To catch a Pooper

Dear Oz Bargainers,

I need your help!

I live near a busy dog park, which is great, I have a little guy who gets frequent walks and loves setting a tight perimeter with his territorial essence.

What I don't love is the surprise poo I get on my driveway 2-3 mornings per week. I understand the nature strip which happens often, however the driveway is too much! Now I'm a guy who picks up every poo my little guy does. Its the responsible thing to do. There is nothing worse than stepping in dog sh*t, especially someone else's.


I'm after a wifi camera that I can set-up near the driveway that has some sort of 'night vision' and can capture the poo'er in action. Ideally something I can then use as a front door camera with remote access for deliveries etc.

I've thought about 'camping out' with my rocking chair and shotgun (I don't own a gun) however with a 10-week old baby and a three year old daughter my mornings are consumed.

Once I catch the pooper on video I will know their time as they are obviously a creature of habit. I will then 'educate' the owner on responsible poo collection and, if need be, deploy an arsenal of poo on their driveway. Trust me, with a 10-month old and a dog my war chest of poo is of nuclear proportions.

Please help with a camera suggestions or a different tactical approach.

Your assistance is appreciated!


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