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[NSW] Free Caviar & Sydney Delivery (Orders over $100) & 25% off Marble Top Dining Tables @ Habitat & Style


Take 25% off Marble Top Tables and get FREE CAVIAR Avruga* 120gm jar and Free Delivery in SYDNEY ONLY - round, square, rectangle tables in many sizes

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Habitat & Style
Habitat & Style

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  • I'll take 2 dozen jars of Caviar.

  • it amazes me sometimes what I can find on ozb

  • smells fishy to me

  • It's not "Free" - it's "included"!

    No price - no Deal! (Give at least a minimum price we'll pay & details of that product.) See posting guidelines.

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      Hello Infidel … please read the offer - it clearly states that a jar of Avruga Caviar will be delivered Free with any purchase of $100 or more - Grant

      • The FREE gift was the primary offer in your Deal, listed first in the Title.

        By law, "Free" usually means no purchase nessesary.
        Whereas "Included" means you get the gift at no extra cost when buying products.

        Using the word Free can be seen as deceptive. Potential customers should not have to go to your site, read the offer as you insist, to determine your conditions!

        Businesses should be particularly careful of the use of the word ‘free’. The idea of getting goods or services without charge can create keen interest in consumers. Consumers will usually think of ‘free’ as absolutely free - a justifiable expectation.

        Australian Consumer Law

      • Did you bother to read this site's Deal Posting Guidelines??
        You failed to meet them!

        You've been posting your unwanted Deals here for over a year… And still not interested in meeting the Guidelines😡

        I suggested you needed to include a minimum purchase amount for this Deal. You ignored that. You'd rather give more details of the caviar!

        Failing to include important conditions in a Deal is not acceptable. The Mods had to do this for you. Not good form!

        You've had 2 upvotes in 4 Deals posted. That says we're not interested!
        Let's hope you don't return👎

  • Finally, a bargain with caviar. Jolly good show, ol' chap.

  • $6 value bonus. Definitely a bargain!

  • Hmm.. i think you need a new marketing team…

  • "Avruga is a product made from herring and other products that is marketed as a caviar substitute. Unlike caviar, does not contain fish roe". It is a caviar not made from caviar.

    Maybe they will accept $100 notes made by a Xerox copier and not by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

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