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Toyota Owners - Save 6c/L at Participating Caltex Outlets via myToyota App (Free to Join) - Sep 23-Oct 6


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Blatant copy/paste, cheers to original OP's:

Terms and Condition from previous post.

Toyota Owners!

Did you know that the NEW myToyota App let you save 6c a litre on fuel at participating Caltex service station?

All you have to do is register and add your Toyota to myGarage on the myToyota App.

And its FREE for all Toyota Owners.

List of Participating Caltex Service Stations.

Couple of info you need to register and link your car in the APP.

  1. The VIN Number of your Toyota

  2. Your Batch number or your Registration certificate.

You can find your batch number (sometimes referred to as the stock number) on the retail delivery card in your Service & Warranty booklet or by contacting the Guest Experience Centre.

How to register?

You can register via online


via the myToyota App.



Offer T&Cs

  • Offer is limited to a discount of 6 cents per litre of fuel (unless otherwise stated) purchased in a single transaction.

  • Offer is limited to one transaction per vehicle in myToyota account per day.

  • Offer is limited to the filling up of the fuel tank of one vehicle at a time.

  • Offer applies to transactions on eligible fuel only. Offer applies to: Unleaded (ULP), Vortex Premium 95 (PULP), Vortex Premium 98, Diesel and Vortex Diesel, up to 150 litres.

  • The Offer is only available at participating Caltex locations. For more information click here. Participating Caltex locations are subject to change without notice and is at the sole discretion of Caltex.

  • The Offer is only available to guests who:

  • have a myToyota account*;

  • have a vehicle(s) registered in Garage (including VIN and registration details)*;

  • have installed the myToyota app on a compatible smartphone or device or have accessed the Offer via myToyota online*.

  • Toyota and/or Caltex reserve the right to refuse to provide the Offer to an individual if, in its reasonably opinion, it cannot verify that they are eligible to receive the Offer or believe the individual has engaged in fraudulent activity or are otherwise in breach of these terms.

  • Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offers or fuel discounts unless specifically stated.

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  • +5 votes

    I gave up on this after being constantly told by the staff that they dont accept this offer, even though they are on the participating list

    • +2 votes

      Really? Maybe they're just too lazy to scan the code on your phone with the big arse CBA EFT machine, and then scan the big arse CBA machine with the smaller scanner. Hilarious to watch everytime I use it.


      Our store doesnt scan code. When i show qr card, they just manually process the 4-6c off.

  • +1 vote

    I see from a previous post that it doesn't stack with Woolworths 4c/L or Wish card (5% off). So it's not a deal for those users.


      Why would you not be able to use wish gift card? Payment is different from discounts…


        I think Caltex Woolworths is different from other Caltexes, which don't allow the wish card.


          Ah of course. But some do accept it and itโ€™s a bit weird how the whole Woolworths Caltex thing is branded.

  • +8 votes

    That's a great deal for diesel owners. They can put the savings towards ongoing DPF repairs.


      i thought there was a DPF recall? Campaign LGG71 on my Hilux


        Donโ€™t they just install the on demand DPF burn off button?


          Software was changed to change when and for how long it burns, apparently. This software update was put into the newer models with the manual switch

          Button was only installed on new vehicles. All existing vehicles just got the software update, no button


        Only on the newer models with the 2.8L diesels. The 3L diesels have no such recall (that I know of anyway).

    • +1 vote

      Maybe diesel owners should read their manual where it states the distances and speeds where the particulates burn off, and then get out of their stopstart driving routines and go for a drive to maintain their vehicle?


        Or maybe Toyota should have told them about potential problems and the enormous replacement costs before they handed over their BIG bucks? Salesman didn't mention any of the DPF issues I knew about when I test drove a Prado a while back. Also can't recall any Toyota ads which state particular vehicles aren't suitable for the usual stop/start shortish run associated with big city driving. Toyotas are generally reliable but the old "unbreakable" myth has taken a pounding in recent years.

        • -1 vote

          DPF clogging and build up isn't an issue, its the result of not opperating a modern diesel vehicle the way it was intended.
          I understand that it might come as a shock to some people who do not familiarise themselves with their new purchase, but its how modern diesels opperate.

          If drivers don't want to drive to burn the particulates off, then theres the option to have it done at a dealership, or drivers can completely ignore it, and warnings, continue driving and replace the whole unit.

          It's not up to the dealership to list every detail or instruction of a car, thats what the manual is for and it should be read before use if there is anything the new owners are unsure of.

          • +1 vote

            @Spiderboy: Tell that to the hundreds who have driven their vehicles normally according to the guidelines. Perhaps they're all "stupid" as you seem to be suggesting, or perhaps you don't actually know the extent of the problems a relatively small % are encountering. One guy in the industry said that the majority of problems are being reported by owners who regularly drive long distances. Whether that is accurate no-one knows - certainly not you.

