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Optus 12 Month Sim Only Plan $49/Month (80GB Data, 2GB Roaming, Unlim Talk/Txt, Unlim Int'l 35 Countries)


Get $10 off monthly plan fees on $59 12M SIM Only plan. (save $120)
80gb of data per month
Unlimited national talk and text
unlimited talk and text to 35 International destination
2gb ROAMING data while overseas & Unlimited standard talk & text (exclude MMS) to Zone1 destination

$0 per month on a 12 month trial. $11.99 per month after trial ends.
include Optus Sport and National Geographic
Online offer only.

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  • The roaming is very useful for casual overseas trips, removes the hassle of buying an overseas sim or cost of $5 voda roaming, (for light users).

  • this 2gb of roaming is 2gb per year? or per month?

  • https://offer.optus.com.au/ebay is better. 4gb roaming data and $150 eBay gc

    • 24 month plan.. umm no.

      • What is interesting is although the banner says 24 months, the min cost is still for 12 months, and the T&C's still state 12 month contract.

        For $1 extra, 2gb extra roaming and $150 gc is great. But in 12 months time it may be the same deal but offering 120Gb or more at this rate.

        • Minimum subscription 12 month, but plan available for a total of 24 month.

        • The $40 plan with 4gb roaming and 80gb regular data included is the best deal I've seen so far. Ideally, you'd expect that the plans get more competitive over time, but maybe this one is good for quite a long time. Recent deals have not been as good.

        • @ATangk Well spotted, Yes indeed the T&C state "These plans have a minimum term of 12 months". If I was committing to this plan I would be downloading the T&C document, in case you found a better plan after 12 months and Optus states that the term was 24 months.

      • It's supposed to be 12M sim plan. I have this $50 sim plan for 12Months few weeks ago.

    • Still available, just signed up last night. thanks for mentioning

  • would be nice to see Telcos offering a $35 plan for 40GB or 60gb.

    • Amaysim has $40 for 60 gb pre-paid

      • And they also have a plan for $10 ( first month) and then $30 after for 30GB. No lock-in contract :) Wonder if they have Volte and Applewatch Support.

  • I'm sure when i checked Optus website on the weekend they had a $45 plan with 100GB and 4GB roaming data, plus the usual unlimited calls & txts.
    Can't seem to find it now…

  • It's not a good deal.

  • I am on an old plan with Optus: 100GB, and 4GB Data Roaming and unlimited calls for $45.
    So this deal is not as good.

    • Yes, Optus upped their prices for all plans last few months… I been trying to sign up … this is the best so far

      • I would say wait till December.
        They always reduce prices in June and December.
        I got the $45 100GB 4GB roaming plan in June.

  • +1 vote

    Unlimited international calls to 35 countries
    4GB roaming data+free calls in zone 1
    Was $40

    • Got this offer a few months ago plus the Flybuys points offer & Google Home kit.
      Managed to score 2 with 2 plans, same address metro area

  • This plan was originally for $49 and Optus did special for $40. It had same inclusions as above plan except 4GB of international roaming instead of 2GB. It was great deal back then. Hopefully comes back around Christmas.

  • Wait for the click frenzy this month and November. This one is not that good.

  • My friend is in Italy for 3 months and he got the old 4GB international roaming included in his Optus plan and he loves it. You can still get this deal via Optus eBay $50p.m 80GB data and 4GB roaming. Included is a $150 eBay voucher.

  • Ok… I haven't considered optus for 10+ years as last time I was with them service was pretty bad… But the $50 for 80gb with 4gb roaming and $150 ebay voucher seems too good to be true!! Telstra doesn't even have an equivalent plan (new) anyway, my existing plan is $149 with 60gb + unlimited call/text to Australia and International and only 2gb data roaming (when 2 years is up it will drop back down to $99) but it's double the price!! I'd pay $10 premium for Telstra… even $20… have to think twice for $30… but $50??

    But seriously has Optus improved over the last 10 years?

  • What is the likelihood that there's going to be a better deal offered during Click Frenzy?

  • How come optus your prepaid plans dont have more data

  • The EBay deal expired.

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