Sports Pack Energy Plan (Electricity/Gas) with Alinta Energy Includes Free 1 Year Kayo Basic Subscription (VIC, NSW, SA, QLD)


Saw this announced by Alinta Energy today.

Not sure how well this compares to other energy plans, but may be beneficial to those wanting 1 year Kayo subscription

Sports Pack Electricity
Sports Pack Gas
Sports Pack Energy FAQ

Links provided are for Victoria, I'm sure you can change states as required

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    bloody hell, I forgot just how annoying provider tariff price lists can be.

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    Alinta rates in VIC are higher than Tango energy.


      Offset the $300 cost of Kayo though. I need someone smarter than me to do all the maths. Either smarter or just with more energy.


        Well can you sell the Kayo?

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        Currently with Tango (Jemena Area):
        Annual Usage = 2000kWh x 19.283 c/kWh = $385.66 per annum
        Supply Charge = $0.924 per day x 365 = $337.26 per annum
        Total = $722.92 (inc gst)

        Prospective with Alinta:
        Annual Usage = 2000kWh x 25.470 c/kWh = $509.4 per annum
        Supply Charge = $1.0037 per day x 365 = $366.35 per annum
        Total = $875.75 (inc gst)

        Difference is: $152.83

        I share my Kayo account so I would not stand to benefit if I switched Electricity.


          I just saw this. Wait until your contract period expires….Tango up'd my rates, from lower then yours (Jemena) to supply $1.10/day, usage 21.89c/kWh


      Really i didnt know Im on Alinta 42% pay on time discount which makes it cheaper than previous provider


    What type of stupid name is "alinta"?

    I kinda like it

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    i had a quick look at "sports pack" vs "no fuss" plans and it appears they've just bumped up the usage charges to cover the subscription …

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    Can we get this and cancel after the first month?


      Just what I was coming to ask


        Think they have already thought of that one…under FAQ
        Do I need a credit card to access my complimentary 12-month Kayo subscription?
        Yes, you will require a valid credit card to sign up to Kayo, as per the normal sign up process. You will not be charged for the first 12 months, if you remain an Alinta Energy customer while on the Sports Pack Electricity Plan.


    This deal does not appear to be relevant to WA


    Is this anything like the beteasy offer, where the code shows up in the url during the sign up process?


    You can upgrade for $10/mth too.