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20% off Sitewide @ rebel (Online from 5pm Friday, In-Store Saturday)


Rebel is offering a minimum 20% off everything sitewide from 5pm AEST Friday. Enjoy :)

  • Online from 5pm AEST 06/09/2019 until midnight AEST 07/09/2019. In-store 07/09/2019.
  • Does not apply to items already discounted by 20% or more.
  • Excludes gift cards, freight & installation.
  • Cannot be used with any other offer/s or discount card/s.
  • Free Click & Collect in as little as 2 hours.

Cashrewards now 7.0% (up from 3.5%). Ensure last click before purchase is from this link.

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  • Can you use Rebel gift cards purchased from Entertainment Book to pay for such a purchase?

    • Yes.

      • -2

        Cool I can get 10% off Gift Card

        • +6

          You'll only end up getting 8% off then…

        • +1

          If your with youi you can get 10% without any fee's via their loyalty program

      • If you haven't already purchased them they are showing as out of stock for me.

  • Ensure last click before purchase is from this link.

    What does this mean? Last click?

    • It means don't go looking at Amazon, flick over to YouTube, close it, grab a coffee and return hours later.

      • -2

        I'm still clueless

        • +3

          I thought it was quite transparent.

          Click the link then shop and checkout without checking Ozbargain or any other tabs in between click to checkout.

        • +4

          complete the purchase in one swift go without messing about on other tabs after clicking the cash back button.

    • +17

      Basically what's happening is that when you click through CR to a store there is an affiliate link in the middle that generates a cookie to track your purchase. Once you've made your purchase and it's been tracked, Cashrewards sometime later will get the commission and pass on some of that to you as cashback.

      Now if you've clicked through to the store and decide to close your browser, open up a new website, change your tab, open up another program etc… or basically clicking out from that session it may cause the cookie to not track the purchase. Resulting in no commission to Cashrewards and no cashback for you.

      It's also why they recommend adblock be disabled as that'll block the cookie too. Also applies to trying to double dip by using 2 cashback providers. rebel can only provide the commission to one company so if CR isn't the last click they might not get it.

      • +12

        thank you for being Clear

      • Thank you sir

  • +3

    Any bargains?

    • Wondering the same thing I'm mainly after any clothing under $15 looking for home jumpers, home long pants and maybe a new outdoor hoodie.

    • +4

      Rebel Sports prices are usually marked up considerably. To make this a deal you need to do multiple stacking of discounts on a sale item. Even still it’s a struggle to find a bargain.

      The conditions also say it doesn’t apply to items already marked down by more than 20% so essentially you will be getting a discount of the RRP in most cases.

      It would be nice to have at least one bargain be published.

  • Does rebel price jack?

    • +31

      Nah. Prices are already jacked to start off with.

      • +1

        To rebel's credit, I asked for a price match for a pair of New balance shoes that another store had for 30% off and rebel matched the price. Considering the shoes were a new release I was surprised they matched the price.

  • +3

    Youi customers can buy 10% off Rebel GCs.

  • Might have to pick up some metcons, nice

    • I was planning the same

    • +1

      I want to get those Joyrides that just came out

    • New metcon are ugly… all the current colours are crap.. I also need new gym shoes.

  • Looks like T&C's for this sale are not active.. were did you get the info from @tightarse??

    • It’s only charging you $50 for 2. All Nike legend shirts which are normally $34.99 are 2 for $60. It’s just that you selected a clearance item that there is no added discount.

      • so its 20% off 2 for $50 after 5pm today?

        • Doubt it because they are already reduced by more than 20%.

  • -1

    who's buying anything from Rebel? crap range of sneakers, overpriced everything else. How are they are still in business?

  • +4

    Wow. 232 likes and no bargains. Happy Friyay…

  • Great timing.. I just bought a pair of metcon 3 flyknits the other day. :(

    • have you worn it? Return it today for store credit and rebuy them lol

      • Got them Tuesday. 3 gym sessions in and have been wearing them in at work. Don't think they'd accept them lol

        Would have been a nice saving though.

        • +1

          Buy another pair today, then return them using receipt you received purchasing the other pair with on Tuesday.

  • +3

    A niche market but the Garmin 945 will come down to a relatively good price ($949-20%), less with gift cards/cashback sites. I haven't seen it cheaper since its release.

    • I've got my eye on this after recently missing out on the Fenix 5 from Rebel.

  • who's artificially upvoting this? I came in half expecting to see some deal recommendations…

    • Anything TA posts instantly gets 100+ upvotes, regardless of deal quality. Typical votes for a Rebel 20% off is around 80

  • +2

    It's live. Got myself and my mom a shoe each. Cheers Op.

    • +1

      So who decides who gets to get both shoes at a given time?

      • I’m just wondering who gets the left and who gets the right…lol

  • +2

    Does anyone know how long does entertainment book(10%) take to deliver the GC? Is it instant like Suncorp (6%)?

    • Its not instant. Though, you will get it within one buisness day. Mine came within 14 hours last time when I ordered.

      • Cool, thanks for the reply.
        I ended up ordering the GC through a friend's work, also gives 10% off, and is instant.

  • OOh bugger, i just purchased a squat rack at 230pm,

    • +1

      Buy the one on sale..return/cancel previous order

  • Thanks heaps, just came back from the States and was reluctant to pull the trigger on a pair of runners, but now with this deal I couldn't resist!

  • Thanks, last season Kayano’s 160 vs 260 current. Bought.

  • Bought Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage white sneakers
    Similar to stan smiths but without the branding

  • +1

    Just to confirm, either we can use discounted gift cards or use cashback? Correct?

    You may not be eligible for Cashback:

    If a gift card is purchased or used as payment.

  • Bought a soccer jersey, Thank you!

  • Ordered and collected in 60 mins.

    • and CR tracked confirmation after 4 hours

  • +3

    Few things I need from rebel, I can find very similar items at bigw with half the price. Seriously I don't know why people buy from rebel.

    • Brand names I guess, like with most things. I shop at aldi and I love their brands.

  • Managed to pick up a heavily discounted Wilson tennis racquet just prior to midnight on Sat - thanks OP.

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