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Logix Platinum Dishwashing Tablets 80 Pack $11.99 @ ALDI


15c a tablet for logix platinum dishwashing tablets. Hope it is useful for some.

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    Washing ma plates for 15c (+ water + power) is def useful to me. Thanks buddy.

  • I just loaded up on fairy, but if I’m near an Aldi, I’ll grab a few boxes of these. Thanks for posting. I’m sure it’ll help many.

  • tried getting these last time and always were cleared lol

  • And I'm down to 3 tablets… I guess there will be a night of hand washing

    • Dont do it. our dishwasher just broke, new one delivered Thursday. the last two night of hand washing has been hell

    • I used my last tablet last night. Guess who's eating and drinking with paper utensils for the next few days

  • Thanks for sharing. These are apparently good. Fairly are my go to for best clean though

  • Here you go, CHOICE Magazine top 6 rated dishwasher tablets as at August 2019:

    FYI, these ALDI Logix Platinum come in at 7th with a 70% score.

    • I'm shocked they didn't do a rating for discolouration of clear Tupperware on spag Bol night.

      Someone needs to write to the edition, stat

    • Top rated was 77% 2nd & 3rd place were 73% and 4th 5th and 6th place were 72% interestingly Aldi platinum falls down in the red wine and coffee removal scores if you remove these the scores between 1st and second are 84.75 and 84.5

      • Yeah but which ones cleans best at best value for money?

        Earth one likely to be expensive. So the only choice is Coles vs Woolies vs Aldi one

        It's unclear no price comparison

        We need price to rating ratio

    • Those are the cheaper tablets in the image, did they test the Platinum outside of that?

    • not accurate, the ones in the link are Aldi Logix Complete. Not Platinum

    • I have been using Earth Choice (#1 Choice pick) for a couple of years and found them really good. Thought that I would try the Aldi Logix Platinum recently and found that they are not as good with some cutlery coming out stained and occasional plates not washed properly. Will go back to EC once the box is finished or even try the Coles Ultra+ which I used on a holiday last year and they worked well.

    • The way i read the Choice review is consider what your dishes are covered with when choosing. For example we use Tumeric a lot and would need a tablet that can tackle turmeric stains well

      • Yes, you could look at it that way as well. Then you need to combine it with CHOICE's recommended dishwashers to have a super combo cleaning machine!

  • WARNING: There was a trap with the last bulk pack of Logix Premium I bought.

    The 'normal' Logix Premium comes in a soluble wrapper that you just place in the washer and go, the bulk pack were the same tablet but wrapped in a non soluble wrapper which made for some fun and games when the old and new supply all got mixed together in a storage tin.

    More than once I found the bulk pack Logix tablet sitting in the bottom of the dishwasher completely preserved by it's insoluble wrapper. :(

    Will not buy again if the wrapper is not soluble.

    • This. I always buy normal instead of platinum for this reason.

      Edit: Box now seems to say dissolvable wrapper for Platinum.

    • I also fell for this but I do believe they have changed them since this funny enough most of our dishes appeared as clean even without the tablet working

    • The last two bulk boxes I bought had soluble wrappers.

    • the non soluble bulk pack was sold last year or so, this year they changed to soluble already

  • These are VERY good. Then again we always rinse under tap.

    Just need to remind everyone at home that you don't unwrap them.

    • I never understand people who don't rinse.

      • But why rinse?

        • Our reason is that it stops food sticking to plates whilst waiting for a wash (scraping isn't sufficient or we don't want to waste a rinse cycle ) and we believe that the machine requires less maintenece cycles to stop the machine from smelling like an open sewer. We run the finish dishwasher cleaner every 4+ months.

      • We bought an ASKO dishwasher six years ago when we did a Reno. It literally washed the pattern off some plates we own. Absolutely no need to rinse.

    • raise under tap before or after the wash?

    • I don't rinse by tap before running a wash but do remove obvious loose food etc. I'm lazy and believe in the filters so keep them clean.

