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[PS4, XB1] Borderlands 3 - $67 @ Big W


Have it on good authority that it will be $67 from tomorrow until Sunday.

One last good price to come from Harvey Norman later tonight.


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    BIG W does it again. Please support them as BIG W stores are closing down to poor sales. If it isn't for them, we would still be overpaying for all our games at EB Games.

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      You would be better off buying other stuff in store as this is a loss leader at this point in time.

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      Agreed 100%. Support the price leader, no the price followers. Cashback be damned.


      Though eb would break the embargo date, or try and get their competitors fined.


        Have EB ever broken the date? Amazon buyers got Days Gone delivered 2 days before EB's release. I tried to argue on the day before it but they wouldn't budge. Was cheaper on Amazon also. Will never pre-order EB again.

    • -14 votes

      As somebody who had a small business, that struggled to compete against a company such as big w, i have zero sympathy. They sold product at an rrp, less than what i was buying exclusive of gst. Again, i have zero sympathy for big w if they have to close stotes, as i lost my house thanks to their high turnover/low margin model.
      Support hn or jb instead with this and any future titles.
      Kmart were similar and discarded low margin items/trash and have reinvented themselves.


        Couldn't the same be said of JB and HN too? If you had owned a small hifi business or white goods business, I'm certain many would have shut down over the years as they also couldn't compete. I would probably say support someone like 'the gamesmen' instead, as the more ethical choice. But, honestly I buy most of my games from Amazon now, because of price, convenience and shipping speed.

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    Now who is going to do PC?

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    You do know that EB games price match…. I love going in there on release day of a game I preorded with them, they spit out their price (usually $99) and I show them the Big W price… The look on their faces when they have to price match, it's like it's coming out of their pocket! Priceless!

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    $60 at Harvey Norman. Much better price.

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    $60 at Amazon too as of writing this.


    -10% after the ebay gift card promo

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    I was lucky enough to get this for 48 from amazon, hopefully arriving today.

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