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$20 off $100 Spend | $10 off $50 Spend @ My Dan Murphy's


This will likely become active later this morning when the member offers are updated for this month - based upon similar recent offers, it should be automatically applied in cart (almost all alcohol, no code required) and once per pre-existing account.

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  • This is great. Approx 20% off Dan's prices brings a lot of liquor down to Sydney Duty Free prices (almost). I've stopped buying at the Sydney Duty Free. Overpriced

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      Wait a minute, that doesn’t make sense at all. You stopped buying at Sydney Duty Free because it is too expensive. Having said that, then you indicated that 20% off at Dans will bring the price down to almost the duty free price. How is that great? Kinda contradictory ain’t it?

      • By the time you add a flight on to the cost of the booze it really starts adding up….

      • i personally only buy Bundaberg overproof Rum it is 50% and it all my dad drinks

      • I see what you mean…But as @8anddrank said, you need to factor in other things… not to mention the 2.25L limit. I would much rather Dan (just for the convenience) than Duty Free these days, especially Sydney Duty Free. Unless of course somehow you get those Amex targeted offers and most booze turn out to be much cheaper .

        • Maybe you expect too much from duty free. Yesterday I purchased 1L of Jager from Sydney duty free for $40, was $65 from Dans

          • @Cobalt Owl: I’ve been flying for over 10years and seen Sydney Duty free increase about 20%, maybe it’s to fit with Australian alcohol laws, but duty free in every other country is cheaper and Dan Murphy has been on par with duty free when sales are on

            • @UberIsCool:

              duty free in every other country is cheaper

              Yeah, that's because alcohol is cheaper in almost every other country in the world than in Australia.

              People in most of Europe don't buy booze at duty free because it's cheaper in supermarkets in town.

        • Sydney Duty Free is pretty expensive. If your're ever transferring through an Asian airport you can pick up standard liquors like Smirnoff/ Jim Bean / Gordons for around $14-$18 lt.

    • From reading the details OP provided I don't see anything that indicates 20% off. It seems to be just $20 off when you spend $100. Would be great if it is 20% though!

      • "Approx 20% off" they said. Because $20 is 20% of $100. Obviously have to tick over each 100 to get the discount…

  • Can you stack this offer with wish gift cards?

  • Another excuse to buy more beer

  • Many good Islay single malt whiskys are priced around $100… Consider them all about 20% off. Lagavulin, Caol Ila, or Bruichladdich?

    • Can you tell me a bit more? I want to get a bottle for someone who likes whisky but I'm not familiar with what's good .

      • Depends if they like peaty whiskey or not, but lagavulin 16 for $85 is a decent price.

      • @Hogg —Scotch whisky is either blended (e.g. Johnnie Walker) from multiple sources to achieve a desired result, or a "single malt" from one source. The high-end whiskies are mostly single malts, but there are some great blends. The island of Islay (pronounced eye-la) is famous for single malts that incorporate the flavour of the local rich smoky peat soil. Traditionally peated whisky is a desired style, but some people prefer unpeated whisky and there are many excellent examples. I'm a Scottish-born Australian who has holidayed on Islay and my personal favourites are single malts by Bruichladdich. Around the $100 mark, The Classic Laddie (unpeated) is $101.99 and Port Charlotte Scottish Barley (peated) is frustratingly $99.99 so maybe add a bottle of Nu Pure sparkling water for $1.49 to get it over the $100.

        • Thank you so much for your explanation.

          Can you point me in the right direction where I can learn to appreciate Whisky? With all these Japan deals, I also want to get a Japanese whisky when I'm over there but I'm afraid my palate is too unrefined to know how to appreciate it.

          • @Hogg: Get yourself to a whisky bar and sample a few diverse whiskys. If you have a job that involves travel, hotel bars are usually good. Otherwise google is your friend, e.g. "ten best whisky bars in Sydney". The bartender will be used to educating people.

