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Dell Inspiron 15 7000 - Intel i7-9750h, 8GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD, GTX 1650 $1499 Delivered @ Dell AU


pretty good deal for a thin and light… not gaming;
user upgradable ram;
97Wh battery;
Thunderbolt 3;
Starting weight at 1.59kg

is known to have thermal issues…
if you're looking for a thin and light, with good processor performance, thunderbolt 3 and large battery i don't think you can find anything cheaper (comment for other suggestions)


$1499 - 12% cashback

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    Hi OP, I think you can get this same laptop with Win 10 Pro for the same price at the Dell Work store: https://www.dell.com/en-au/work/shop/business-laptops-ultrab...

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    Nice find!! I ordered this laptop via their eBay sale and paid $1760 ($2200 less 20%). I only ordered it last week so still haven't received it yet.

    Now have to contact Dell ebay to either price match or cancel the ebay order.


      please leave us a short review when you get it… i'm really interested in the thermals


        No probs. As comment made below,I was juggling between i5 and i7 with concern for heat. Went the i7 because it was oddly cheaper (maybe they were trying to get rid of them?) and thought to run it lower frequency / undervolt if heat was a big issue.

        It was this or the XPS, and that (XPS) has well known heat issues. Hopefully the redesign of this improves on the heat management

        Fingers crossed


    Anyone know if you can get this exact model at JB-HI-FI or The Good guys etc


    One thing to note is that apparently the i7 version has virtually no benefit over the i5 version - the chassis can't handle the heat!


      yes, but it depends on what you are running… you get 2 more cores with the i7. even if they are running at a lower frequency, you'll get great benefits in some tasks

      … and the i5 is $800 more expensive right now

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    I have the i5 version from the previous deal. The fans are loud! However, if u can live with it, it’s quite a good unit. RAM upgraded to 32GB on mine. Be aware of planning to upgrade RAM - Crucially ballistix modules don’t work on this. I ended up buying AData modules.

    If I can buy again, I would get this i7 version.


      thank you for the input… the thermal limitations are the only thing keeping me from buying
      did you undervolt and/or changed the thermal paste?


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      Have you updated the bios? Apparently the most recent bios update has sorted out the fan noise issue. It still runs hot though from all reports.

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        Bios updated already. My machine is cool at the expense of fan noise. Everything else is awesome.

        I watched YouTube and downloaded the under volt software - but end of the day, I don’t need it.

        As for thermal paste - I don’t really want to start tampering with it whilst still under warranty. Will consider when warranty ends.

        By the way, the ssd is one of the smallest form factors I have seen for a 512gb!


      just ordered mine… don't know if i should upgrade to 16, 24 or 32gb ram

      what do you use the laptop for? do you often have more than 16gb ram usage?


      any other negatives, mate? how is the display and the ssd read and write speeds?


      Sorry, fail on my end, I tried looking up what ram sticks are the modules you described, but came up a bit confused. Are you able to let me know which RAM stick (brand) you used (and which didn't work)?

      I intend to upgrade the ram 'just because' (at this stage)

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        The 7590 Chassis (in this config) supports SODIMM DDR4 2666MHz. The supplied RAM by DELL should be a Samsung 8GB 2666MHz SODIMM module. There is 1 spare RAM slot. So if you plan to keep the 8GB RAM, I suggest that you buy the same Samsung RAM module to match.

        However, if you plan to max out the RAM at 32GB:

        2 x 16GB ADATA 2666MHz DDR4 SODIMM RAM modules will work. I am running this now.

        But, 2 x 16GB Crucial Ballistix 2666MHz DDR4 SODIMM RAM modules don’t work. I found this out the hard way.

        As always, my 2 cents. Open up your laptop and check. It may be daunting to open up this 7590 chassis at the beginning, so be patient. Once you know how it clips on, it will be easy to take off the next time. 1st go took me 5mins. 2nd go took me 1min. Thereafter, 20secs.

        (While you are at it, admire how tiny that 512GB SSD NVMe is!!!!). There’s a spare NVMe slot for another SSD.

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