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Free: Python 3, Ethical Hacking, JavaScript, Webdevelopment, Linux at Udemy

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  • These courses are already posted earlier.

  • Thanks. I noticed today and bought them

  • don't forget 10.5% cashback for Udemy

  • Me: Nice, I really should improve my python skills one day, I’ll claim it for later.

    Udemy: you are unable to claim this course as you are already registered 3 months ago!

    • I bought a few courses from them a while ago for free but when I went back to use them a year or so later they were gone.

      I don't think the buy for a rainy day idea works with Udemy, the free stuff is only marketing.

  • What are some things ethical hackers do? And are there any realistic job prospects?

    • Looks like there are a few jobs on Seek that require the OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) Cert which the course will probably cover some aspects of. Joseph Delgadillo the creator of these courses has a lot of extra content on his You Tube channel that is worth checking out (for example his Kali Linux videos). Cyber Security jobs seem to be popular now days.

    • If all you do is this online course, then not much. However, with experience/practice and/or a uni education or similar, then there are well paid jobs doing penetration testing that are fairly in demand. Courses like this are more suited to those already with similar skills that are trying to branch out, rather than those wanting to get a job with no related experience or qualifications.