expired OPPO Reno Z (Dual Sim 4G/4G, 6.4", 48MP, 128GB/8GB) - Jet Black $401.59 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Sydney Mobiles eBay


Seems a pretty good deal for this phone.
Good specs 8GB RAM 128 GB ROM.
Comes in after discount around $400 AUD.

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    price in title pls

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    Sorry. I see its been fixed? Thanks.

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    Does this have Band28 and NFC?

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    Yes it does

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    Pretty decent deal. V Good for a mid-range phone. Has a headphone jack too! Doesn't have a wide camera lens. If the Oppo Reno 2Z came out already I think I would have pounced on it!


    Considering a new phone for mum. A20 was on my list, but I can't find any unlocked ones on discount. Is this worth the jump if she wants to keep the phone for 3-4 years? Not a power user.

    Edit: GPS is absolutely necessary, and it seems the A20 is unreliable for GPS.


    They are not putting the Purple one on sale I got the purple but then I paid full price at JB a month ago

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    Redmi note 7 about $150 cheaper at aliexpress with similar specs.

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    Mediatek MT6779 Helio P90 (12 nm)

    Geekbench 4 compared with Snapdragon 835


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      Not trying to fanboy but despite the promising benchmark results vs the Snapdragon 835, I would still pick a Qualcomm device purely since the majority of them support custom roms and if not at least Google Camera Ports. Seems like good value for a device if that's not important to you though.


        Not to mention that mediatek chips have at times had issues with e.g. Bluetooth compatability etc. Which are just annoying e.g if your phone just happens not to work on your car's stereo


    This or Vivo S1? Anyone owns the Vivo who can give some feedback?

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    Hmm they seem to be using fake photos. illegal?

    Real photo of what it looks like: https://i.imgur.com/PdZO6eO.png

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    I've had my purple one for about a month now and I love it.
    Very quick compared to my ageing galaxy note 5 that It replaced.
    Screen is excellent. Can't go wrong for the money…

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    How are oppo with updates?


    Three phones I'm Debating.considering I have had xiaomi for years I'm clost to buying the
    Xiaomi cc9
    Oppo reno z
    Vivo s1

    All close in specs but can't decide.
    Thinking I go with what I know.. Xiaomi.

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    Bought this phone a few weeks ago. Not exaggerating but one of the best decisions of my life! Great value.

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      Not exaggerating but reading this comment is one of the best decisions of my life!

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    I bought this phone last week for my dad for father's day gift and he's enjoying it. Very good upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S6+ Edge.

    Colour OS 6 has quite a lot of useful features. Its definitely better than Colour OS 5 from what I read.

    My dad found the calculator quite useful as it has built-in exchange rate inside it.

    The Smart Driving Mode is useful for him too, blocks all notifications and redirects calls with message.

    Comes with a cover, so money saved.

    Was very to transfer files from old phone to new phone.

    Finger print and face scan unlock quite good too.


    Is this phone better than P30?

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    Have been keeping an eye on this phone for a little while. I have an iPhone X that i'm getting a bit bored of. I don't 'game' on my phone, and I have an iPhone 7 for a work phone. Very tempted to pull the trigger for $400 but also keen to see what Apple is about to release..

    Good review here: https://www.gadgetguy.com.au/product/oppo-reno-z-as-satisfyi...

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    so MTK based phones are good now?
    They never ever get custom ROMs. Will be lucky if the OEM ever updates to Android 10

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    Anybody purchased through this seller before? Anybody associated?

    My brother is keen to buy but scared away by the interstate purchase, so trying to convince him otherwise. He's been looking at this specific phone since it's release as an upgrade to his current oppo.


