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NBA Annual League Pass 2019-2020 Season L1200 (~$71 AUD) @ NBA.com (VPN Req.)


The NBA Season is starting soon and this is the cheapest option that I can find. It comes to 1200 Honduran Lempira or US 49.99. These are the 2 currency that you can choose from to pay (that comes to AU $71.00 using XE Currency Converter) . The only paying option is by Credit Card.

You only need to use a VPN with an Honduras IP Address while you signing up to get this deal but NO VPN is needed to watch the games afterwards.

The VPN that you can use is free. It is called Urban Free VPN proxy Unblocker - Google Chrome extension

But you can use any VPN that you like that has Honduras on it's Servers list.

In last year favorite NBA League Pass VPN destination Argentina the price has gone up to 3900 Argentine Pesos or US $89.99 (that comes to AU $101.00 using XE Currency Converter)


For anyone that has trouble with their VPN finding Hoduras can download this free Speedify VPN or any other VPN and choose South Africa as their destination



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  • Any blackout games?

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    Also, SBS are offering two Regular season NBA games live each week:

  • Hmm might have to change my Canadian address for this

    • Same! Paying $120 Canadian dollars for the subscription.
      This seems like a much better deal

  • Supposedly the NBA were getting tough on VPNs last year.. Not sure how much to worry, but the idea was they were just instant cancelling with no refund

  • Also, wouldn't cashback and a VPN not play well together?

  • thanks OP, paid $71.23 using ANZ rewards Travel card

  • OP gets a commitment award for Hondurian Lempiras.

  • Cheers OP, changed over my Argentinian subscription to this one!

    • Did you cancel your old subscription and resubscribed with the same account?

      • I opted out of the direct debit renewal first, then switched over to the Honduras VPN and signed up. Still shows that my 2018-19 subscription is active to Oct 31. Doesn't say anything about the 2019-20 season under 'My Subscriptions', but then it does show up under 'Transaction History', and I got the confirmation email. I assume it'll all change over no hassles, but I'll just have to wait and see it seems.

    • Do you know if the argentina subscription will renew? and if so, is it going to be the same price as it was last year? roughly $100 aussie

  • Its too bad I already live in Argentina

  • Thank you kind sir :)


  • windscribe doesnt work, still gets detected as vpn.

  • Clippers are taking it this year I feel

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    Thanks OP I just paid 56 AUD for annual pass !!! cant wait for season !!!!

    • how did you get 56?

    • There was an error processing payment using the payment option you supplied. If paying by PayPal, please try again at a later time. If paying by credit card, please check that the billing address you entered matches the address on your credit card account or use a different credit card and try again. If you need further help with your purchase, please contact customer support.

      Getting this error when trying to purchase, have tried multiple cards and still not working. What card did you use?

      • -1 vote

        ANZ visa debit.

      • I'm getting the same error message too, not working even after trying multiple cards.

        • I made a new account, as it won't work anymore no matter what I tried (think it gets flagged?)
          At the payment screen, choose "Australia" instead of Honduras and it should work.

      • +3 votes

        I had the same problem and found a workaround. If you select USD at the select screen it should come up as $49 USD, then choose paypal at the payment screen. It ended up processing as $76 through paypal. Hope this helps.

        • Thanks all, tmt's suggestion to use paypal finally worked!

        • How do you get to a Paypal choice? Mine goes straight to a credit card (rejected it)

          • @scuderiarmani: on the first screen where it has the 3 options for different subscriptions, theres a drop down menu on the right where you can change it to USD

            • @elcap: I've changed to USD, I see it now at $49.99 or whatever, but I still don't get any paypal option when I choose to buy?

              Oh weird, 4th time around it just appeared….

        • Perfect, thanks.

        • I thanks!!

        • I'm signed in after purchasing (can see paypal transaction but no email confirmation) and I cannot watch any NBA Gametime. Need to purchase League Pass….????

        • cheers, OP should be updated to show this

        • I completed a number of purchases using different accounts (for friends). Been doing this for a few years now; first year I've ever had issues. My first order received a confirmation email while the rest did not.

          Hopefully this gets resolved because it will look mighty suspicous if I have to contact the NBA…

        • ** PLEASE NOTE *** There was an error processing payment using the payment option you supplied. If paying by PayPal, please try again at a later time. If paying by credit card, please check that the billing address you entered matches the address on your credit card account or use a different credit card and try again. If you need further help with your purchase, please contact customer support.

          Additional Information: Payment Processor Busy, please try again in a few moments.

          tried Paypal. Took my money but unable to complete the Step 3 and got this.


          Not sure what to do next.

        • Also had a problem with payment I think.
          Transaction was taken by Paypal but doesn't seem to have registered at step 3 with the league pass/No league pass confirmation.
          Anyone had the same and resolved?

