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Windsor Smith Men's Palmer Dress Boot - From $39.08 to $69.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon has a few deals on shoes - Nike, Adidas, Puma, I've listed all the ones I could find below but different sizes have different prices so best to have a look at the link and go through the sizes.
Size US Mens AU 9 in Black is $39.08. Don't forget to use 12% Shopback or 10% CashRewards for cashback!

Below are the sale prices of each size. The ones that have been striked out, Amazon has unfortuantly updated the pricing.

Windsor Smith Mens Palmer Dress Boot BrownFrom $39.08

Size AU 7.5 = $69.99
Size AU 8 = $44.36 $69.99
Size AU 8.5 = $43.60 $69.99
Size AU 9 = $39.08 $69.99
Size AU 9.5 = $44.63
Size AU 10 = $44.28
Size AU 10.5 = $45.06
Size AU 11 = $44.62
Size AU 11.5 = $44.53

Size AU 7.5 = $69.99
Size AU 8 = $42.45 $69.99
Size AU 8.5 = $42.06 $69.99
Size AU 9 = $69.99
Size AU 9.5 = $69.99
Size AU 10 = $44.55
Size AU 10.5 = $45.07
Size AU 11 = $45.04
Size AU 11.5 = $45.06

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    Hope someone can get some use out of these sizes - they don't fit me unfortuantly but thought it would be great for others! Some pretty good deals there especially with the FREE postage and cashback :)


    Can you just return them if they don't fit? Have to pay return shipping?


    Thank you! Just picked up some of the brown Windsors.
    My other pair of Windsors are 9.5 but the 10's were so much cheaper! Wish me luck.

    • +1 vote

      Awesome! It's a great deal, I love Windsor Smith. I changed my mind and ordered a Black pair, Mens AU 8 for $39.04 ($44.36 - 12% ShopBack Cashback) even though I'm female. All shoes are unisex really :)

      Hoping they fit! They look pretty nice.

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        I have these boots on right now (in black)

        I am typically a size 8.5-9 in mens, and I am a size 6 in these, and they arent 'snug' so to speak. thick socks make them fit like most other shoes with regular socks.

        disappointed I cant get more in my size! wanted some new black ones and some brown ones.

        with regards to quality/durability, I have had them for 3 years and worn them to work every day for 2 of those years, plus the occasional weekend outing and only just starting to have a 'smooth' sole after wearing down the rubber. the inner sole is on its last legs however.


          Oh no! Sounds as if I should have sized down instead. Oh well, I have wide feet. :)
          I'm glad to hear the quality isn't too bad. Thanks for the info.


        I have another black pair of Windsor Smiths as daily drivers so I wanted to diversify a little into the brown!
        Fingers crossed for your sizing as well. If I were more enthusiastic I would pop into my local store and try on the sizes but with free returns who can be bothered? :D


    But is it Dress or Casual?

    Windsor Smith Men's Palmer Dress Boot
    * Must have casual boot


      Dress, as in slightly more formal than casual. Can be worn every day, depends on your style really.


      You won't wear them with slacks. It will go with chinos or jeans tho. So I wouldn't call them dress boots.

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    It’s probably worthwhile mentioning that some of the Windsor Smith boots are pretty poor quality and don’t last more than a few weeks. The soles are not durable in some of the designs. Online reviews for this brand are pretty negative too. The price is cheap for a reason imo.


      Always good to get some feedback, thanks! In my own opinion, I don't wear Windsors every day. Normally I wear when I go out so once a week and I've had my pair of boots for a few years now, still in good condition. I do look after my shoes though, don't thrash them.

      I think these in particular are great for the price, I'll update when I receive the boots too :)


      I bought Windsor Smith work shoes and they fell apart in weeks. Didn't they used to be a decent brand? As mentioned the sole wore out incredibly fast.


        Yeah. They were a decent quality brand but that’s a while ago now. I wore WS shoes for school and a pair would last a school year with daily use and playing basketball. Ever since they have tried to go all trendy, the quality has become poor.


      I concur. That's why I wear them as daily work shoes.


    Bought a pair of


    there was 2 pairs left and the price was 40 bucks.

    Now its up to 160?

    Are they trying to clear out stock, or trying to gouge people?

    Both are sold by Amazon.


      Youre right, just had a look now there is only one pair up there in stock and back to the price of $160.92.. and a few minutes ago it was $41.07… massive difference. Looks like they we're having a clearance up until the last pair.

      Pretty annoying when they price change like that.


    are the windsors water proof ?


    Size 8 in black showing as $69.99 for me, not $44.36 as listed, as were some of the other sizes I selected to check..

    • +1 vote

      I'll updated the above in description, however I purchase it for $44.36 a minute ago. Had it in my cart and completed the purchase when I read your comment & double checked on a seperate browser.

      Looks like they're updating the pricing everytime someone purchases..

  • +1 vote

    +1 for effort. Thanks op

    • +1 vote

      Thanks! Doing this while I'm meant to by working my full time job right now ahaha just can't go past a bargain!


    I'm wearing their Chelsea's I got for 80 and they're really nice


    AU size would be equivalent to US or EU size of a Floresheim shoe ? I'm currently wearing a 10 US of Floresheim so wondering which size to go for in these. TIA

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP!


    Size 10s are $69


    Had two pairs of Windsor smiths and both didn’t last even 6 months

  • +1 vote

    I’ve had three pairs over the years and all of them fell apart in different ways. The soles wore extremely fast, the stitching came apart, cracks developed through which water would leak in even light rain. And only within a few months. Terrible quality so would stay away!


    Geez, we smashed this deal. Bumped up these pair of boots to the #1 spot for Best Selling Mens Boots on Amazon. Lol.

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