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Black Dual Monitor Desk Mount $57.75 Delivered @ ScreenMounts Amazon AU


Seems a good price for a dual mount.
North Bayou F160 Dual Monitor Full Motion Desk Mount with Gas Spring for Two Computer Monitors 17'' - 27" LED LCD Flat Panel TVs from 2kg Upto 6.5kg per arm
Delivery expected Sep 10-12

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  • Normally under $90, so save approximately 30-35%

  • I use one of these at work and it's awesome, cost more than this too - good deal I reckon.

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      You understand this is just a monitor stand? We have no idea of your set-up.

      If you have a machine with 2x DP ports, and use a DP-HDMI adaptor for one of them, then you should be able to use both: 1x DP + 1x HDMI.

      DP to HDMI is a simple digital conversion.

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        Yes. Im perfectly aware this is a monitor stand.
        I have a laptop with a Analog, DP and a HDMi port. My question relates to whether the DP and HDMI are separate output ports or simply share the same output stream, just presenting different interfaces.

        You answered my Q. thank u.

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          Actually there appears to be more to DP-HDMI conversion than i thought.

          I haven't answered your question - i'd guessed you were dealing with a machine with 2x DP ports, such as the Dell systems that often appear on OB, but you've got separate output ports: VGA + DP + HDMI. I don't know if you can have more than one operating at any one time - you'll need to search the manual for your particular laptop to find out as it's reliant on the cleverness of your video processor.

          What i do know is that for some laptops they detect on startup if there's anything connected to the output port (whatever it is) - and if there's nothing, they don't activate it - no point loading the system to output video that goes nowhere.

        • It could be worth looking into display port daisy chaining. If your monitor supports it you could probably run a couple 1080p monitors off a single cable from your laptop

          • @mhwdvs: Ah yes of course. That is definitely an option as the Dells I have; do have DP 1.2 and MST. According to my specifications I can pump 2560 x 1600 with 2 @60fps. Cheers mate. Rock 'n roll. Picked one up.

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            @mhwdvs: So each monitor shows the same image? Not sure that's useful with this particular monitor stand.

            In any case if you have two distant monitors and you wish to display the same image, then a HDMI splitter may also be an option.

            EDIT: fixed the link (i'd initially linked to a switch).

            • @DisabledUser256231: Actually, DP 1.2 supports the MST output ( multiple stream transport) which allows you to section off the video data stream with assignment. into multiple channels.Thus giving you the capability to extend the desktop. Graphics card needs to support it of course.

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                @nuno: Oh ok - this is pushing the limits of my expertise, otherwise massive as it may be…

  • I have one remarkably similar to this that I bought of ebay a few months back. For the price it's terrific. Just ordered this one for work :)

  • How do I adjust the height?

  • I have the single and dual monitor version of these, they are great.

  • Which monitor would you guys suggest for this???

    • That's like asking "what car should I buy" without stating anything else. More details needed.

  • I have a single Ergotron arm that's easy to move but steady. Is this as good?

  • Didn't need this (yet) but ordered. The OzB way! Thanks OP.

  • bought, thanks OP.

    Considered it on the last deal that was slightly more at $59.95.

  • I've got a desk with 2 monitors and studio monitor speakers on it. One monitor is smaller and just sitting on some small phone books at an angle.

    Do these actually save space? Basically don't want to buy it and find I cant put the speakers anywhere coz the monitors are side by side.

    • That depends on your setup… for me they do save a lot of desk space as I no longer have monitor stands taking up desk space. The second monitor can still be at an angle if that's your question? Hard for us to tell you how much room you have really.

      • Yeah I've done a terrible job of explaining that :P - Oh well I bought it anyway. So worst case….keep an eye out for a For Sale - 1 Monitor Arm post lol

  • For those that bought the new LG 27" UltraGear monitor just letting ya'll know that it won't fit using this. The bracket is a little big for the "sqaure slot" on this monitor. I have just screwed it in as best I could but just letting you know it's not a perfect fit sadly :(

    • I have similar 2 dual monitor stands (one at home, one at work) and use them with 24" Dell/Alienware displays. None of them actually fit properly either, I have to use extra long screws to make them work. So may be an issue with multiple monitors. In saying that, I haven't had any issues at all.

