HP 15-DA0374TX 15" Laptop (512GB) SSD i7 8550U 16GB RAM $1104.15 @ JB Hi-Fi


Good Specs for the price , I have this laptop its good however the screen is a bit disapptionting in terms of brightness . My first time posting sorry for any mistakes

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    1366x768 really lets it down.

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      Let down? Unacceptable at this price point!

      Ediit. Great specs otherwise…


        Same res as my 6yo hardware.

        My previous hp also had the same res, as for HP hinges don't close the screen when you don't need to. When you open it be sure to use two hands.

        Better still just don't buy them and you won't have a broken hinge.

        Warranty process was ok. They fixed the hinge and overheating issue.

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    I personally wouldn't suggest this laptop. The construction around the hinge area is concerningly flimsy, and I can't see it holding up to a little bit of rough treatment.

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      I avoid HP like the plague.

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        exactly true.

        I got HP all in one PC (refurbished )in early august and now it has been broken down for over two weeks and m waiting for the courier pick it up and get my refund .

        HP quality and customer servo sucks shit.

        BYE trash HP forever

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    Poor display resolution for the price. Would not get anything below 1080p .

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    Avoid HP. They $4000 laptops don't last the warranty period. Neither will this.
    Warranty service is below par from my experience

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    I can't believe JB still tries to sell laptops with such a bad screen in 2019, and for over $1,000


      True. Buying laptop from JB is never a good idea as majority of them are over priced and old models. In addition, I wouldn't recommend HP to anyone because my multiple devices stopped working as soon as their warranty expired both tablets and laptops.

      There are always 15% to 20% off sales on eBay from reputable sellers like Wireless1, Dell, Lenovo, Computer Alliance and etc.

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    Op don't be discouraged with your post, keep em coming. This is what it's all about, posting deals which you think may be worthy and having others share their opinions. Even though it may not have been the best deal, I now know to best avoid hp laptops due to questionable quality.

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