This was posted 10 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein 10lbs (4.5kg) $108.71 + Delivery @ Aminoz


Couple of Delivery options from $2.99 available as well!

Slightly cheaper than this deal if you dont want the shaker and a t-shirt!

Update: they have increased their price from $145 to $160 - Expired

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  • The ozbargain protein!
    Thanks OP

  • Decent price drop from the usual ~$125 for 10lb

  • Code shows me:
    Subtotal $144.95
    Discount (SN-190919-7N9-39-1108) -$36.24
    Shipping & Handling (Standard Shipping (Order Under $120) - Flat Rate [ETA: 20th-27th Sep]) $9.99
    You will earn: 119 Z points

    How do you get $108.71 op?

    • The title says $108.71 + delivery for me

      • Oh sorry my bad.
        However, Plain Packaging $2.99 delivery is not available.
        I am sure $2.99 should replace $9.99 flat rate.
        But it shows as $9.99 + $2.99
        looks like this after clicking Plain packaging…

        Subtotal $144.95
        Discount (SN-190919-7N9-39-1108) -$36.24
        Shipping & Handling (Standard Shipping (Order Under $120) - Flat Rate) $9.99
        Plain Packaging $2.99
        You will earn: 122 Z points

  • 5Kg of Bulk Nutrients concentrate is $97 delivered (plus you can get 5 diff flavours), don’t really see the value here.

    Scratch that - this is isolate.

    • +3 votes

      Scratch that again because the ON protein has 78.9% protein which is comparable to Bulk Nutrients WPC.

    • While this is called WPI, it's protein content is more like a WPC and WPI hybrid - fits somewhere in between. But if you don't mind the slightly higher carb content then this is widely thought to be the best mixing and tasting WP powder there is.

    • Taste wise bulk nutrients has some catching up to do.

    • Lol. Optimum Nutrition Gold is NOT isolate.

  • Amazon speciallll - where art thou

  • Hi OP, is there any deals for low sodium and low sugar beef jerky available?

    • Yes make your own. Beef jerky isn't that hard to make and you get far more then you get in those packs of processed crap. Taste way better to, if you have ever had proper jerky from a butcher you cant go back to this stuff.

    • Be keen to see who has tested all the artificial sweeteners in the different protein to show which ones have more or the $hit load as you suggest. The majority use them to make them drinkable, if that is a concern go get some natural protein but hold your nose while you drink it. Hey ON also do this one as a natural with 0 sweeteners and sugars if its so much of a concern.

      I know it (and others I enjoy) has sweeteners in them but I also want to be able to bear drinking them. If you are some sort of super-duper elite athlete that really needs to be without that then there are other options for you.

        • My friend, we live in DUMBEST time ever! You can serve these trendies whatever you want, just pump up the marketing and they'll swallow it all and ask can I get some more please. Only thing they care about when it comes to food is presentation, flavour and texture, nothing else. That's just food, not to go into other spheres of life.

  • Subtotal $160.00
    Discount (SN-190919-7N9-39-1108) -$40.00
    Shipping & Handling (FREE SHIPPING! - Free) $0.00
    You will earn: 120 Z points

    • They have increased their price! It was $145 for quite some time. Must have seen all the orders come through and then increased the price! Annoys me when they do it!

  • I know it's a blend of WPC/WPI, different product etc.. But Bulk Nutrients (and Blackbelt Protein too) really can't be beaten for value. 5kg of WPC for $99, with very similar protein / carb / fat ratio to the Optimum Nutrition, as well as the massive bonus of being able to choose different flavours for each kilogram of protein. Never hurts to support local Australian companies either. They also both have their own rewards programs and various deals at certain times, so i'd definitely check out either of those companies alongside ON.

    • I remember getting an email from bulk nutrients recently that their price of WPC will be going up soon

      • It's already gone up.
        I grabbed 2kg of WPC a couple of weeks ago for $45, it's now $49.

        Also factor in the $7 shipping…

    • If you don't care about flavours, Professional Whey's Australian WPC is probably the cleanest protein powder you will find. No artificial sweeteners or fillers and no soy lecithin. $95 for 5kg:

      • No artificial sweeteners but 11% sugar tho

        • That's not added sugar though. Most likely lactose from the whey. Less than 1 teaspoon of natural non-fructose sugar does not bother me in the slightest. Contrary to popular belief you actually need carbs with protein. It assists in insulin release which transports protein to the muscles faster. In fact, I add 50g of carbs in the form of Dextrose Monohydrate (a glucose-based sugar) to my protein shakes. You can also use Maltodextrin or Waxy Maize Starch. They don't put this stuff in protein powders because people don't like to see carbs and sugars in the ingredients list, but you actually need it to metabolize the protein.

