out of stock Nintendo Switch Pro Controller/Joy Con Charging Dock $21.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Orzly Accessories Amazon AU


Seems like good price and listed under "Amazon's Choice"
It was on sale last year for $25.99 and expired within day.

ALL-IN-ONE MULTI CONTROLLER STAND CHARGING DOCK: The Orzly Charge Station is perfect for storing and charging. Can charge up to 4 Joy-Cons either individually or simultaneously (or can charge 1 Pro Controller with 2 JoyCons).
SMART CHARGING SUPPORTED: Smart Real-time sensors automatically detect when each Joy-Con or Pro Controller is fully charged, and automatically stops charging each one the moment it reaches full battery to prevent overcharging, which preserves their battery life.
CHARGE INDICATOR LIGHTS: Each Joy-Con charging slot has individual LED charge indicator lights which glow red when charging and glow green when fully charged.
DO NOT DISTURB MODE: In order not to disturb you at night, you can optionally turn the charge indicator lights off via a handy switch at the back. (Your joy-cons will still charge even when you do so).

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    Cheers OP, bought one. Only play my Switch when friends are round, so every time we need all the joy cons working, their stupid tiny batteries are always flat! (except for the two attached to the console).


    Looks like they're all gone