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Logitech Spotlight Presenter (Slate) $96.75 (Usually $198) @ JB Hi-Fi (or Officeworks)


Hope everyone is OK this morning?

I love this wireless presenter (more than “OK”) and it is less than half the RRP at the moment- Officeworks has it at $198 right now. now matched price

Present Like Never Before
* Play videos and open links while presenting
* Track time and set vibration alerts
* 30-metre range lets you move around the room freely

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      Negative. It's Bluetooth. (and USB) Behind the USB though is a USB-C Charger. (If you still want a taste of the future)

  • The long range and battery life seem like the best bits.

    Is that a track pad on the back?

    Looks like you need to use the Logitech app for the highlight function and gesture controls, or do these functions work in PowerPoint etc?

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      You need the app installed (Then it works both in and out of presentations).

      It's not a trackpad on the back. But you use the top button to activate what I like to call Wiimote mode where you move the cursor around with motion controls. It's actually pretty good.

      I picked mine up on eBay second hand for $65 no regrets from me.

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    These things are awesome, if its the kind of thing you want do recommend.

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    if you got Amazon Prime membership, you can have it delivered for free: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/offer-listing/B072KQSQSD/ref=dp...

    • Except Amazon says will be dispatched to 3 months…

  • Officeworks have now adjusted their price: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/logitech-s...

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      I got in around lunchtime today, managed to pick it up for $91. Thanks Op!

    • Officeworks website says they have limited stock, then when you add it to your cart and try to check out, they tell you they have no stock (and that's for delivery or click and collect).

      Poor form from them.

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