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Kogan Ultra Fast 20000mAh 40W Power Bank with Type-C (PD) Port $39 Delivered (Was $109) @ Kogan


Looks like free shipping without using Kogan First?

Two-way ultra fast charge with 36W input and 40W output
Power up your compatible* laptop with 40W PD output
Massive 20000mAh capacity
Multiple ports for rapid charging up to five devices
Portable for use on-the-go – easily slips into your bag!
Durable and efficient lithium polymer battery
USB Type-C charging for rapid transfer times and performance

*Power Delivery (PD) is not available for all devices. Please check if your device is PD compatible prior to purchase.
The Kogan Ultra Fast 20000mAh Power Bank with Type-C (PD) uses USB Power Delivery to intelligently adjust to the perfect voltage and current to safely provide the most rapid charge possible for your device, making it perfect for those juggling multiple devices on the go.
Ideal for those morning’s when you’re running late, in the middle of the outback, or just enjoying a night out on the town, with the Kogan 20000mAh Power Bank in your bag you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery again.
1 x Type-C PD with 36W input and 40W output
1 x Micro USB input
4 x USB-A with ultra fast 15W output

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  • This or Xiaomi ZMI 20000mAh? Anyone got experience? Thanks

    • I have this unit but not the zmi. If you look at older posts of the Kogan, there are quite a few comments about problems with MacBooks where this unit would toggle between charging and discharging constantly. I also had the toggling problem with my first unit but Kogan shipped a replacement that has been fine so far, others have had multiple replacements and still have problems. So keep that in mind if you plan to use this with MacBooks.

      Edit: also personally I don't like the design where they have the USB C port on a different side to the USB A ports. I prefer the Xiaomi design with all ports on one side.

      • Most laptops need minimum 45w PD, that's why your Macbook is doing that.

        I have a Dell using Xiaomi 45W and just barely cuts it, charges laptop slowly

    • If you can buy the ZMI for this price, get that one. It has a USB hub and 45W PD as opposed to 40W.

  • is it QC3 compatible?

  • Can this charge the new switch 2019?

    • In handheld mode it should be fine. It delivers enough juice.

      Docked mode, the Switch is picky. It will only output to the screen if you're using the official charger. There is a unique chip inside that identifies the charger as genuine and no one else can crack it yet.

  • On functionality, which one is better, this or the Xiaomi 20000 mAh?



    • Xiaomi/ZMI for sure as they're following the proper USB-PD spec by having the faster 45W compared to the 40W. Not to mention the charging efficiency and components quality will be better as Kogan just slap their logo on Aliababa specials.

  • Any catch? Looks really good.

  • Kogan’s Powerbank is not on the same par with xiaomi’s, they are cheap for a reason. Quality wise I still prefer xiaomi or even better Zmi, they feels solid not like these re-badged Kogan power bricks. But for the price point, these are not too bad, at least you can change it once something goes wrong.

  • Just over half a kilogram. Getting a bit heavy for taking on a plane.

  • Unless it's been fixed, the type-C port doesn't work properly - it starts draining power from the connected device. Check out the past two threads for this item.

  • Has anyone any experience of using this to power a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B? Specs state it needs USB Type C and 15W input.

  • That's a lot of ports for a power bank. I'm interested.

    Who did Kogan rebadge for this one?

  • microUSB .. no thanks

  • Highly recommend Kogan’s newer PD power banks (black, rectangular). Had this one replaced 5 times before getting a refund, purchasing the newer one, and having zero issues. If it’s not currently on sale, it will be soon enough.

  • Honestly, stick to Xiaomi brand, all my kogan ones have failed after 2 years (1 less than a year), xiaomi still good as new…

  • What is the capacity of this one compared to my MacbookPro's battery, which is 4790mAh? I don't know why they use mAh instead of mWh.
    For phones, I think that they are using 3.7V, not sure about this powerbank and that MacbookPro.

  • Any idea how long these can hold a charge? i.e would I be able to not use this for a week and anticipate it to still have close to full capacity?

    Edit: did my own research lithium polymer is ~5% per month

  • It's now sold-out please update the listing title