Melbourne Grand Final Weekend Accomodation

Hi all!

I've never been to Melbourne and heading down from Brisbane for the Grand Final weekend. I'd like suggestions for where to stay thats central and mostly good for sights/attractions.

Not necessarily asking for particular hotels or Airbnb's but more like CBD areas or suburbs. I can do my own research once I know the area where I'll be staying.

And before you ask it doesn't matter if the Lions make it or not I'm still going lol :D


  • You can stay at my house. We have a king size bed, plenty room.

  • The last place I'd want to be for grand final weekend is in the CBD of Melbourne.

  • Why's that serpserpserp?? I imagine the atmosphere would be great!

  • I'll start off with the usual.
    St. Kilda, West Brunswick, and Fitzroy

    • They popular spots dasher86? Better than CBD, close to attractions, handy for MCG transit?

      • No exactly 'handy' for MCG transit but not bad.
        St. Kilda as it's close to the beach and plenty of trams to get into the city.
        West Brunswick is close to the city with trams and trains. Pretty hipster area with a lot of good cafes.
        Fitzroy is also inner city with good restaurants and bars if that's what you're into.

      • Out of those 3, Fitzroy is probably the most accessible to the MCG, but if you enjoy beach areas, I'd go St Kilda (or even Port Melbourne if you want slightly quieter).

  • Richmond. Or CBD. Docklands

  • you are only spending 2 days i would just bite the bullet pay a little extra and stay near southbank

    anything else and you are going to need to public transport or taxi in

    while at southbank you can pretty much do most of the touristy stuff by foot - aquarium , fed square , eureka tower , ngv , arts center , jeffs shed and the mcg

    and you can catch the train out as needed

    • Sounds great qwerty, great info! When you say "pay a little extra" are we talking top dollar??

      • Yes if staying at crown towers or langham

        But there are lots of cheaper hotels

        • Ok good! I am on a budget so nothing too expensive. I'll have a look and see what's on offer between hotels and Airbnb's. Southbank sounds great!

    • Actually this as it's only two days.
      I missed that detail in my reply above.

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    I'll also recommend Skramit's house. That king size bed doesn't squeak at all.

  • For grand final weekend The Windsor hotel or nearby. Convenient walk through gardens to the G. Lots of nice restaurants nearby. Also theatre if you want to treat the wife. The heritage of it is a bonus for ladies too.

    But if you are a single male….. perhaps King St.

  • probably a bit expensive for that weekend. should book asap.

    also recommend you to stay in the city. you mentioned MCG, are you going to the game? it's easy enough to get there from the city.

    when do you get here? it's a public holiday in Melbourne on Friday.

  • I'd like suggestions for where to stay thats central and mostly good for sights/attractions.

    Well you could stay where we stayed the last time we were in Melbourne. Ah, how could I forget that day? Yeah, how we walked along the Yarra, to the MCG, and then on to the tennis centre. Through the Bourke Street Mall, and down the Block Arcade. Caught the 96 tram to St Kilda Esplanade, saw the Westgate Bridge from the top of Flinders Street clocks, saw the You Yangs real clear, from the foot of Mt Dandenong!

    So we went along, to the Victorian Tourist Bureau, got heaps of ideas for places we'd never even been to - like Sovereign Hill and Healesville Sanctuary! The Brighton Sea Baths and some kiosk at the end of a pier. We went down to a place, I think it was Captain Cook's cabin (we're not all that sure, but at least it rhymes with Moorabbin).

  • I would just advise to stay somewhere you consider an acceptable distance to walk to/from the game. Uber will be slow and surged, trams and trains will be packed. It will be much easier to walk rather than wait for one of the above.

  • Thanks for all your suggestions guys. Settled on the Melbourne Short Stay Apartments in Southbank. Reviews 4.5/5. Only minutes walk to casino, MCG and lots more. For an amazing price of $440 for 3 nights!!

  • My advice is to be near good food spots, so CBD is a better choice. Who doesn't enjoy good food?!
    And it depends where you want to watch the final.
    If you are not going to the G, then no point being near it. Unless you want to be in the hussle. The G is about 3km out of the CBD and there is really nothing around it, unless you hop over to the next suburb of Richmond or Cremorne, which there are plenty of pubs/bars along Swan St to watch the footy, and this area will be very busy.

    Within the CBD it's not really that crazy busy on GF day. Most people take the long weekend away.

    Southbank is a good option, as its just below the CBD and you are within walking distance of tourist locations. Food options in this area is very limited, unless you cross over to Crown or along the river and pay an arm with a nice view. There is cheaper food in the food court but its very average.
    Docklands is another option west of the CBD, its quieter but will require a quick tram ride to get to the CBD. However the food options is not good here, the new District Docklands is OK but not great.

    If you've never been to Melb I would recommended to stay in the CBD, you can explore much more things faster within 2 days and has the best food and drink choices. You can find good cheaper meals at and around Emporium, Melb Central, China Town to name a few spots. Tram travel is free within the CBD free zone. It's very easy to navigate our grid system. Have fun.

  • I think I want to avoid all the AFL hoopla this year, so I might escape to Adelaide.