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NetGear Aircard Smart Cradle (DC112A) $79 at Telstra


The next cheapest I have seen it is $225.

Boost your mobile broadband with one of these smart cradles. Better WiFi, Better Mobile Broadband. Connect Ethernet devices, external antennas or connect to your NBN Modem as a router.

Popular for those who can't get ADSL or NBN (since NBN seemed to have balls up the rollout) and have decided go Wireless Broadband and the Netgear AC800S with Optus. Just plug it in and you have a full fledged modem/router combination with ethernet ports.

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  • Sorry. We don't have enough 'NETGEAR AIRCARD SMART CRADLE (DC112A) (126793)' in stock to fulfill your order

  • Compatible Products according to Netgears website:

    • AirCard 782S Mobile Hotspot
    • AirCard 785S Mobile Hotspot
    • AirCard 790S Mobile Hotspot
    • AirCard 810S Mobile Hotspot
    • Future NETGEAR AirCard Mobile Hotspots
    • Dont think there is any more "future" aircard hotspots, as they have pretty much moved to Nighthawk M series.

  • Bugga, good deal while it lasted. I have a single ethernet dock for my 785S, but would have loved one with more ports.

  • I use a aircard with a normal modem with USB plug at the back, connecting with USB cable.
    Modem cost $5 from gumtree, runs on ROOter firmware, sends dual band wifi to the whole house, consuming 4g data from the aircard.
    Much cheaper setup than this.

    • How so? Just because a modem has a USB port on the back, doesn't necessarily mean it will accept the aircard. Most of the time the USB is for external hard drives.

  • These are back in stock, ordered one today.

  • Is it compatible with Optus AC800S?

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