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Xiaomi Mi 9T 6GB/64GB Dual Sim (Redmi K20) - Glacier Blue - $412.30 Shipped @ TobyDeals (HK)


Best deal so far! Personally, this is the best phone I have ever owned by a long shot, particularly after I flashed a custom ROM onto it. I have no issue with 64GB storage, even though it's not expandable, as I routinely back up all my media using Google Photos.


AU$403.75 for Carbon Black credit to mobiguru

All 9T variant mobiles

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    What ROM are you using?

    • I'm on LineageOS at the moment, but as tiny bugs gets flattened, I am happy to jump between Pixel Experience, Lineage & Paranoid as required :~)
      I think that's my favourite part about the custom ROM scene - competition keeps them on top of optimising!

      • I'll cop heaps of flak for it, but after using Lineage and a few other distros for the last few years, I think MIUI is much nicer.

        I decided to try MIUI from xiaomi.eu and went a bit further by removing a few more Xiaomi apps via ADB and disabled internet communication for the remaining apps like calculator, alarm, step counter and anything else Xiaomi related.

        In my opinion, MIUI is so much nicer than raw Android, as if it were built by people who use the phone instead of a committee.

        MIUI and its apps are easier to use, buttons have text instead of confusing icons, multitasking is much nicer, it's a lot better for battery life at the expense of needing to customize not background killing some apps.

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  • How was your experience with tobydeals? I'm tempted but unsure about the website

    • Can only speak for myself, but couldn't have been better. Got here super quick, and was well packaged.

    • I've personally not had issues with them but there are quite a few who have had issues with communication if you search previous threads.

    • The major issue is they lie about stock on their website. So you might get your phone in 3 days or 3 weeks. Best to email them before you purchase to confirm actual stock (don't trust their website's "in stock" status).

  • In China selling 1799RMB = AU$377 but its 6GB/128G

  • What was your base vendor and firmware (or ROM) before you flashes your custom rom?

    Been eyeing this phone particularly to use with Havoc but struggling to father what rom to use as base before flashing

    • It came with Global, and I updated it to

      After unlocking my bootloader (takes about a week), I first flashed Pixel Experience, which required me to downgrade to When I chose to switch to LineageOS, I flashed again. This really wasn't difficult; I got the firmware from here: https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/firmware/davinci/


      • Thanks mate appreciate the info

        Takes a week to unlock the bootloader what the heck!

        My pocofone took 3 days and I thought that was bad

        Is all that's required to unlock the bootloader just to have the phone the mobile number linked to the miui account or was there anymore?

        • Weirdly enough, if you use an old version of MiFlash, it's meant to take a shorter amount of time. Forget where the thread is on XDA, but there was something about it.

          Simply log into to MIUI account, get into the Developer Settings (typical tap build number 6 times), and there is a setting for unlocking the bootloader. Once you do this, it's just the wait before it lets you do it within MiFlash on your computer.

  • $33.90 shipping charges to Bathurst NSW. What a joke. Thanks for posting anyways

  • bought this phone off eBay for about $20 more, delivered in 3 days, coming from a 1 month wait on a Xiaomi Mi 9 from Tobby Deals. They lie about their stock.

    • Did yours come with Global Rom/International Version so Google Play installed and B28?

      Could you add a link to the listing? Cheers.

      • sorry, I replied that in a meeting - I just wanted to make sure people didn't buy from Toby Deals.
        I bought this one: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/123826564200
        With the deals (20% I think) it worked out for $437.71. It was the Mi 9T, not the Redmi K20, so yes, Global rom as a standard. I must confess I did not check for B28 but it must be in the add (I'm not an Optus client).
        I hope it helps. There is another 20% coupon on Ebay going atm.

        • Thanks for taking time to reply.

          Band support not in listing but asked question to ebay seller.

          Also now 10% off for seller and this listing sold out. Must be good value :-)

        • Did the seller provide a tax invoice? Also what is the 20% code you are referring to? I can only find 10%.

  • It's a good mid range phone but I think the Nokia 8 and 8.1 are still better options.

    • I have to say, I don't consider this a midrange phone. I came from the Pocophone with a Snapdragon 845, and the 730 is equally as snappy. Sure, it's not the 855, but nothing about this in daily use or games makes this feel like a midrange phone. Being able to overclock the AMOLED screen to 75hz helps with this.

    • The 9T is superior to the Nokia 8.1 in every way, except perhaps low light photography & for people who prefer stock. The 9T wins every other category IMO.

    • If I had to pick I would be a bit torn as I love/Prefer having Android One rather than any other rom, but I love Xiaomi phones ( even don't mind MiUi until the updates stop lol ) especially when they have Global rom and B28.

      Had a look at Toby deals and the Nokia 8/8 Sirocco no longer available, only the 8.1 which is good for price.

      Got close to getting the Nokia 8 when on clearance last year, but still ok using my HTC 10 and Xiaomi A2 for a while longer, but these phones are high on my list for my next upgrade.

      Just wondering why you prefer Nokia 8.1 apart from having Android One?

  • the 128 GB version is $450 AUD for a couple days hence

  • Anyone that has received this phone - did it come with an AU fast charger, or some international charger and adaptor?

  • lack of expandable storage kills it for me.

    This limitation may be good enough for the Apple crowd, but not for most Android peeps

    • Gotta say, as an Android peep, I never come close to it! Cloud storage & Google Photos really is amazing.

  • it's getting cheaper as 9t pro has been released, with below specs

    Snapdragon™ 855
    8GB + 256GB
    Hong Kong sells it for $3599 HKD which is around $670 AUD
    with band 28, NFC, google play store etc

    I broke my oneplus 6 recently and am thinking to buy xiaomi 9t pro, one plus 7t pro or Rog Phone 2.

    • Not quite - the 9T Pro has only been released with 6GB + 128GB so far. Anything claiming 8GB of RAM is a K20 Pro that has been flashed.

  • I got a K20pro and it's freaking awesome
    Can't understand why people would pay for iPhone when you can get this.

    • Friend paid 3x what I did for his 5g galaxy S10+, which is useless in Perth.
      Only real difference is the curved screen, maybe slightly better camera colour science.
      Ultrasonic fingerprint is pretty much on par with the optical sensor in the k20 pro.
      Wireless charging/power sharing I guess
      I actually can't see what we miss for such a significantly lower price :)

  • I've taken a punt on ordering from Tobydeals on the blue 128gb version.

    Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

    • Already received an email that it's being packed and will ship soon.

      • Grats are in order here.

        Not this phone, but already been waiting over 2 weeks for my order to ship.

        Wish I had have placed the order elsewhere.

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