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Nespresso DeLonghi ENV135B Vertuoline Coffee & Espresso Machine $124.94 Shipped @ Amazon AU


I believe this is the outgoing model of the vertuo Nespresso machines. Am seeing these retail for $179 - $229. Nice little kicker is the 100 free pods (you have to sign up with Nespresso after you purchase the machine, go to the promo landing page and submit your details, machine barcode, photo of receipt).


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  • Price in title please!

  • no milk frother attached to this machine, no deal for me.

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      I have found the attached Milk frothers are a waste of time…….only gives warmish milk, wastes a lot of milk and a royal pain in the butt to clean. Better off just buying the most basic Nespresso as internals tend to be much the same and getting a seperate Aerochino or Breville Milk Cafe. Chances are will end up cheaper & gives you better control. Better still, just nuke some milk in the microwave, then stick glass under Nespresso for a drop of coffee and Bobs your uncle :-)

      • I've got an attached milk frother and wouldn't be without it. Microwaving milk is crap.

    • Get one from Ikea for $3. Use a microwave to warm up milk, easy.

      • Yeah I agree, when one wants texture/froth, the little battery operated milk frothers do a great job.

  • More DRM crap.

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    ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Warning! ⚠️⚠️⚠️ This uses DRM pods. Pretty much landfill after you’ve churned through the 100 free ones.

  • You can get refillable stainless steel capsules for Vertuo, not sure about how good they are. There are also two systems for re-using Vertuo capsules, with good reviews.

    I have been refilling for several months by a simple method, haven't bought anything but coffee beans and alu foil.
    Makes great coffee in Vertuo Plus machine.
    Would not know about how the older machines work.
    Prefer VertuoPlus machine to the normal Nespresso machine with small capsules, but we use both.

  • Anyone know if the 100 free pod offer is still active? The Machine is down to $117.59. Not a bad deal. I'm in the market for a new machine.

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