          • @aldroid: Not quite. They don't put that stuff in because it's nonsense.

            The majority of studies have found that adding carbohydrates makes no difference. The ones that have found it makes a small difference were using tiny doses of protein (around 6g). To my knowledge (I'd love to be corrected if you know of one), every single study that used a more "normal" protein intake of around 20/25g found adding carbs made no difference at all.

            • @callum9999: Thanks callumm9999, I haven't read any studies on the matter. I find most studies to be biased one way or another. I'm just going on what many elite athletes do in my particular community. I have personally seen great results in strength gain and muscle recovery from adopting this method. But what you should do diet-wise is very dependent on the type of exercise you're doing. I train with a combination of high intensity and strength building movements 5-6 days a week so for me personally I need to keep the carb intake quite high. But if someone was doing a leisurely 2 hour bro sesh and not breaking a sweat then the carbs are probably not going to be as important.

              • @aldroid: No worries, but why do you find most studies "biased"? Especially when you don't actually seem to read them. That seems like a very dangerous attitude to hold as it effectively lets you completely ignore the science and just choose things you like while dismissing anything else as biased!

                How do you know you've seen great results? The entire reason why studies exist in the first place is that virtually no one is capable of accurately recognising that. Having studied biomedical science I can't think of any logical reason why that would be the case, and no study I could find verifies that.

                Eating extra carbs may be good for your specific routine, but it's not remotely required to metabolise protein - which was your original claim.

                • @callum9999: because many studies, particularly those in the medical field, are funded by companies who have a particular agenda. The entire "low-fat" movement has been an absolute disaster as far a world health is concerned and I'm pretty sure there were plenty of studies done on that before they decided it was a good idea. I do not believe that artificial sweeteners are safe despite the many studies that claim they are. Look, I'm 47 years old. I've been doing various forms of weight based training since my mid teens. I've tried various diets over the years (keto, paleo, macro, vegetarian). I've tried various supplements. For me personally, adding carbs to my protein intake has given me the most noticeable improvement in strength and muscle size compared to any other changes or variations to my diet. And I know many others who would agree. So to me this is more valuable than a study. I encourage everyone to play around with their diet. What works for one person may not work for someone else. But do not dismiss this until you have tried it for yourself. Cheers

                  • @aldroid: Again, how on Earth can you say that if you don't even read them? This is a classic example of a person trying to state their uneducated assumptions as fact. These studies are all peer reviewed by scientists who don't receive any funding from the companies you're alleging are bribing scientists to lie for them, and the methods and results are always clearly described so you can see for yourself whether there is bias or not.

                    I haven't remotely dismissed that you may personally benefit from consuming extra carbohydrates - quite the opposite in fact. Your claim that you need to eat extra carbohydrates after a work out in order to metabolise protein, however, is completely and irrefutably incorrect. Your entire argument is based on unreliable anecdotes so don't pretend you know the science - it's very clear you don't!

                    • @callum9999: I think it would be far more dangerous for me to accept scientific research as 100% fact. I choose you use common sense instead. I choose to not consume artificial sweeteners. I choose to not eat the low fat alternative. I choose to put carbs with my protein. What I am doing is far less dangerous than blindly accepting everything science tells me is safe. Don't you think?
                      Anyway, I apologize for incorrectly stating that carbs are required to metabolize protein. But you never know, in a couple of years the statement might be true and science might have worked out whether cholesterol is good or bad or both good and bad.

                      • @aldroid: I better go throw my Exercise Sports Science degree out the window then. Common sense prevails once again. There is a reason the scientific community now has to go through rigourous obstacles and peer review to ensure their studies are accurate nowadays. You literally have the same logic as the anti-vax community, your experience may be contrary to established scientific evidence, but does that make it the norm? No.

                        "For me personally, adding carbs to my protein intake has given me the most noticeable improvement in strength and muscle size compared to any other changes or variations to my diet." No shit, extra carbs is extra calories. However adding Dextrose or Malto may also eventually cause you to build an insulin resistance and has the implication of being bad for you long term. You know how we'd find out if that's the case? Through a scientific study. Crazy right.

                        We need that scientific evidence to determine what is safe and what isn't. If people go around adding random things to their diet, it could have adverse effects, hence why we go see our GP or a dietitian for that sort of advice, whose entire education is based off scientific evidence. So I don't see why you have some sort of allergy to accepting it as good information.

