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ThinkPad E490s / 14" FHD / i7-8565U CPU / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM / RX 540X GPU / Backlit KB / Fingerprint / $1066 Shipped @ Lenovo


Another great Lenovo deal for you guys on this incredibly well spec'd machine. Apply coupon TA-E490s (case sensitive) at checkout for the discount. Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 (until 5:30pm weekdays) with any questions. Price for 3-year on-site warranty is reduced by 30% for peace of mind. Ends 11:59pm Sunday Sept 15, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Enjoy :)

  • 8th Gen Intel i7-8565U CPU
  • 14" FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)
  • 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD
  • AMD Radeon RX 540X 2GB GPU
  • 8GB DDR4 SODIMM 2400MHz
  • 329mm x 232mm x 17.9mm (1.67kg)

Use Cashrewards for 4.1% cashback. Ensure last click before purchase is from this link.

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  • interesting graphics card not commonly used much

  • Great price for this config! Bought the i5 version a few months ago, smaller bezel and slimmer than the other E series. Highly recommend!

  • spot on mate, just ordered one, couldn't find anything near with these specs at that price.

  • β€œNote that 3-year on-site warranty is reduced by 30% for peace of mind.”

    How does reducing the warranty by 30% offer peace of mind? Yikes.

  • Hi TA,

    Looking for something around the $600 mark to compete with HP Probook 645 G4 via ComputerAlliance on Ebay

    Comes down to $639.20 with PNOTE20 code

    Any help would be appreciated thanks

    • Battery life on that Probook will be a bit shorter (5-6 hours) and the display according to Notebook check says that it has PWM flicker at lower brightness settings, as well as low peak brightness. At least it is FHD IPS display and not a louse 768p TN panel.

      for $640 I would say it's very competitively priced and should be a good pick for someone looking for a low-priced laptop that doesn't suck in terms of performance.

      • You'll be lucky to get 5-6 hours from the HP, I get around 3-4 before it warns me of low battery. I used it outside last week and had to turn up brightness to full and it still wasn't great but I got less than 2 hours out of it before I got low battery warnings (not sure it was fully charged to start with).

        • That sounds bad. So that explains why a $1000 laptop is now reduced to a $600 dollar one.

          Yeah, I'm personally not fond of HP laptops either, dim displays are often a frequently recurring thing with HP laptops.

    • I think this is a good buy if you don't need a Full HD 1920x1080 screen.

      RRP: $1299
      Sale: $599


      • Thanks Big Dog, saw this aswell but thought the HP was a little better value due to the screen and Windows Pro for another $40 effectively

      • I bought this one for my kid, ryzen 2500 cpu is hot, benchmark is similar to my 8350U T480s, but temp is avg 10C higher on same loading, definitely need a cooling pad for coming summer.

    • Bought the probook 645 a month ago used it for 2 hours don't like it.

  • I didn't even know lenovo had S versions of the E class machines. Interesting. I'm actually on the hunt for a T495s. Still no work on when it'll hit our shores.

    • They had some deals on the x395 if you don't mind a size down. I've got one on order.

      • Interesting. TBH, I haven't considered that particular size, but after having a look at it, it seems like a very viable option.

        Are they pricier than a 14 incher with a similar configuration and do the 13.3s have comparable battery life? I suppose what I'm asking is, do you happen to know the pros and cons of 13.3 vs 14?

        • It keeps changing with different web discounts on base prices and mutually exclusive coupon codes and cash back schemes. Let alone negotiating over the phone or chat. All you can do is make a decision with the information you have for the products that are attainable on that day.

  • I got the e490 and the fingerprint reader is trash

  • Another happy owner of the e490s. The only difference is that my model has an i5, 512GB SSD with integrated graphics. Initially, I had a bit of a high pitch noise coming out of the machine when it had a full charge. However, a software update seemed to solve that problem.

    I get at least 6-7 hours of battery life. Moreover, the e490s uses a full aluminum\metal body, rather than the cheaper plastic\metal body on the e490. Also no massive chin on the e490s :)

    • Coil whine

      • Yeah suspected that could be the case. But since I did a software or BIOS update (don't know the exact one since there were several updates within' Lenovo Vantage) the noise has disappeared or, it's so low I just can't hear it anymore. Ether case I'm happy haha.

  • If only the screen is 15…. And the extra space, fill it with battery…

  • have a e470 from 2016. great laptop but my issue with it has been the fat bezels and the overall heftiness of the body.
    this looks to be the solution to all my woes at an affordable price. can the gfx handle old steam games like CS-GO?

    • I'm still rocking the e470 from ozbargain deal too, and liking the look of the e490s! Not sure I can justify it.

