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Wusthof Trident Classic Ikon Cook's Knife 20cm $159.20 + Shipping @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


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Cheapest price right now by far. Highly recommended as a solid, long lasting, proper chefs knife.

Classic Ikon is the price point between the Classic (cheaper) and Ikon (more expensive). This price seems to be cheaper than the Classic.

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  • +5

    Now that's a knife

  • +2

    I love my Wusthofs. Going on 3 years old now, still perfect

    • Not something most Global owners can say after 3 years I'm sorry to say.
      In saying that no offence to Global fan boys. If you like them that is fine.

    • Sad the free knife sharpening service has stopped though :(

  • +3

    Softer steel. Good for daily abuse and less maintenance.

    • I agree. Easier to sharpen (due to slightly softer metal) for users whether a well skilled/certified pro' Chef, common 'cook' or domestic users.
      Another bonus with 'softer' knives is that they are far more likely to 'bounce' and not break when hitting the floor. They are more 'forgiving'.
      Pro tip: never… (NEVER) buy a knife that has 'made in China' stamped into it. Seriously/believe me… N-E-V-E-R.

  • +2

    I personally prefer my Shun set at this price point. But more care is needed for hard Japanese knives.

    • I very much like the thinner bladed Shuns'. Easier to sharpen than the thicker ones, amazing edges every time.
      Still, I also like the Wustys'. This deal is excellent IMO.

  • +1

    For the Classic ikon (cheaper) and Ikon (more expensive) the only difference that I know is the cheaper handle material. African Blackwood for expensive and POM thermoplastic for cheaper version.

    For those who don't mind a smaller size the Classic Ikon Cook's Knife 16cm is also available at $134.40+delivery.


  • +2

    I asked my cheff friend if this was good knife. He said yes… So i bought one… :)

    • You have a good ear.
      Congratulations on obtaining a great knife and you haven't had to mortgage the house to pay for it.

  • what makes this better than the big knife in a $15 knife block from kmart?

    • Comes sharp and stays sharp. Kmart is fine for some things but the knives are utter trash.

    • material, kmart knife is alot softer and you will need to sharpening it more often than a good knife.

    • also the metal goes all the way down the handle, not just stopping at the plastic

  • +1

    Good Knife? I was thinking of getting one for my grandpa, but knowing him and his cheap kiwi cleavers, he will pbly abuse the shit out of this. Good knife to start the collection?

    • +1

      A lot of chefs, websites, youtubers etc. recommend it [I got this because Binging w Babish said so :)]. European knives are generally thicker and more durable than similar price Japanese ones.

  • +2

    Good knife good life!

  • Probably not for me who put knifes in the dishwasher

  • What's the best way to store this knife?

    • Knife block?

    • Magnetic bar mounted well and solidly onto a well chosen area/wall.
      Is a good idea of course to test the magnetic strength before purchasing as cheaper ones may have very crappy magnetism.

  • I think this is way better than my Global G2

  • Sold out from the looks of it

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