      I did however run a comparison of cold vs hot inlet temps as my dishwasher can take inlet water up to 60C which is what my hot water system is set to - 400L external tank, about 5M (via pipe) from the dishwasher. I'm an Engineer so (sadly) think like that.


      Using hot water was way better than cold, presumably because the pre-rinse cycle running with 60C water took away most of the dirt to start with.

      It's been running this way since 2007 and zero issues. People often say that some food items will actually bind if you rinse at that temperature but not in my experience. (egg, cheese etc)

      I've also been using the Aldi tablets (both versions) for several years now and zero problems again. I just place one in the cutlery basket where I know it will get sprayed. I find that the pre-rinse is too quick to dissolve much of the tablet, only really the wrapper.


      Aldi tablets work fine, both versions in fact so buy what's on offer. Reviews seem to confirm this.

      A warm pre-rinse works better for me. Opinions vary, but I can see the logic of melting and then flushing all the easily melted oils/fats ahead of the main wash cycle. It works for me.

  • Do these taste as good as Tide Pods? Need my fix.

  • I'm not a fan of these dishwasher tablets. Mine seem to get stuck in the dispenser when the wrapper starts to dissolves and sticks. I end up opening the dishwasher to see the tablet fused in the dispenser.

    • I don't put the tablets in the dispenser.

    • The dissolvable wrapper is designed to dissolve at the correct water level/temp. Just chuck them in where they'd naturally fall from the dispenser.

      • My dishwasher has a pre rinse cycle that I cannot disable. If I were to put it straight into the washer it will dissolve and drain before the proper wash cycle started.

    • I never put them in with the disolvable wrapper. I always remove it and never had an issue for years now and my dishwasher is 10+ years old.

    • Just throw it on the bottom of the washer

      Those little tablet drawers are a PIA

    • Try putting it into the cutlery rack/holder. Works great for me and zero residue anywhere.

  • Are these good for cleaning bongs?

  • Logix complete are rated higher and cost 14c per tablet everyday?

  • What's the normal price?

  • Sombody was saying they cut these in half is there enough cleaning power still for a load?

    • Must be the supreme leader of OB

    • We generally scrape plates before loading them into the dishwasher
      We used to cut the Powerball originals; we'll prep a whole box at a time; they worked fine

      I find the Aldi tablets they are more 'powdery' when you cut them; I think they'll be fine if they don't disintgrate before you use them ; but you might not want to process a whole box at a go

      • Your next mission is to cut it into thirds and see how that goes lol

        • Actually, with the Powerballs we used to do that ; just because of the 'ball' made it sometimes break into 1/3 : 2/3 instead of halves ; so we'll cut up the 2/3 into 1/3 as well. Didn't notice the difference; as it those cleaned just as well too

    • i've been doing it for a while but for half load.

  • I use the powder. You only need per wash 20grams so one kilo gets me 50 washes. And they are less than $4
    Also the Woolworths one is the same (sometimes I buy it when I get 10%off from Woolworths, so works out cheaper than the aldi one @$3.60)
    Dishes come out very clean

  • Given the percentage spread between 2nd and sixth is a near negligible one percent, which product is the cheapest per use?

  • hopefully i can stock up on these - dishwasher gets a good work out, pretty much twice a day

  • I see no difference using this product vs Fairy.

    This and nappies are what I buy from Aldi best value

  • I find Aldi ones leaves some kind of powder on the dishes. Have changed to fairy platinum & no issues.

    • Yep. Bought these for mum (probably not the premiums) and she hated them (think it also scratched her glassware). Bought the fairy and it was a soap bomb that tainted plastics with faux lemon.

      Don't think she'll give these two a second go anytime soon.

  • Which tablets are best for glasses/tumblers? The fear of cloudy glasses is really getting in the way of a good nights rest!

  • Comparison of Complete vs Platinum from Choice

  • Can anyone comment on the Aldi Sterling Stainless Steel dishwasher MODEL: STR-SSDW14 @ $349?

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