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[NSW] AGL Electricity and Gas New Customer Sign up Offer - $200 Account Credit + Google Home Mini


Saw this deal on agl website.
Good deal with $100 credit on Electricity and $100 on Gas.
Also you get a free google home mini.

$100 for electricity and $100 for gas (GST incl.). Available to NSW residential customers. Basic plan information documents are published here. Limit of one Google Home Mini per supply address. Customers who exercise their cooling off rights are not eligible to receive the device. Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC. This Google Home Mini offer is an AGL Connect Bonus and is subject to the AGL Connect Bonus offer terms and conditions

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  • Quite a lot more expensive than my Origin plan.

  • For me it says "Available to QLD residential customers". So not just NSW.

  • grrr. it was $75 when i switched plans yesterday :(

  • Good deal.

  • Electricity provider switching is the new sim port.

    Fyi. I looked up SA and that gives $75 credit + flybuys points minimum.

    Call them direct and say I want your best rate, you get one chance to beat (say Lumo or whoever). They always give me something better than advertised.


    No mini for Vic, but $210 back over 2yrs


    Who can sign up to this offer?
    Selected residential customers in NSW, QLD, SA and WA who sign up to an eligible AGL energy plan between 19 August 2019 and 30 November 2019, while stocks last.

  • Avoid AGL all together, most dishonest suppliers in the market. The amount of interventions they have had with the electricity ombudsman should be a fair warning to all. Biggest scammers on the market from fixing meters to overcharging households that weren't even customers.

  • So getting the credits and the free home mini doesn't bind you into any contract? You can still cancel after you first bill?

    • Around $20 per month, not $200 upfront.

      • It’s $100 upfront (applied at first bill), then $20 every 6 months for 2 years. This is for each of electricity and gas.

        • This is a one-off (GST incl.) credit which will appear on your first bill when you sign up online. Customers are eligible for only one upfront credit on an account in any 12-month period. This credit is not transferable.

          Is what it says for me, nothing about $20 a month.


      correct, but you'll miss out on ongoing credits

  • How'd Lumo and Origin compared to AGL?
    Are there that much cheaper?


      depends on your state & location within state, each distributor zone is different pricing usually.

  • I left AGL in 2008. Called up today and apparently I'm not eligible for new customer promotions as my account from 11 years ago is still in their system!

    • don't know about the mini, but you can still get the sign up credits if you haven't received any in the last 12 months

  • Just an FYI - This '$100 credit' is a $20 credit on first bill, plus $20 every 6months over 2 years. Plus a Google mini. I didn't really want one..so found out..

    There is also an 'EV plan' that gives $60 bill credit every 3 months for 2 years. So $480 credit over 2 years! (sign up online only - and exactly the same actual rates as this essential plus plan).


    That's probably a deal in itself!

    *Note -I have an electric car, but their 'check system' seemed pretty simple (dropbox, list your car). But, only just signed on today, will wait to see if they call up and ask for more verification.

    Simply Energy were also throwing $260 bonus.