    Kind of regretting ordering the Umidigi f1 play last week now :/

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    I bought one of these ~3 weeks ago as my Note 9 is still being 'repaired' by Optus… Anyways here are my thoughts;
    Display - Very good
    Battery - Very good (significantly better than my note 9) - more on this later
    Performance - Can't notice any difference compared to my note 9
    Software - :(

    I got this phone while in JB as I can't work without one while my note was being repaired. Overall it's very good, apart from being absurdly slippery without a case, but it comes with one and a plastic screen protector pre-installed. Performance is fine, at this point there is essentially no difference between phones… No phone needs 8gb of ram lets be honest unless you're using these propriety desktop solutions, 8gb is plenty. Never noticed any lag at any point and I'm a 'power user' use many apps for work, quite CPU intensive, never lagged or paused once so far. Battery life is very impressive, but they're pulling some strings under the covers here, similar to Huawei. Even after disabling all of there battery options, it will still put apps to sleep in the background.

    My main concerns are with the software, could not open MMS or attachment text messages (would crash back to home message screen), sure I installed a 3rd party message app to get around it, shouldn't have to, but easy enough fix. The other big concern is the Bluetooth connectivity, works fine with most headphones, but extremely intermittent with both my car & motorbike intercom. Because of the power settings, apps that should be able to autoplay do not, because they're now closed. Frequently unable to get music playing even after restarting app/Bluetooth/phone & car.

    Other than that, there has been literally no difference between this phone and my 3x more expensive Note 9, I did contact Oppo support, they essentially just said return the device as there was nothing else that could be done. There OS is nice enough, a little buggy, but my iPhone user girlfriend liked it a lot as it is very 'Apple-like' it's easy to use and clear.

    If it wasn't for the BlueTooth issues I would keep it for the foreseeable future, however, I'll be returning this week as its a deal-breaker for me.

    If we assume mine was a one-off issue, really good phone and for the price I can't believe how my old phone was over $1000 more expensive for a pen.

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      I mentioned this above but compatibility is the biggest issue for me with MTK chips, and Bluetooth seems to be the most common issue. I am all for saving money and tried a few MTK phones over the years, but if you have 6 Bluetooth devices you commonly use you can usually forget about 1 of them working. If that turns out to be your car, you are up the creek.

      Or it could be the car you hire in some foreign land and now you are struggling overseas etc etc.

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      Very comprehensive review. Thanks for that. I do find that the phone struggled to switch between my phone BT and car BT initially but it's all good now. Not sure what happened.

      One thing which a lot of people leave out of their opinions/reviews (which is important for me) is the sound quality of this bad boy. Firstly, the bundled (wired) earphones sound amazing! I can't believe how good the sound chip is. And my Bose QC35s and Sabbat e12s sound amazing as well. Crisp treble and good bass. Not to mention the clarity of the loudspeakers!

      P.S. I used to own a Galaxy s8 and the sound is wayyyy better on BT earphones.


      Hi klaseek,

      I order the phone from this deal and got it a couple of days ago.

      I'm enjoying it. The only issue I have is that my mobile data randomly turns off. Phone calls will till work. If I shutdown the phone and restart everything works fine again. Have you come across this problem.


        Hi There,

        Yes there is an auto data switchoff after 1GB of usage in a day, you can turn that setting off under your mobile data settings, a pop-up appears on your phone at the 1GB mark and prompts if you want to keep using data or turn it off (default). Turning it off will sort out your problem :) Enjoy the phone!


    I wish I waited for this deal instead of taking the plunge on the LG V30+ for basically the same price as this phone from JB a couple of months ago. The selfie camera on that phone is so bad that it makes the whole phone useless for me. The battery on the V30 is okay, but nothing to write home about. The screen is just okay. It doesn't have stereo sound, let along Atmos sound like this Oppo. The screen size is a disappointment compared to most modern mid-range phones now. I wish I could return the LG and get this.


    I loved my Oppo from a hardware perspective but found the Android updates were not good enough.


    Looking for something to replace my ageing sluggish Nexus 5X. Leaning towards the OPPO anything else I should consider.


    For anybody still interested, there's a new code pushing the 20% off out until 24/9.

    I'm still on the fence. I'd like jb to pricematch as they've done with previous ebay discounts in the past, then I could offload my $500 Telstra port in credit.

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