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QCY T2C Wireless Bluetooth Earphones + Charging Case $25.56 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay


Shopping Square $5 off Promo Stacks with eBay code PSPRUNG 20% off, Discount shows at Checkout.

Thanks to BA for the Original Coupon Deal

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  • These are pretty good wireless earphones for that price range. I added some memory foam ear buds from aliexpress and the sound/bass became even better.

    However, i didn't buy it from this seller so i don't know how legit these are.

  • is the only difference between T2C and T2S wireless charging?

  • Good price on good buds. Even though ShoppingSquare's feedback rating isn't crash hot, I ordered a pair…have misplaced my existing T2C's.

  • Good earphones.

  • Great headphones. Can't hear anyone when these are on full volume.

  • How would the sound quality compare to powerbeats 2 or 3?

  • Can the left ear use it by itself?

    • Yes, both can be paired individually.

    • Yep. I think it works like this…

      You pair up the left bud separately with your device to do this - so you will have each bud paired.

      When you turn them on, the right earbud pairs up straight away with your device, and the left looks for the right and pairs up. If you only take the left bud out, it doesn't find the right bud, and it will pair up with your device. Thus…left earbud takes about ten seconds to pair with your device if you use it alone, whereas right will pair pretty quickly.

      I use them like this a lot, as I'm often listening to podcasts or audio books whilst doing things around the house. If one goes flat (and seems to take a few hours to do so), I drop it back into the case and pull the other one out. With my free ear I can listen for instructions from the boss and keep everybody happy.

      Mine have messed up sync once, and I had to resync them with each other before repairing with my device again. I do not like to use them with multiple devices, and so I have a pair for my phone, and a pair for my tablet.

      Edit: Sorry about repeating some of what was already said in the above link

  • Thanks OP bought T2C

  • Thanks OP, how do these compare with the xiaomi airdots?

  • I liked it’s sound but the microphone is not very good. Also, right ear one does not fit well at all even though all the buds which came with them. Eventually stopped using them.

    • Maybe the holes in your left and right ear are different in size? πŸ™„

      • Just going to reinforce your point because you were strangely downvoted… Different ear holes are definitely a thing. So yeah sometimes you might need to change the tip for a better fit. I think I have a unique ear on that ear phones will not fit, no matter what and most in ears will fall out.

        I actually had no problems with these staying in mostly… And from a sound quality perspective they weren't going to win any awards but they were decent and reliable.

        Unfortunately I accidentally washed them.. so looking for a new set but might break the bank this time and go for the new Jabra elite 75t.. mostly for 2 reasons. 1. The mic and 2. Multipoint.

        • +1 on that. Sounds is different between my left and right earholes when using these buds, because on one side it's harder to get a seal. I need to try some foam plugs on them.

    • I had the exact same issue, with the right ear only as well. Weird and annoying

  • Anyone tried these and the haylou version?

    • Yep. Haylou all day.

      • agreed i had the TC1 and Haylou gt1 .. haylou is better.. at high volume the bass is very powerful.

    • The Haylou's definitely, definitely go louder too, tried on both my husbands android and my iphone. Possibly bluetooth reception not as good as the QCY's though, or at least this is what I have found in my experience.

  • Can anyone who owns these comment on the battery life?

    • Solid 3.5 -4 hours. Great unit for 30 bucks. Really impressed with mine. Have had them for about 5 months now.

      • I found mine were maximum 4 hours. Couldn't use it all day 9-5 at work without recharging during lunch break. I'd still recommend these for no-NC, wireless earbuds. They're ridiculously cheap and audio isn't too shit compared to the most popular headphones on ozbargain.

    • yea ive ogt the T1c, i think the only difference is that these ones have the cover case. Battery life isnt really an issue, theyre completely fine for someone who just uses them for commutes or casual listening. Ive got some nice beyer cans and dcenet Audio system with VAF & Krix speakers at home, so lkie decent sound, and I was surprised by these things for under $30 they're great.

  • i like these things, keen to try some of those bose ones to see how much better they are.

  • Finally, a use for eBay Plus!

  • Been looking around for a pair, great timing. But I have no idea on the quality of these..anyone have any feedback on these?

    • these are way more superior on Ali. Search them up.

      $23.57 40οΌ… Off | Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones TWS Mini Stealth Wireless Dual Talk Sports Bluetooth Headset 3D Stereo Wireless Earphone Sports Headset

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    T2C OOS

  • Bought it last time. Good for listening audio books but for music it's worse than apple earpods (wired one).

    I rather use my earpods to listen to music if not in the gym.

  • Hi Crew, am I missing something seems to be coming to: $33.56

    Subtotal (1 item) AU $46.95
    Postage Free
    Discount -AU $5.00
    Vouchers/coupons -AU $8.39
    Order total AU $33.56

  • Do these ever fall out of your ear or are they good for running?

  • What do these pair as on the phone?
    The pair of wireless earbuds I have are "X2T" and the sound quality is "good enough" for the purpose, BUT regularly one side will drop out for a few seconds then come back.
    Wondering if other brands would have the same issue especially if they all use the same base chip.

  • Have a pair. Beyond awful base. Fine for pod casts.

  • Missed out. Can buy on similar price? Are they good to use for running or will they fall out?

  • mine stopped charging after 3 months…. going through paypal to get a refund.. :S

  • Got the T2S. Hoping these are better than my current TWS.

  • Back in stock. Just grabed one. Est delivery 9 oct. That is too long.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/484106

    Bought these instead. Around 10$ more but seems good on paper.

    1-APTX TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones

  • No other way to get free delivery? My plus trial ended :(

  • this will be better for me since i can't afford $200 for apple earpods and will learn how to not lose a wireless earphone :)

  • Does this work with iphone? Never use wireless earphone before.

  • There is a new version available QCY T3 TWS, can be found on Aliexpress. Or Haylou GT1 Pro!

  • Got 4 pair of X2T wireless earphone by chance, thought should be similar thing to these earphone. All of them is new, $10 each if anyone interested?

  • Whats the difference between the T2C and T2S, which is better?

    I bought the T2S cause the other was out of stock, so hope I made the right choice and payed extra for the better one?

  • it's $37.56 total

  • how do they compare to sound peats v.5?

  • It's been three days ans they haven't marked mine as sent. They're not responding to messages too.

  • 4c more expensive now.

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