    • Did the monitor or stand not come with standoffs so that you can use the smaller VESA mounts? I don't remember which my standoffs came with (I have a Kogan dual mount, fixed arm model, not this one) but you need standoffs most likely.

    • Yep, found this out on the single arm version. My budget AOC (was going to mount it vertically), just will not fit. Partly because the bracket is a tight fit, I can get it into place, but not flush with the back. And the screws aren't long enough.

  • Any triple monitor mounts?

  • Anyone know any good ones for a 38" inch (+ 24")? Don't think this can support the weight (~10kg)

  • Bought. Then realised I forgot cash-rewards.

  • can it only lineup the 2 monitors as a flat surface or it can create a curve with center going inwards. 2 27' monitors as flat is no go for me. I used to have a ultra wide monitor, have to return it after using for a while. The far edges don't look right.

    • If it behaves like the one I already have (see my comment above), you can move the monitors so they're angled inwards. It's very flexible, they can be moved all around the place.

  • Good price on a dual mount!

  • be warned, the comment said it is single height…. no point for me to have a mount with single height.

  • Your desk has to be at least a few CM thick for this

  • How are these compared to the cheaper alternatives on ebay which are height adjustable?

    • The cheaper ones come with basically no warranty and the chances of them degassing and sagging is probably higher.

  • Thanks OP

  • Damn you ceejee and your bargain post! Already got two from Aldi a few years ago, one of which I still use at work, but I hate the fact they're not independently adjustable… so just bought one of these to replace it. Meh, it's only money, and a nice tax deduction :)

  • Damn need a single mount,

  • I have both the single and dual mount versions of this and they are awesome for the money. Funnily enough the dual was a lot easier to install for me as the base was larger and caught the table a little better.

  • Kind of worried about whether my cheapo Ikea table could handle the weight of 2 27" monitors.
    Has anyone done something similar on one of the LINNMON tables before?

    • I've attached monitors to the LINNMON, GERTON and KARLBY desks, LINNMON seems to bow in the middle regardless of using an arm stand or not but that may be just me leaning on my desks too hard…

  • Triple monitor version?

  • I got 2 of the singles of this brand, A$40 ea delivered via Amazon over different months
    They are very sturdy

  • Thanks grabbed 2

  • bugger sold out after i added to cart :(
    wanted a single monitor one too

  • damn sold out. was just doing the weight assessment for my dual screen :(

  • Any suggestions for 2 monitors and a laptop (raising the laptop to use as a third monitor)?

  • This comes up as
    + $50.04 Delivery

    for me….

  • Good excuse to go dual monitors at home and actually do my coursework at home rather than the office after hours… Thanks OP.

  • I've had one of these for a year or two now. Pretty damn good quality for the money. Has 2 little USB inserts in the base that you can use either for cabling or some USB extenders.

  • Down to $77

  • If anyone is looking to get one of these, I highly rate them.


    Their single monitor variant looks pretty good too, and only $40 delivered.

    Quite a range.

    • i ordered the single monitor one for home… should arrive shortly
      wanted hte dual for work.. next sale

  • Came today,

    Not bhed good size….

    Lol, but seriously.. it is 'cheap' but exceptional for the price.

  • Just installed this yesterday only to realise I didn't think about my studio monitors on my desk. Originally had a setup of speaker/monitor/speaker/monitor, but now with this I have more desk space but nowhere to put the second speaker. Oops

    Not sure if the solution is a wider desk and have the 2 monitors flat with the speakers on either side.

    Anyone have dual monitors on a monitor arm with bookshelf/monitor speakers that can give me some ideas?

    • if they were side by side before, shouldn't it fit exactly the same, just with the speakers on the ends?

      Or was one monitor overhanging the edge of the desk previously? (I'm guessing so, as that is the only reason I can see why it would no longer fit)

      • nah I had one monitor flat and the other almost on a 45 degree angle to the right of me. so there was room between the two screens for the other speaker. now the arm doesn't have that kind of reach and takes up most of the desk width if I put them side to side. So larger desk might be the only option.

        • Ah OK, I see what you mean now.

          (It's not the order of the setup, speaker/monitor/speaker/monitor, that is your issue - it's that you can no longer have one monitor at 45 degrees. That was my confusion.)

          Basically you had a one monitor set up with speakers around it, plus a second monitor off to the side at an angle. Without the angling of the second monitor, you can't fit them all on your desk.