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25% off Selected TaoTronics Headphones - BH-060 for $67.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Deal of the day on Amazon AU, link should take you to the four models that are on special. Something for everyone. I have the BH060 and the BH046, and in short BH046 is worth the extra for the more effective ANC, but if you are after sound quality the BH060 has the edge. I don't have the BH053 or the EP008 so I can't comment.

TT-BH060 $67.49, ANC, Bluetooth 5.0, 30hr Playtime - https://www.amazon.com.au/TaoTronics-Cancelling-Headphones-M...

TT-BH046 (Soundsurge 46) $82.49, Hybrid ANC, Bluetooth 5.0, Fast Charge, 30hr Playtime - https://www.amazon.com.au/TaoTronics-Cancelling-Headphones-B...

TT-BH053 (Sound Liberty 53) $37.49 Bluetooth 5.0, IPX7, 40hr Playtime https://www.amazon.com.au/Wireless-TaoTronics-Bluetooth-Head...

TT-EP008 $34.49 Wired, ANC, 15hrs Playtime - https://www.amazon.com.au/TaoTronics-Cancelling-Headphones-M...

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    I have the BH053 and can vouch for the quality for these at this price. The brand is good and you get touch and volume controls on these which is a great feature. Sound quality is good for the price, definitely a great starting pair or spare for the money.

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    I have a 50% off single use coupon available for the BH077 Wireless Earbuds. PM if interested.

    • me please, been eyeing these guys a while.

    • +1

      Username checks out

    • Next in line if user above doesn’t use, cheers

    • I also have a single use coupon for BH077 but its only 30% off. PM if interested.

    • If anyone else has a coupon I'd love one as well :)

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      thanks bud, appreciate it!

    • where did you get them from?

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        Promo emails from SunValley FB Group. I’ve received quite a few 50% discount codes on their various headphones in the past, and while the codes themselves are single use, it’s worth noting you can buy multiple quantities in the one transaction if you wish.

        • Do you have any for TT-BH060 ? Just requested to join that group on FB

          • @ModiWar: Not for that model, but I’ve received 50% off for TT-BH040 previously. Hopefully they’ll send another round of coupons soon.

        • I've been a member of the group for ages. How do you get the emails?

  • Anyone know the difference between the bh052 and bh053? Also seems to be bh077, aren't they just all wireless buds? Or is there a quality difference.

  • Does anyone know if the TT-BH060 can be used whilst they are charging?

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      Ive never tried, but when you plug in the USB cable they do turn off.

    • +2

      Audio will charging is a NO.

      • Damn. Thanks for confirming tho.

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          Realistically shouldn't be a huge issue as they charge fast and seem to last forever.

          I wouldn't say I'm a heavy user but been using for few hours at a time on and off since I got a pair during Prime Day sale and after the initial full charge have recharged once when it got down to 40%.

          I think they reckon a 5 min charge will keep you going for a few hours.

          • @bamzero: Cheers. I'll have a think about it.

            I'm a shocker for recharging stuff…constantly leaving the house with a flat phone.

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    Thanks OP - had my eyes on the BH-060.

  • anyone got code for BH060 or BH046? ta

  • I got the BH046 about a month ago after breaking the Bose QuietComfort 35 i had. For the price i guess they're ok but it's very difficult to revert back to a reduced quality sound. Just my opinion.

  • Thanks op just brought a pair of bh060 the reviews seems good for the price

  • Any more code TT-BH060

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