn't be bothered!

  • Got mine hooked up to the kettle

    So when I walk into the kitchen in the morning I say hey Google hood morning and it runs on the dining room light tells .e the weather for that day and boils the kettle for me

  • Successful price match to Bunnings in Sydney. Cheers OP

  • Currently NO STOCK!

    We have used WeMo devices (same functions dimmable bulbs & intelligent switches) which are quality plus & totally reliable, 17 devices are on schedules & they are fantastic, but sadly no longer manufactured, a great pity!!!

  • Grabbed the last one at OW Elizabeth St Melb yesterday arvo. Front register asked me to check with the tech section first, bloke pulled up the Mwave price on a PC to confirm it was in stock and gave me the go ahead, no issues.

  • Went to claim this today, but Mwave's price has bounced back to $24.
    When I looked yesterday, I saw the "Online Only. Ends 13/09/2019 or While Stock Lasts" under the price, and presumed that meant the discounted price. Seems I was wrong.

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