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Surfshark VPN 80% Cashback (New Customers Only) @ Cashrewards


Was looking around for a VPN deal after missing out on the NordVPN cashback deals.
Looks like a good deal at ~$20 (will vary on US$ rate) for 3 years. Follow the link from Cashrewards and the code "3yoffer" will be automatically applied. 3 Year VPN $99.99 @ Surfshark Original deal

Second best rated VPN on both thebestvpn and vpnranks


  • Unlimited devices and data support
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Access to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, SkyGo, BBC and many other streaming sites
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Native apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari (coming soon)
  • Access from highly restricted networks and regions
  • Industry-leading protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2
  • HTTP over SSL/TLS browser proxy
  • Optimized for streaming and fast content delivery
  • 1000+ servers in 56 countries
  • IP address masking, Zero-Knowledge DNS, IPV6 leak and WebRTC protection
  • CleanWeb™ (ad blocker and tracker stopper)
  • Whitelister™ (to enable specific apps to bypass the VPN)
  • MultiHop™ (connection via two countries for extra security)

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days

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  • If I get his can I turn on VPN on my laptop or mobile then stream YouTube to my tv through Chromecast?

    • From my understand Chromecast is region locked so even though your laptop/mobile has vpn on, your Chromecast might not play the YouTube video if it’s not available in your region.
      The only way around this is setup your router/virtual router with the VPN.

      • Is it easy to setup and can I turn on and off the vpn by clicking a button?

      • What I think he means is that he will run the VPN on his laptop and then run screen share through the Chromecast to mirror the YouTube content that he is watching on his laptop. This would work as all your Chromecast is doing is mirroring your display onto the tv, I've done it before.

        Downsides is that it won't display smoothly like it would if you were watching the video on the laptop itself and screen sharing doesn't have enough bandwidth, you end up with half the framerate.

  • Bs I just purchased 3 days ago…

  • $99.99 AUD Nice.

  • Does it have any server in China? Any recommendations for connecting to China?

    • No. Afaik it’s quite unlikely that reputable VPNs can have Chinese servers due to the situation there. Only some government approved VPNs can provide service there.

  • Nice deal. Works out at just $20 for 3 years ($6.66/year). Ran speed test and was nearly as fast as not having VPN!

    What I like about this deal: Unlimited devices + heaps of Australian servers
    What I don't like: Whitelister™ - Allow specific apps & websites to bypass the VPN. Works great with mobile banking apps.
    Whitelister feature doesn't work at all! I've tried many VPNs that claim to have this feature (split tunneling) and none of them have worked except ExpressVPN.

  • Can I use this for Netflix on my Android tv unlike nord?

    • Only if your Router your TV connects thru can be configured as a client to use the VPN tunnel

      • You can use SmartDNS also. Some info here

        • Thanks for the feedback guys, my modem/router doesn’t have e openvpn so that’ smart dns feature interests me. Anyone here using it for their android tv and can confirm it works? Already have nord and thinking about this one but don’t wanna be stuck with two vpns that don’t suit my purpose

    • I use VPN unlimited on my shield tv, works well for Netflix and if you buy through android authority, it's around $40US for lifetime subscription. Downside is their servers don't have enough bandwidth for 4k, but works well for Netflix US content at 1080p

  • Ive got this last night and can confirm it works with Netflix on my PC and phone.

  • Do I need to pay $20 or $99 on this promo?
    Every time going to the vpn website from cash rewards it asks to pay $99.99 plus aus vat $10

  • No 3 year plan ?? Am I missing something.

    • Have you followed the link on Cashrewards? OP also said there's a coupon code 3yoffer so try using that.

      • Coupon didn’t apply automatically even though I went through cashrewards link. I have to use the code given manually. Hope I will get the cash back


    between NordVPN and this one, which is better ?

  • Has anyone received notification from cash rewards yet that the transaction tracked?

  • Firefox just released a VPN. Free for limited time. Seems ok

    • So, all region-blocking content providers will know whom to blacklist first?

      • True, BBC iPlayer blocks its connection, But US Netflix can be streamed in firefox browser at this point in time

  • I been running the Android app for a couple of days and this vpn is rock solid. It just does not drop out at all! I turn it off to cast and if I pause the video the vpn kicks back in. I like it a lot so far.

    I have only just loaded it on the computer but so far so good. It is faster than Pia.

  • When I went to link it’s only giving 2 year option and 66 aud a yearl.

  • Worked fine for me. Hoping to get the cashback soon. Thanks OP!

  • I tried just now so not sure what’s going on

  • Can anyone tell me if optus sport works with this? NORD isn't allowing optus sport :(
    Hoping to find an alternative.

  • Chatted with SurfShark support - they claim complete independence from other VPN providers and infamous Windscribe tweet (claiming they resell NordVPN) is false.

  • Sweet. 80% Cashback on snake oil!