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Canon EOS R RF 24-105 F/4L Kit $3609 Delivered @ Camera Warehouse


About the best price I've seen this camera/kit from a seller with genuine warranty (ebay sellers such as efinity are ~$3500). Looks like Canon is a lining up a reasonable sale, so other places may have it come up cheaper through the next week. Please do post them up if you find a better deal, quite tempted on this.

Eos R is a less thrilling body than the A7's and Z's, but it's solid, the lenses are good, and every Canon lens from roughly 1987 works and autofocus with the adapter. Recent firmware updates have shifted the focus system a little more into contender territory, and DPAF is good as always.

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    cheaper here for $3599 with free shipping with code - 'FREESHIP'



      Don't forget the Cash Rewards 1.4% to sweeten the deal ~$50…
      As mentioned in another post, there will be a game changer firmware update toward the end of September. See https://www.slrlounge.com/canon-eos-r-firmware-update-gets-s...
      Early review comment:
      In the end, they found the firmware update to be:
      “Pretty much comparable to Sony’s“
      “Far better than Nikon’s“
      “Much better than Fujifilm’s X and GF series”
      “Significantly better than Panasonic’s S1 and S1R series of cameras”

      Bold claim, but I will surely test it out.


        Fingers crossed. Canon has made amazing (and amazingly expensive!) RF lenses.

        Honestly, if I had the choice I'd buy the Panasonic S1. But the lens selection is limited, and incredibly expensive. Panasonic 70-200 f/4 priced above Canon's 2.8. A $3600 50 f/1.4. No thanks.


          LOL if I had the choice last November, I would have bought the Sony A7 III to replace my A7 II. But as luck would have it, I came across very good prices on the EOS R and the F4 zoom lens, alot less than the equivalent A7 III combination. The savings allowed me to get the RF adapter and the 35mm native lens as well. No regret in the last 10 months, I am happy that choice was made for me :-)


    Bought the same kit from Amazon back in May for ~$2700 (Sale price + shopback cashback + $500 Canon Cashback).

    Price has gone up now. I'd wait for a better sale.


    Images straight from this camera are soo goood and have a nice aesthetic. The camera feels very mechanical and responsive, similar to a dslr, which I felt the other cameras lacked. Bought this awhile back for similar price, with a z6 and a7riii. Returned the Nikon and Sony despite the EOSR being beat in the spec sheet.. YMMV


      Yep, it's a great camera. Many people just look at spec sheets as the be-all and end-all.
      Even better responsiveness with the latest firmware as well.


      Yeah, everyone who's genuinely used the camera has said the performance is great, even if the specs don't impress at first.

      It looks well built (though the Nikon and Panasonic are great in that regard), but it's nice and beefy too. I've got big hands. My a6000 is too small, and the a7's are a bit too small as well.

      The kit zoom looks awesome too. Although f/4, very sharp


      Canon's really going all-in with the RF system - despite how good the Sony system is and how great some of their latest lenses are, Canon really flexed its expertise with the RF 50/1.2, 85/1.2 and 28-70/2.

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