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Sygic Offline Navigation Lifetime Software (Premium World + Traffic for Android or iOS (€19.99eur ~ $33.00 AUD)


A superb offline navigation app.

Understood there are free options out there but I'm very picky with my UI, searching and features. Sygic ticks all the boxes for me.

Pretty cheap price for what you are getting.

A couple other cheaper packages for AU/NZ maps if you don't travel.

Australia & New Zealand no Traffic: 10.99eur

Australia & New Zealand with Traffic: 14.99eur

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  • Thanks OP

  • $33 AUD is for all World maps. If you just want Australia/NZ it is cheaper. Excellent bargain for all World maps.

  • It appears to be even cheaper if you load it from the app. I just opened Sygic and am being offered Australia & New Zealand + Traffic for $18.99 USD which works out to ~$28 AUD as of today.

  • Make sure you try the app first, I found the journey quite disappointing, it took so many wrong turns from Lygoon to Northcote, Victoria

    • Agree. My experience with sygic is really bad. For some reason, now it avoids highways/motorways even though there is nothing in the settings to avoid that. The alternate routes doesn't consider size of the vehicle and tries to guide you through narrow residential paths. Raised a support ticket and no response as usual. Support is a joke. It used to be really good but now, I won't recommend it. YMMV.

    • So it hasn't changed much then? I used to use Sygic pre-ubiquity of Google Maps (and paid something like $100 for it at the time) years ago. I stopped using it when something changed and I noticed it started taking me on weird routes which took significantly longer.

      • Sadly, yes, the updates after changing UI design and the address search logic, was mostly cosmetic and new features. They never really tried to fix the core issues. Its very recently that the address search was updated, making it atleast usable even though users were complaining about it for years.

    • Probably because of too many O in your maps

  • How does this compare to 'Waze'?

  • I use HERE. i have used Sygic in the past but having HERE available for offline mapping makes this product seem redundant ? is the UI that much better ?

    • I'm also a HERE user best free offline from what I've tried.

    • I personally dislike the UI of HERE. It also lacks speed camera positions. Live traffic data seems to chew up a whole heap of data.

  • How does traffic work on this if it’s meant to be used offline!! Or does it still need wifi?
    I was thinking this or just the offline google maps for my car gps.

    • Good point, but yes you'll need an internet connection if you want to use the live traffic data.
      I use Sygic as my daily in my Android car head unit. Rock solid and never disappoints

  • Grrrrr ….
    I paid $45.56 in May 2017!

    I have Sygic, Waze, Here, and Google Map. I use Google Map mainly, as it has voice command. All the rest are there because they are available and I just want to experience the differences from time to time. Sygic is the best with how the map looks, especially with its multi-lane display

  • Sygic is meh. HERE and Waze are considerably better, heck even Google maps is more efficient than Sygic.

  • Sygic is the best, great interface, very sensitive,fluid and fast.Google maps is too basic, same for HERE.

  • I always wonder what I am missing when it comes to Sygic navigation. I have the 'Car Navigation Maps and GPS' and consider it to be the worst app on my phone. The UI is awful and navigation hopeless. Yet the app reviews are 4.7!?

  • I have this but their route planning is not smart!! Google map is better in terms of route planning.

  • I also have Sygic.
    They are currently offering a month free trial for the Mirrorlink.

    I find it works well,, however.
    It runs a fraction in front of where you are and when you slow or stop it has to re-adjust the indicator back to where you actually are and
    it 'turns' corners before you have turned which can be a bit annoying. it does have some glitches here or there with its routes, but mostly pretty good.
    It has generally improved over the years I have had it. It now also supports its own Dashcam app within the Sygic app.

    I have used Here Maps when it was a Nokia app with my N8 and I also use Google maps, they all have there own glitches and route issues.
    But for an offline map app its great.

  • is this include mobile speed camera location?