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[Switch] Screencheat $12.59 (was $17.99, 30% off), Feather $9.45 (was $13.50, 30% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Hey Ozbargain!

I'm from Samurai Punk, a small Aussie indie studio based in Melbourne, here to share the biggest discounts so far on our Nintendo Switch games!

For those of you who remember the ol days of Goldeneye 64 / Halo, Screencheat is a splitscreen multiplayer shooter but all the characters are invisible, so you HAVE to look at each others screens! Supports up to 4 players (plus bots) and works with single Joy-Con too!

Screencheat Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxVOWW1ZHYs

Our other title is Feather, a relaxing zen bird flight game, where you can chill out on a vast island with other birds online, enjoy gorgeous scenery and a soothing soundtrack.

Feather Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaaaHuZ3Pno

It's been awesome seeing Ozbargain's support for other Australian indie games, so thanks for all the love you've been giving our little industry. <3

If you have any questions / comments about the games, I'll be happy to answer!


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