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Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB + Galaxy Watch Active (By Redemption) $59/m 30GB Data (24 Months) @ Optus


Was looking for a new phone, and stumbled upon this pretty crazy deal at Optus Cannington in Carousel.

The deal was offered as (for $69/M)

  • Free Choice of Case (I chose a Clear Galaxy S10e OTTERBOX Case)
  • Free Screen Protector
  • Free Wireless PowerBank (Mophie Charge Force Powerstation Wireless Powerbank)
  • Galaxy Watch Active redeemable online from Samsung

I'm pretty sure all of this is also offered for any S10 model.

I called/chatted online with Optus website before coming to the store, and none of them mentioned this deal. So it seems like a store specific deal.

Samsung - Optus Offer. Original deal
Optus - S10 & S10 Plus

Mod: Updated deal to $59/Month without the case, screen protector and powerbank which was added in store for an extra $10/month. See comment rend586.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    You can get the s10e from any Optus store on a promo $59 plan including 30gb, over 24m. Including the Actice watch. So yes, everything that's included in the OP.

    But the accessories you are paying for as a bundle. They just add them as a monthly cost ($10) to your plan rather than you paying up front.

    The 59 plan is not advertised. You will need to ask for it.

    • The 59 plan is on the website with the S10e for $0 a month

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        So it is! Must have added it recently. Wasn't there when I found out about the offer few days back.

        • A few phones are available on this plan actually I've noticed (some with a discounted handset fee)

          Note 9 128GB
          Pixel 3XL

  • Wa only…damn

  • Good deal if it was for the S10

  • The link in the pic might help! Now someone gift me this phone already :(


    Also link on Optus website!

  • Maybe good for 12m contract

  • A Participating Product is a product that is:
    (a) listed in Table A below; and
    (b) is purchased:
    a. from an Optus store, either outright or on an Optus phone plan; or
    b. from Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne or Domayne on an Optus phone plan.
    For completeness, a product listed in Table A that is purchased from Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne or Domayne not on an
    Optus plan is not a Participating Product and is therefore not eligible for this Promotion.

    Participating Product Name
    1 Galaxy S10e Green SM-G970FZGAOPS $1,199
    2 Galaxy S10e Black SM-G970FZKAOPS $1,199
    3 Galaxy S10e White SM-G970FZWAOPS $1,199
    4 Galaxy S10 128GB Prism Green SM-G973FZGAOPS $1,349
    5 Galaxy S10 128GB Prism Black SM-G973FZKAOPS $1,349
    6 Galaxy S10 128GB Prism White SM-G973FZWAOPS $1,349
    7 Galaxy S10 512GB White SM-G973FZWEOPS $1,699
    8 Galaxy S10 512GB Green SM-G973FZGEOPS $1,699
    9 Galaxy S10 512GB Black SM-G973FZKEOPS $1,699
    10 Galaxy S10+ 128GB Prism Green SM-G975FZGAOPS $1,499
    11 Galaxy S10+ 128GB Prism Black SM-G975FZKAOPS $1,499
    12 Galaxy S10+ 128GB Prism White SM-G975FZWAOPS $1,499
    13 Galaxy S10+ 512GB Black SM-G975FCKEOPS $1,849
    14 Galaxy S10+ 512GB White SM-G975FCWEOPS $1,849
    15 Galaxy Note10+ 4G Black SM-N975FZKAOPS $1,699
    16 Galaxy Note10+ 4G Silver SM-N975FZSAOPS $1,699

    Participating Retail Stores

    Harvey Norman
    (where the Participating Product is purchased on an Optus phone plan)
    Joyce Mayne (where the Participating Product is purchased on an Optus phone plan)
    Domayne (where the Participating Product is purchased on an Optus phone plan)

  • Ex Optus employee here, I love the free case part. The deal is $59 for the phone. What we use to do was get $240 of accessories and divide it by 24 making it $10 a month on your bill. Then tell the customer $69 plan and you get all these free accessories. Good times 😂

  • I'm using this phone, love the size for one handed use and the battery lasts me all day too.

    Pretty happy with my purchase.

  • S10 128GB showing as $89pm on 24 month plan. $720 extra over two years for a phone that's $150 more expensive…

    What am I missing?

  • Thanks, I am going for it. Coming from Iphone… Hopefully I do not regret it

  • Can you stack this deal with 3 months free in selected postcodes?

  • Anyone ordered and got their confirmation? I received a temporary order number via email checked on live chat today and they couldn’t find my order and recommended me order again through them…

  • I want to grab the s10e on $59 month plan and pay the $99 upgrade fee with my current optus phone that ive had for over a year… they said cant do the $99 upgrade to any promo plans…. which defeats the purpose who would do the $99 upgrade on any normal plan??? I only ever get phones contracts if there is a promo plan .. never ever have I got a phone from optus or telstra that hasn't been on some kind of deal…..

    oh well….

  • Got phone pretty happy with it coming from iPhone 6s. Anyone got the watch yet?

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