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[VIC] $15 off $30+ Order (First Order) @ DoorDash


$15 off any order over $30
Already used it in an order so can confirm that the code works and a good offer if your didn't sign up with a referral.


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Referral: random (1017)

Referee gets $5-$15 off first 1-3 orders over $10-$20. Referrer gets $12-$20 credit once referee places an order over $20. Keep clicking to find the best offer for you.

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  • Helpful for people that missed out on the referral for sure, good stuff OP. Especially because the referral system for this app is unfortunately pretty dumb… You gotta click on the link and sign up immediately. Can't sign up and get your friend's code later and put it as promo code or whatever.

    One of my friends did it wrong and after you signed up with your mobile number that's it no free food for either one of us since he managed to (profanity) up the process lol. No second chances. Very frustrating.

    Also for anyone new to the app, they are also waving the delivery fee for another 26 days (1st month of launch) and running a $30 voucher if not delivered within 30 minutes until the 18th (max 3 vouchers per mobile number). See here:

    • Thanks for the info and nice to see some more competitors to hopefully help bring an incentive for UberEats and Deliveroo to improve their customer service.
      30min thing - order from the most far away restaurant possible may help to get a voucher, j/k :)

  • ooh not in Melb yet …

    • The only city in Australia that they are in is Melbourne lol. It’s the first city in Australia they launched. But they are not in every suburb. Change your address to someplace in the CBD so you can see for yourself.

      • interesting .. i'm at southern cross currently ..

      • Not working for me either. It says they will give some offer after it is available in the future, though I used a referral, my credit is still $0

        • The referral system also sucks in this aspect. It doesn’t show up as credit for new users. Rather, it’s an automatic discount when checking out. Overall very confusing for new users… Try checking out and if the referral was done right there should be $15 discount available when doing so.

  • Whatever you do, don't give an in-app tip to any Doordash delivery people - the company reduces payment for every delivery by the amount of the tips given by the customer (that's on top of not encouraging tipping culture to take root in Aus)

  • do you know if this stack with the referral credit?

  • This is actually an amazing and underrated deal.

  • Copying my rant from the Door Dash #BurgerLove deal:

    For the TLDR crowd: Door Dash is not worth the risk. They have 91% 1 star ratings on trust pilot. I can confirm that their service and support are appalling. I waited an hour and half to two hours and made two calls to support (in which either the first or second support person flat out lied to me), to have my order cancelled without notifying me, and no offer of compensation like their competitors.

    Longer version:
    Ok, I don't usually write long negative posts like this, but I just had a terrible experience with Door Dash and am hoping I can save someone else here the same pain.

    I ordered burgers from #BurgerLove at approx 7:05pm. The website indicated the delivery time would be 7:55pm with the 'Dasher' showing as Siva P. Considering how close it is, I was surprised at the long delivery time - usually orders from that location are half an hour at most through Uber eats and other delivery services.

    The website had the restaurant showing as red (which appears to mean food is ready) from around 7:20pm.

    At approx 8:00pm, when the website wasn't showing food having even been picked up, I contacted the driver (now showing as 'Dasher' Rajashekar K) by text message and then tried calling at 8:07pm, but the driver's phone number went to a 'service error' message.

    At 8:08pm I contacted the 1800 number and had the male support person tell me that the driver was already at the restaurant and that my order was still on its way - but he told me this before even confirming my details or the details of the restaurant(??).

    He then confirmed my details and put me on hold supposedly to speak to the driver and restaurant. I was then told that the driver was at the restaurant and that all the food was ready except that #BurgerLove had run out of regular buns for one of the burgers and I was asked whether I would be happy for a vegan or gluten free bun, I indicated that was fine. He indicated the food would be on its way.

    About 20 or so minutes later, I checked the website and my order was no longer showing up at all. There had been no call, no text message and no email, and if I hadn't checked I would still be waiting.

    I called support again at 8:32pm to be told by a female support person that the order had never gone through and it was a system error from their end, but that my money would be refunded within 24 hours…

    I indicated that I'd been told by the previous support person that the order had gone through and that the driver had even been at the restaurant. She then "checked the log" and indicated that the order had gone through but that it had been cancelled by the restaurant before the driver got there.

    I indicated that this was still different to what the previous support person had said had happened, that they said the driver got to restaurant and that there was an issue with one of the buns. I was then told that she would call the restaurant to find out what happened, though after placing me on hold for a few minutes she indicated that the restaurant's phone number was not working (??).

    She indicated that because the order had been cancelled I'd receive a refund within 24 hours, but that she hoped I would give them another chance in the future. No offer of '$10 off your next order" or anything similar. I told her to close my account.

    I should have checked trust pilot or similar first. On their they have an overwhelming 1 star rating (given by 91%) with comments about cancelled food orders and money never being refunded. I'm hoping that they do actually refund as I was told, though I still think the service and support were appalling.

    • It sounds like the initial problem was with the restaurant but the customer support basically lied to you about it or just didn't know what they were doing. Thanks for the warning, i might use this offer anyway but make sure i pay with credit card & worst case scenario i get a refund through my bank if something like this happens. edit: ok maybe i won't bother, just Googled Doordash Australia & they have a 1.5 star rating, only 16 reviews so far but its not looking good!

  • i received an email today with the same offer but code is FOOTYFOOD (expires on September 29, 2019 at 23:59:59)