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[NSW] Coles Gooey, Soft or Chunky Cookies 200g 8 Pack $1 Each or Free Buying 2 @ Coles Castle Hill


Just a quick post of a hilarious fail.

Cookie Packs are reduced to $1 each but at the moment there's a promo going on "2 for $4.50" which deducts off $2.

Effectively free. Get in before it's fixed.

Edit: in Aisle 1, opposite the bread. Approximately 25-30 left at time of posting in Blueberry/Choc, Caramel and Lemon/White Choc

Update: $1.50 at World Square means 25 cents a pack credit to smellyhead

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    Nice find

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    Good price for goey. Hopefully it’s a 24 hour Coles.

    • Closes 10pm but I don't think they'll last that long :D

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    only castle hill? or will work at other coles as well?

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      Any Coles that has them reduced as $1 will work.
      It will take $2 off whatever price they are at your local.

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    castle hill coles is literally broken lol

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    Not reduced at Burwood NSW

  • Legend! Nice find, OP.

  • Aren’t ‘gooey cookies’ just another word for ‘soggy biscuit’?

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    They had them reduced to 1.50 at world square coles. Not quite free, but $0.25 for a pack of cookies is pretty nice.

    • Thanks, added to OP. That's still a great deal :)

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    Reminds me of a joke- A farmer is selling pumpkins on a roadside stall, old mate stops and asked how much they are, the farmers says “the more you get the cheaper they get” so old mate says “ well start loading me until we get zero price”…yeh yeh I know not very good but I didn’t say it was a good joke, just that this post reminded me of a joke🙂

    • Good joke.

  • Short date on clearance.

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      Still got a month of expiry and I only take a day finish the pack

  • Will it work only on combination of 2 each at one time or even I buy multiples of 2 (e.g. 10)?

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      Oh you can buy in multiples of 2 :)
      You need to find them reduced first though, some stores cleared out earlier while some others still have them at full price.

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    T… Thanks, 2dollarspincher98!

    Might try local Coles tomorrow.

  • I saw them at a local coles but it didnt have a reduced price sticker? So not all stores have reduced them?

    • some stores cleared out earlier while some others still have them at full price.

      I might put this in the OP.
      Check your local/s is all I can say really.

    • No, unless your local store notices the product is due to expire and mark it down in its system.

  • Good find. Cleared the shelf of the last 20 in local store. Expiry 29/11 for the lot. This was in Melbourne.

    • So they were marked down to $1 each at this store in Melbourne?
      That's great but wow didn't they get suspicious 😂

  • No one batted an eyelid but I did go through the self checkout. 14 in one transaction, 6 in the other. Not sure how to post my receipt showing the $2 for $4.50 discount applied to the $1 for each pack of gooey cookies.

    • You could post it to a image sharing website like Imgur if you want, but that's great - self serve attendant was giving me a shifty look as I walked in again and bought another 4 after realising but didn't question it :D

  • Picked up another 32, then a fellow customer who saw me getting them for free on the screen informed the self service checkout lady who then informed the assistant manager who asked me to tell her before I paid. Haha. Before the drama occured I made a swift retreat with a $2 charge for 32 packs of cookies and some Bhuja chips. Coles 0 - Customer 1 ;)

    • Someone needs to give you an Ozbargainer/Broden of the year award honestly.
      52 packs of cookies for free??? Wow 😂

  • All flavours scan at $3.50ea at Coles Whitfords, WA :(

    • Oh yeah, by now they would've all been cleared up and even if they are some left somewhere, probably would've been fixed. I'll mark as expired, thanks for letting me know I haven't done that yet :D

  • This is not expired, just discovered this at Hornsby Coles Sydney. Paid 50c for two one was $1 and the other was $1.75 but the 2 for $4.50 deal came up and made it 50c. Could not see the 2 for $4.50 deal anywhere.

    The date on the expiry of sale was 3rd october so there maybe a couple more days left at Hornsby.

    • Just confirming, it is still 2 for $4.50

      The special most likely ends today, so I won't bother updating but I expired the deal for Castle Towers as there was no more available there.
      So out of stock, but not necessarily expired. I'll let the mods decide what to do.

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