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Bosston B-450 450 Hardwood Pellet Smoker / Grill / Oven / BBQ $523 Delivered @ Appliances Online


Our algorithmic pricing has moved this popular Bosston smoker up to $674.
Use the OzBargain exclusive coupon code OZBBOSSTON to bring it back down to its previous low price of $523, including free delivery and free removal of your old barbie.
This deal ends Tuesday night, 24th September.

Our resident BBQ expert Russ recommends using Traeger wood pellets.
Russ will also be on hand if you have any questions regarding this smoker (or any bbq questions in general).

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  • +2 votes

    Has anyone bought this from the last deal at the same price and used it yet?

  • +5 votes

    This is the weirdest description of price jacking that I've ever seen

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    Hey OP, out of interest how often does your algorithmic pricing move the price of an item down?


      The algo runs daily, testing different price points for almost all of our products on a regular basis.

      To answer your question, prices go up as often as they go down. When a product is new to the algorithm, you'll see some big price swings because the algorithm doesn't have enough experience with the new model to know what is a good price range for the product, so it might try an absurdly low price or absurdly high price. As the algorithm has more history for a product, it will move the price less and less often as it finds a more stable and optimal price range. This can all change though if variables change or if the business changes the objective for the algorithm (e.g. turning the dial towards more profit or the other way, towards more sales volume).

      To give you an example, sometimes random variables will really screw with the algorithm, like when one of our staff created a new product bundle (a bundle is when you combine two or more existing products into a new SKU) but without giving it a cost price (i.e. cost = $0), it thought our KitchenAid Mini Mixer bundle had zero cost, so the price testing kept on going lower and lower and lower until someone on OzBargain found it and we sold 190 in one night: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/334946?page=1#comment-5165...

      Disclaimer: That was a crude and probably error-riddled description of the pricing algorithm from what our machine learning geeks have explained to me.
      My real-world experience with machine learning is limited to watching The Great Hack and AlphaGo on Netflix.


    Your Traeger range doesn’t appear to include the Ironwood models, are you planning to stock those in the future?


    It was actually $20 cheaper last time because you could use the code "spring2019" and get $20 of to make it $503.

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