          • @pmibaf: Same with me. Paypal has taken the funds but I havent received a confirmation email from league pass and the subscription doesn't show in my league pass account. May have to contact Paypal to get the funds back.

            • @mitch21: So i had a chat with the NBA customer service.
              If you're using the same account as last season to purchase this one. (Even though you cancel subscription your account is still active until 1st November 2019, as a result you cant purchase any new subs until it goes inactive).

              That's why you're getting the payment errors.
              If your card/paypal confirmation shows you already paid, i was told it would return back to you 1-3 business days.

              "There are no new purchases on the account as you already have an active subscription. Any previous attempt had failed. Once your subscription becomes inactive as of November 1 you are able to make a purchase, so you still have a month and a half of access to League Pass at this time. Any failed attempt may show as a pending charge or authorization hold that would be released by your bank in 1-3 business days. As you can see below any attempt made on September 16 for a new subscription purchase had failed in our system"

            • @mitch21: Mate an update:
              I never received a league pass confirmation, but it looks like it’s all good now… has been applied to my NBA account under subscriptions finally.

  • cant seem to find the honduras seletion choice on the vpn you provided a link to.

    any advice please?

  • After 6 years having it, I cancelled it, the quality of the streams are piss poor, keeps buffering, even Kayo is better.

    • How does Kayo compare to league pass? I have been on the fence the last few days on the two. Can you get every single NBA game on Kayo?

      • No, you get the feature games during the season, i'd say 2-4 games, you get pretty much all the conf and nba finals

    • Get better net… 6 years I've had it might get 1 or 2 bad games a season

      • As I said, had it for six years, last 18 months have been dismal. Didn't have issues prior. It is a known thing too, just go on their forums.

        My net is fine thanks, comfortably stream everything except NBA.

        • Using a VPN?

        • Dono why you are getting downvoted. I've had it since 2014 and lack of updates every year is triggering. Quality when watching from a browser is below average and the frame rate sucks. Waiting for them to add 60 fps..

          I couldn't believe how much better Kayo was when watching some of the playoff games last season, it's a shame they are only showing a handful of games per week

          • @Slurped: There's always smart ass comments 'get better internet' etc.. oh well.

            Best feedback was a guy who private messaged me, said it may have to do with your internet provider and the traffic between say Optus and NBA's servers etc. Otherwise I stream everything else fine with no issues, in fact i'm always averaging between 80-95MB/s.

            Agree with Kayo, hate foxtel to bits, but i find watching anything on that far more enjoyable than NBA league pass, just a shame they only show a few games a week.

    • What? I've been using LP on iPhone, iPad, Chromecast and Telstra TV, with no issues.

    • Maybe it's ur net… Mine never buffers

    • Def your internet, i've never had issues

      • Because you've never had issues… The problem is definitely his Internet.

        Do you work for bigpond/vodafone/optus tech support?

    • I noticed last year mine would buffer like crazy on the highest res. (On NBN 50). Previous years there was no problem. Dunno if it's due to more subscribers and they haven't updated their hardware to support the extra customer base?

      • Exactly the issue, like I said, had it for six years, last 18 months have been dismal. Didn't have issues prior. It is a known thing too, just go on their forums.

        They don't even offer full HD, it's still HD. Very poor offering from a multi billion dollar organisation.

    • I was with Optus and it is a known issue during peak times. I had 100mbit connection but couldn't watch League pass from 4pm till 2am.

      There is a forum entry on Optus's page, but it is not fixed. I moved to Aussie broadband and it is now fine.

      • Same, with Optus, during the finals, I had a better experience using reddit streams, so i'm not sure if it's Optus related

        • just chur from optus, they will never fix it. It is to do with the available bandwidth between optus and Akamai servers. It gets congested really quickly. You can use it during off peak, but as soon as 3pm hits its buffering city.

        • Must be an optus thing no issues on telstra from when I had adsl2 to nbn 100 now

    • Have had it just as long and for the first 2 years it sucked, but it's been awesome for last 3 or 4 years now. Last season's quality was excellent.
      Maybe your internet or PC are the issue?

  • Thanks Op. What did you put down as the country when paying for it? I wonder if they would catch you if you put down Australia.
    Anyone else purchased it and what was the country you selected?

  • Awesome was looking forward to this.

  • I was reading if you signed up using an Indian IP address, you'll need an Indian IP address to watch? :S

    • That's why you don't sign up through India.

    • Honduras is not in India..

      • So Hounduras has a different restriction compared to India? :S

        Or vice versa?

        • India is a separate offering to everywhere else.
          If you sign up to the Indian subscription its only like $20 for the year but you have to use a VPN during the games (or how kuripot explains below).
          For everywhere else, you only need the VPN when purchasing, all the streaming can be done without any VPN.

    • I already have a VPN so signed up for AUD $20 NBA LP last year. I'll just have to login using Indian IP, play a video, pause, and disconnect VPN. I can then watch live streaming or recorded videos without Indian IP.

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