            Google is free. I suggest you read some of the forums and you might be more informed - and not just about Toyota's DPF issues. Despite your apparently poor understanding there are many different implementations of DPFs - which have been mandatory in many countries for years. Some are far more successful (and smarter) than others.

            Instructions and manuals have zip to do with the issue. Toyota and dealerships have been well aware of Toyota DPF issues for a long time. In fact a Toyota tech said they were told initially to replace them free of charge but soon ran out of parts due to the extent of the problem. The class action will be interesting.

            Edit: here's just one of myriad articles on the Toyota DPF issue. There's plenty more if you're interested. https://mr4x4.com.au/class-action-launched-against-toyota/

            PS - it's not the only problem HiLux and Prados have. They also have faulty air filtering which Toyota currently doesn't have a fix for. A new design has been promised in future models, current owners have to find a solution themselves.


    Spackbase do you have any information for the new Toyota Granvia?


      Would also like to hear more about this.

    • +1 vote

      Pricing no unfortunately. Wholesale date is October 14

      Have seen it in the flesh though. The 6 seater VX model looks very nice! 4x captains chairs! :)

      • +1 vote

        Thank you.


        You seem to be the go to person for toyotas mate.
        We've been holding off getting a Rav4 hybrid waiting for a sale, but it seems the Rav was left out of the 'toyotathon', are there any planned drops/sales on the horizon or should we just hold off till end of year or june 2020?


          Oh wow, you thought it would go on sale… cmon now!

          RAV4 hybrid has a 3-6 month wait time. It's selling like hotcakes. Don't expect a 'sale' for 2 years, based on hybrid Camry pricing. Hybrid Camry has been out since December 2017, has never been put on special. Still unlikely it will as again, it has a 3-5 month wait.

          If you want it, buy it because it's best in class, not because you want a discount.

          Cars go on sale when they don't sell, or when they're overpriced. New RAV4 is neither of those.


            @Spackbace: Fair enough, thanks for the heads up. Never intended to buy it because its 'on sale', but a sale would have been nice.

            Its the Rav or the Koleos, but the fuel savings alone (~$50 p/f) makes the Rav worth the extra price.


              @Spiderboy: The RAV4 Hybrid is a nice car to drive, and that's not just because I sell them lol it's a lot better than a standard 2L/2.5L engine. Given the popularity on these now, they'll be popular when they hit the used market as well.

              Put down a deposit and join the queue :)


            @Spackbace: Selling 10 every month from a dealer is selling like hotcake. Welcome to Australia and high commissions and low volumes. Well done mate :D, I love your cockly attitutde and as soon as you shift from one manuf to other, that becomes the No 1 selling brand. Previously it was Swifts sell like hot cakes. Would love not to buy a car from you :D

            Just directly call the Corp Sales guy and save the 6-8% commission


              @regenade: Lol you realise every manufacturer has products that sell well, ie "like hotcakes"? From auto manufacturers, to retail to McDonalds. Yes, Swift was a strong seller for Suzuki, and RAV4 hybrid is strong for Toyota, though the Hilux is the country's highest selling vehicle.

              And a standard retail buyer can't just go straight to fleet, sorry to burst your bubble ๐Ÿ˜‰

              And please don't buy a car from me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • +1 vote

      Have a look on Pressroom, announced today.

  • +1 vote

    Honestly, this is beginning to look more like Coles flybuys discount. Give discount through other sources, but price their normal gas price way higher than competition. Most of the time still end 1-2 cent more expensive too.

  • +1 vote

    Just in time for the 'oil crisis' price gouging


    No support for grey import Toyotas :(
    (fully expected that, but where's the love?)

  • +2 votes

    Just in time for the 171.9c/l I saw ULP91 for on the way home tonight. Daylight robbery.

  • -1 vote

    With this work for a Lexus car because we know they're just the same.


    Good one, thanks!

  • +1 vote

    I used to have a toyota and it registered on the app.. would i be able to use the same barcode for a different car? (Non toyota)

    • +1 vote

      I don't even have a toyota and use this app discount all the time. It doesn't specify the fuel needs to be put into a toyota.


    Costco is far cheaper in Canberra for diesel and 98.


    I am buying a Toyota this coming Tuesday

  • +1 vote

    If you sign up as an Uber driver you also get 6c/L off at Caltex. You don't have to do any driving as even someone who has done 0 trips will still get the discount. You can also use the discount on any car, not just the one you use for Uber.


    Still probably cheaper to use the 7 Eleven offer. Nothing beats 7 Eleven's fuel lock with GPS spoofing.

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