                        • @sigmarxism: Hi Sigmarxism, welcome to OzBargain. Any connection to Sigma Pharmaceuticals or are you a leftist wargamer?
                          Are you saying it would be safer for me to take protein powder that is loaded with artificial sweeteners (because scientific studies tell us that they are safe) than to add Dextrose to my protein as that “may” cause insulin resistance and be bad for me long term? Because that’s what I’m hearing and that is the attitude I would expect from GP’s and dietitians. They are merely agents of the system, brainwashed into believing everything they are taught through academia. Try leaving a GP or dietitian without a prescription for some drugs you don’t actually need. I have headaches - take paracetamol; I have shoulder pain - take ibuprofen; I’m depressed – take Zoloft; oh your cholesterol is high – take statins. Nobody is interested in treating the cause only medicating the symptoms. Do you think the medical/pharmaceutical/food industries want people to be healthy? Of course not, there’s no money in that.

                          • @aldroid: "They are merely agents of the system, brainwashed into believing everything they are taught through academia"

                            Bro you're absolutely correct. This is the reason why i insisted on dropping out of the school and learning traditional medicine. Come and ask me if you aren't well bro, i have recipe for anything and can cure even cancer. This doctor and so called scientist are just there to rip you off, they charged you arms and legs when you can cure cancer with stuff you can find in your kitchen. Trust me, unlike this people that spent years studying and doing stupid experiment. We actually use common sense and general knowledge that has been passed down since millennium ago..

          • @aldroid: Totally agree… I also use to add maltodextrin to my protein to get the best results. Its a well known fact for years in bodybuilding circles.

            Reason is, your glycogen stores get depleted after a hardcore workout. If you just drink protein after workout most of it will be used to replenish glycogen stores rather than muscle building.


    • I find VPA to have better flavours and range after having tried BN for a while. Every now and then they have 1 free kg so it works out pretty good. 6kgs of WPC for $104 delivered.

      • Hadn't heard of VPA before, but after having a look on their website they do have some pretty tasty flavours. Might have to give them a try for my next order

    • They don't even use Australian protein anymore for some of their range.

      I messaged and asked a while back, here is the response from BN.


      Thanks for getting in touch!

      Our normal WPC range is now sourced from the USA. It was getting tough to be able to source the amount of WPC that we needed from our Australian supplier so we had to make the switch. However, our Natural WPC range is still 100% Australian WPC from Warrnambool, Victoria. We've also recently moved to an Australian supplier for our Micellar Casein.

      Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

      Kind Regards,

  • Is there a link where Bulk Nutrient Whey has been studied by independent labs? Like MyProtein by labdoors? I am new to Australia and see that MyProtein is cheaper and better (as there is a third party study) than BN. Of course I understand that BN is an Australian owned company and needs to be supported, but most of their whey is anyway imported making no much difference I feel. What do you guys think of BN vs MP?

    • Can't speak for it on a scientific level, but would highly recommend this product in the way of mixability (lack of clumps) and taste. Definitely one of the more premium products.

      Bulk nutrients have been very nice to deal with as well, they've got a pretty interesting range and have had a good history with them.
      Hope that helps.

  • Is this a steroid?

  • Switched to MyProtein and haven't turned back.

    Always sales for approx 40% off and very well reviewed:

    • I tried both BN and MP and felt MP products were much better taste wise, price wise and quality wise(referring to labdoor). Of course when it comes to taste alone, ON will always remain one of my favorites.

    • Jesus. Myprotein is poison.

      • Legit, I am a noob and wants to know why.

        and why is this better than say chemist warehouse musashi that's going for half price right now?

        is it just the carb and the fat and the calories?

        I actually need more on carbs and calories, so which one should I be getting…

        • In very general terms you are paying for taste when it comes to protein powder. If you buy from a reputable brand the quality of the protein will all be about the same. The more expensive the protein powder, the better the taste. BN and MP use whey protein concentrate with flavour and colourings which, I find, results in a very clean taste. ON and more expensive protein powders will add other things in to make it taste better such as thickeners, creamers, different flavourings, etc.

          If you are willing to pay for taste get this protein powder and if you want something cheaper but just as effective then get MP when there is a big sale on (which happens every month.) Don't worry about getting carbs and calories from a protein shake, eat more food.

          • @Jacko1235: Thanks. I just got two huge bags of MP shipped when they have 40% off.

            The natural strawberry is pretty good. Also stumble upon Reddit with all the votes n stuff on flavor haha.

  • I used to use this years ago but always got really gassy and it basically came out as diarrhoea, sometimes painful. Did anyone else encounter this and find a different protein powder that didn't cause these side effects? I've recently got back into training.

  • Can vouch for Amino Z. Quick delivery.

  • How do I get referee 10$?
    I went through your link and created account now I'm at the checkout stage but still haven't received the referee 10$.
    with discount and registration I got 108.71 + free shipping

  • No whey! I've been wheyting for this one!

  • Thanks for posting. This is the cheapest optimum nutrition has been all year. Bought 3 of the 4.55kg bags.

  • Anyone who wants a one-time-use 20% off code can PM me, has to be used before Sunday. It's just a bit exey for me, even with a discount.

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