Used or New Fridge?

Hi guys, I am in the market for a fridge. I am looking at 450 litre fridges that are under $800. But I can buy a used one for $400 (probably 4/5 years old). Is it worth buying a used fridge for that much?


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    half the price for half the warranty

    Try looking for a sale through like harvey norman or a scratch and dent place imo

    if you are in Melbourne try e and s clearance center

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    Check Appliance Online's clearance section, you might be able to find a bargain.

    Edit: This doesn't look too bad. Its comes with free next day delivery and they'll set it up and remove your old fridge for free too.

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      Lol at the fish in the freezer.


      Is Seiki a good brand?


      Yeah, I went through this experience two years ago and came to the depressing conclusion that Appliance Online's deal beat what I could find in the used market. Pretty depressing given I can't imagine the world's rubbish tips are short of fridges. At 2nd hand stores I was finding rusted fridges for only $50 cheaper than Appliance Online after delivery - not good enough!

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    But I can buy a used one for $400 (probably 4/5 years old).

    My fridge repair man last month said modern fridges are only built to last 8-10 years.

    So IMO buying a 5 year old one is less than ideal.


    So, I do wonder why people are getting rid of a 4/5 year old fridge. Personally I wouldn’t get a second hand fridge, but I’ve watched too many American crime shows so I would suspect a body had been stored in it.

    I would look at the scratch and dent places, particularly those with sales on. Go for one with a good warranty period. You can buy reconditioned second hand fridges.

    The dodgiest appliances we’ve had are fridges.

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      From personal experience, moving house is a big reason people buy a new fridge because the old one doesn't fit in the space for the fridge. Or the new places has a much larger space so people upgrade to a taller or wider one.


        The other problem is they may be getting rid of a lemon, you just don’t know and there is no warranty.

        Costco sometimes have some decent fridge deals. We bought our stand up freezer through them.


    Fridges are one of the things you can 'cheap out on' and still get a good product.
    Used fridges can work if the previous owner wasnt a pig


    I got mine as an ex-rental one from Radio Rentals about 10 years ago, and it's still going nicely. Provided it's clean, I don't see an issue here.


    You get what you pay for !
    It’s your money so make your own decision !


    My first fridge in Australia is a 1.5 year old fridge for half the price. It’s still works well to this day!
    The biggest hassle is to pick-up.

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