      (I'm not yet a true ozbargainer it seems)

      • Seems like you maybe more an ozbargainer than you credit yourself for, buying only what's necessary! I'm struggling to justify a new laptop as well. The e470 serves me just fine for around the house usage and the occasional excursion out the house for non work meetings and movie nights. I have a desktop pc that I rarely ever power on anymore and a work provided laptop that i also bring home for my professional work.

  • Nice one TA

    Bought one of the older E470s on another deal thanks to another TA deal but used that laptop about 5 times in 12 months - guess I didn't really need that laptop :p

  • Is it worth buying an X1 Carbon for an extra $600 on sale for added portability and battery life?

  • AC adaptor
    65W 3-pin USB Type-C,

    So I can use power bank to charge this laptop?
    Also when charging the laptop there is no other type C port I can use, right?

    • Only if it has USB-PD.

      Qualcomm quick charge or regular 2.4a type C chargers do nothing.

    • Also when charging the laptop there is no other type C port I can use, right?

      No but you can get USB-C docks/hubs with USB-PD pass through so you can still use the port while charging.

    • Most power banks, even those with PD, do not have 20V profiles.
      Only the very expensive, high capacity, high wattage ones might work.

  • Just ordered one. Amazing value.

  • Is this a good deal- https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-l-serie... @ $950 (lenovo EPP discount) ?? TIA

    • It's over 1 kg heavier, just in case that was an issue for you?

      • I need it for home only, mostly multimedia. is it good value for money. I can also claim TRS on top of $950 :)

        • Sorry, I am relatively uneducated. However, if you are mostly just going to have it hooked up to a monitor, then you gain nothing by having the 17" screen, you are getting an i5 instead of the i7 in this deal, and also the graphics card is MUCH better in this Lenovo deal. I am seriously considering it myself. It'll probably be sold out by the time I decide tho!

  • Change the ram to 16GB to get it for $1191.

  • @TA any deals for L390 Yoga? Need for for kid’s use in school. TIA.

  • Anyone got pros/cons vs the E495 (AMD Ryzen CPU)?

    • Keen to know pro cons too. Lack of online review put me off pulling the trigger. How is this $300 better?

  • Specs are mostly better on this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/481930

    Which is $150 less. The i5 outperforms the i7 in this deal: https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-8565U-vs...

    And the 1050ti drastically outperforms rx540x

  • why no Thunderbolt 3? :(

  • Great deal but my e420 just won't quit! :-)

    • I have an e420 too. Putting in an SSD really did make such a huge difference.

      • Same! I put in a Samsung SSD a couple of years ago and it's good for another few years! It's my only computer and I use the living daylights out of it and the keyboard still looks new! Only downside is USB 2 ports but I got a USB 3 express card so I'm pretty chuffed. Bought both the laptop and SSD from OzBragain deals!

  • Deal expires on the 15 Sep, only 2 days away from being able to claim GST during my travels on 16 Nov. Grr.

    • Same reason for not buying, Travel date is 21st Nov πŸ˜•

      • there's hope left. when i got my e470 in 2016, they only invoiced me when my order was processed and shipped, 5 days after i placed the order. I'm going to wing it on the 15th and order mine with specs that will deliberately delay the fulfilment date. I.e. replace the ssd from sata to pcie. I was gonna do that anyway since I'm in no rush to receive the order.

  • 8gb ram. Isn't 16gb more future proof? I'm seeing so many deals keep on insisting 8gb

    • Because 8 is enough for average people. And you can always add another 8 later, not now.

      • What do you think is average? I just do YouTube and web browsing but having about 10ish tabs on chrome and 5ish on edge eats my 8gb and slows my laptop down

  • Will it really take 4 weeks to get one with 512GB hard drive?

  • Does this have thunderbolt 3?

  • What level of gaming can one get with this gfx?

  • Scored one, thanks OP

  • I bought one with 16Gb - thanks TA. Pretty sweet watching $1133 discount in the checkout.

    • yes, I went 1x16gb. Probably take a performance hit vs 2x8.. but then I can whack in another 1x16gb to make it a memory beast. Plus dimms are tanking in price like crazy..

  • Cash rewards link hasn't worked all day for me, can someone confirm it's not just my work firewall?

  • Are there any optional extras (config, software, accessories) that I should seriously consider adding?

  • Great deal, so tempted to buy one, but probably can't justify it… yet

  • any chance of getting some discount codes for the docks?

  • How's this compare to the 8th gen XPS13?

  • For those subscribed to this thread, the Legion Y540 gaming laptop is now available at $1588…


  • Picked one up, just couldn't resist. Thanks TA

  • Ordered. With 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. I was on lookout for a laptop under $1000 but stretched a bit looking at the config of this. With cashback, the config came just under $1200, so not too far stretched. Thanks all for the discussions here.

  • What's the full hd screen like? Decent or could be clearer like a apple retina screen?

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