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Claratyne 75 Pack $29.99 ($22.99 after $7 Cashback Redemption) @ Chemist Warehouse


Walked in to Chemist Warehouse today to get some Claratyne for Hayfever and noticed that the cash back promo has started for this year.
$7 back on the 75 tablet pack. It does not say this on the Chemist Warehouse website but they have tags in-store.

Link to claim cash back

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    Which one is better? Telfast or Claratyne?

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      it depends on the person

      telfast, claratyne and zyertec are all peripheral H1 (histamine receptor 1) antagonists and work pretty much the same

      But i've found a lot of patients prefer one or the other. There isn't a 'better' one persay.

      The molecules vary slightly and that's likely what leads to the slighly different responses in different people

      anecdotally, for my dust allergy, zyertec is the only one which works.

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      As a user of both I've found alternating once in a while seems to be more effective than sticking to one type for an entire season. The best thing I did years ago was speak to a GP about my extreme hayfever allergies and how these OTC medications were not fully effective. He got me onto a prescribed nasal spray that is much more effective than either of these.

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    Rather than Claratyne, I purchase Trust Loratadine which also contains 10mg Loratadine. 100 tabs usually sell for about $18 from Australian eBay sellers.

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    Not sure if shop front chemists sell them, but I buy on eBay from mvdiscountchemist, located in Adelaide. If you do purchase from them I suggest you do as I do and request the tabs be securely posted in bubble wrap or something similar otherwise some tabs may get damaged by Aus Post’s rough handling. My first purchase was damaged due to inadequate packaging and poor efforts by Aus Post but was readily replaced by the seller when informed of the damage. Subsequent purchases have been bubble wrapped and the postage has been AOK.


    just received $7 from telfast, roughly 50c per tablet, roughly 180 bucks a years.. maybe time to switch to generic brand.


    Get the generic from a local pharmacy. Same stuff, more options, better price. Compounding Pharmacies tend to do best. If you're in SA, the one at Pooraka is good value.