[PS4, XB1] Dishonored Death of the Outsider $3.98, Dishonored DE $7.98, South Park The Fractured But Whole $7.48 @ EB Games


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EB Games Australia



    More importantly, does anyone know the trade-in price of any of these? Got 5x 25% bonus trade credits to use from that Scratch & Win promo.

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    Good price for Death of the Outsider

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    Closest one is 20 min drive :(
    No home delivery option

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    Just like all of these clearances, few things to note:

    • Stocks will vary wildly from store to store.
    • Unless it’s a recent/popular game, they are sourced from the stores themselves and not from the warehouse…
    • … which means the shipping costs are higher than normal and more likely to be canceled, since they simply cannot be found.
    • These clearance games are usually the single, dusty copy festering within the storeroom and may arrive damaged, missing parts or cancelled if ordered online.

    Happy hunting!


      I went for Battle Chasers Night War (preowned) with the 25% off for $18, Hurstville as pickup was supposed to be the go but they could not find it so central warehouse shipping for no extra cost, I’m happy with the outcome.


        how did you get them t ship for free? did you have to cll the hotline?


          No they offered in the email, choices were cancel or ship for free (instead of pickup)

          I ordered Sat and I would have picked up Sat or Sun but it was here Monday via post in end.

          2nd time in a month EB have been good. In week of release Planetfall Age of Wonder was price matched to JB (who at the time said delivery only, no in store stock)

          I know we bag them out, me included, but you know with a bit of work they mostly come good, just don’t buy AAA in first month, be polite, be patient and karma will shine on you.


    Picked up a copy of onrush for ten. It had been on gold pass for 9 months and then on the weekend gone. Worth chasing down if you like online destructive racing games…. Now, where's my mate with the Ford and the oil leaking?


    Was keen on southpark but no stock near me.. boo

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    Nobody has seemed to notice yet, so I'll be that guy.
    Title is for Stick of Truth, link is for Fractured But Whole


    You put the south park game as stick of truth in the title but it's actually the new fractured but whole

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    Good prices but again no stock anywhere within 3 solar systems of me, as per usual with EB. Congrats to anyone who finds any stock.


    Death of the Outsider seems to extend to the PC version too but good luck finding any stock


    Went in store just now. They said like 80% of games r reduced at the moment. Got list of reduced specials for loot but not games. Half prices are updated online so far, more to come soo …


    Postage kills this deal for me :(


    Got Death of the Outsider today. Noticed Middle Earth Shadow of War for $5 and snagged it. https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/pc/218488-middle-earth-sh...

    Some stores in Sydney still have stock.

    Edit PC version

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