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Favourite general medicine textbook?
02/12/2019 - 16:36
Cartridges r like $300 dollars, lol. Printer is pretty much worthless
26/11/2019 - 09:57
Only getting $251 as the lowest price, similar to ebay price of $264. Not much of a discount considering thats the standard price on ebay...
25/11/2019 - 21:48
Thanks Chat, i'll have a read. I was hoping the top spec model was going to be less than $40,000 considering the top spec model in India is...
10/11/2019 - 20:58
Finally someone actually thinking of buying the car. So the options im looking at is either the sports plus 2.0l or GT-line 1.6l in cherry...
10/11/2019 - 17:59
Went down to the dealership yesterday and took both the 2.0L sports plus and 1.6l Turbo Gt-Line for a ride. Didn't notice much difference...
10/11/2019 - 11:31
Bought this model about 2 months ago for the same price, i don't see any discount whatsoever.
08/11/2019 - 20:25
Hey thanks, i had a look and all of it is just discussion about the prospect of the car or the mention of the website price.
05/11/2019 - 18:28
Was thinking the samething. A lot to pay for the top of the range that can compare to a toyota or even a Mazda
05/11/2019 - 13:40
Hey Guys, i'm considering buying a Kia Seltos, has anyone bought one and what do they think of it. Also What price were they able to...
05/11/2019 - 10:41
Just realised the direction is wrong. Woops
24/10/2019 - 17:33
According the to NSW roads and safety. The green car has right away, not the red. The dotted line signifies a type of giveaway sign....
24/10/2019 - 08:48
Yeh theres heaps of sites with the switch lite cheaper than $300 dollars. This is just product pushing, with no deal in sight.
19/10/2019 - 11:17
A quick google search, came up with this. It's even cheaper than $300 dollars i said. I recently had a skip bin...
16/10/2019 - 22:35
What a rip of price for a 500kg skip bin. You can get a 2,000kg skip bin for $300 dollars and this price is horrible.
16/10/2019 - 20:34
Careful guys theres a green snake trapped inside of it. If you overuse it, it will get out.
12/10/2019 - 22:33
Coupon code says "It can only be used 800 times"
07/10/2019 - 09:34
On the other hand they make billions from shuffling money, lol. Most worthless types of business on the planet.
21/09/2019 - 15:26
Avoid AGL all together, most dishonest suppliers in the market. The amount of interventions they have had with the electricity ombudsman...
21/09/2019 - 15:24
The company is shutting down after raising 200 million in venture capital. The company sounds dodgy as, i wouldn't trust their products...
29/06/2019 - 15:49
Thanks for the information, i'm happy with my xiaomi vacuum.
13/05/2019 - 15:44
woops bad upload, fixed it, Keep it to yourselves.
15/07/2018 - 23:27
I have uploaded the letter and i work for a developer in the construction industry
15/07/2018 - 23:17
A negative point of view for me to experience, the only benefit i could get from it is getting maybe 2 days a week to work from home to...
15/07/2018 - 23:15
[@try2bhelpful](/comment/6155900/redir): in the first 5 months i had a male and manager and he was great he showed me all this new stuff to...
15/07/2018 - 23:14
Christy Bambi replied to DisabledUser236935 on Workplace Warning Letter from Manager
Yeh it seems like that for me. I did confront her once when she had moved my desk and she came up with a sly reason saying "to improve...
15/07/2018 - 23:12
she is a heavy smoker. Hand them a copy of the letter is hilarious, my colleagues will be rolling on the ground.
15/07/2018 - 22:48
The only thing is this job ain't work lodging a legal case against her. I don't want it to harm any of my future jobs as it is a very...
15/07/2018 - 22:44