            You don't have to drink it straight, or with ice. The Scottish way is to add only a little water to the whisky to make it palatable to you. But not too much water. And no other mixers.

            I don't know anything about Japanese whisky, but hope to learn when I can stop obsessing over Islay :-)

  • Strange. Although the banner is showing on the site as of now it's not reflecting the discount in the cart. If it's not yet active why show the banner?

  • woolworths cooking their books so that it will be more attractive to sell the business

    • hardly cooking the books if it's actual sales?

      • Businesses introduce bigger discounts to increase turnover so it looks better for the period someone else is looking at purchasing the business. Turnover is one of the bigger indicators of a business' value.

        Also happens at the end of financial year. If a business hasn't met sales targets they will discount more to reach them. Profits come second

  • Will this work both in store and online?

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    20% more binge drinking

  • Anyone see and good discounted products that we can stack this 20% on?

  • Metala White Label is always a nice drink. Dans beating First choice at $9.45 a bottle, so $113.40 a case. With this discount drops to $93.40/case or $7.80/bottle, bargain. Though everyone may be wined out after the recent cellarmasters deal.

  • I'm seeing "Spend $50 get $10 off"

  • where do you see Spend 100 and get 20 off ?

  • Heads up! Just got off the phone from DM this is targeted via email only.

    • Do you have any more details?

      Specifically is it "Spend $50 get $10 off" or "Spend $100 get $20 off"?

      Edit: I'm a pre-existing member, but have neither received an email, nor can I see the offer on the website (neither logged in nor logged out).

      • It may vary depending on what you're targeted with. My account tells me $10 off on $50 spend.

        • Thanks for the info.

          I've updated the deal. Hopefully it's correct.

        • I presume you are seeing a big banner somewhere upon logging in?
          I have purchased tonnes of cases of wine previously, but not in the past 3-4 months so i thought i would have been an ideal candidate to target as it is time to stock up again ;)

  • I did get Spend $150 get $15 off back in early Aug when I was checking out. Maybe if I would get this if I didn't take that?

  • If no email (i've unsubscribed) how do I know if I have the offer? is there a code or is it automatically deducted in the cart?

    • No code, no email.

      Looks like it's automatically deducted at checkout. You will see a $10 promotion discount automatically applied.

  • Just signed up this morning and didn't seem to get anything… Anyone in the same boat?

  • I just checked my email and last offer was Aug 23 so didn't get the email even though i'm subscribed.

  • $10 off $50 for me, didn't get email just shows in cart

  • I'm a member and didn't receive an email, added $100 to cart but no discount. I buy fairly regularly from them too :(

    • Same here. Such disappointment..

      Added $300 to cart and no discount.

      Maybe that's the problem, buying regularly from them?

  • I haven't got an email. Nor when I add to cart do I get a discount :(

  • How do we know if we're targetted?

    • Check your email or give it a go on the checkout.

    • So far nobody has reported receiving an email.

      Looks like you need to add $50+ to your cart and go to the checkout. You will see a $10 promotion discount automatically applied.

      Nobody has reported seeing the "$20 off $100 spend" offer yet, but you may also want to check adding $100+ to your cart.

  • No deal for me. Screw you Uncle Dan. I practically keep your store alive :P

  • No email for me. I just added a carton of beer exceeding $50 to my cart and a $10 promotion discount was automatically applied on the checkout page.

    BTW this is a decent price for a decent beer. $45.99 (after discount) for a 30-pack of 375ml cans.


  • Damn, shame the caramel syrup is out of stock again, wanted to grab a couple with an order

  • No discount applied with $100+ at time of purchase😥

  • Hmm yea not 1 person yet had the discount applied. Sounds like a dud.

  • I received the email yesterday morning said spend $100 get $20 off.

  • Offer only covers alcohol, anything else won't contribute to the minimum spend.

  • Was at Dan Murphy today and bought a few items. First 6 items scanned to a total of $90, the 7th item brought it to over $100 and it applied a "Spend and Save offer" of $20 off.