This was posted 10 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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6x 80pk Curash Soothing Baby Wipes Aloe Vera & Chamomile $10 @ Reject Shop


Really good price for Curash wipes, much better than most home brand wipes like Dri-bots, Mamami, colesworth ones, almost same price.

I don’t think I’ve seen them at $10 before.

On a side note, Pringle’s sweet chilli sour cream and BBQ sausage 130gr are only $1 too.

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  • This item seems helpful for non baby sized humans

  • "much better than most home brand wipes like Dri-bots, Mamami"

    Your opinion only (and everyone is entitled to it).

    But personally went from Curash to Mamia, and won't be going back.

    • The Plastic lid falls off the packets half way through… won't be buying the Aldi things again.

    • Curash baby wash - if a drop got in my son's eye it weeped for days with puss.

      Curash wipes - the WORST nappy rash ever! Thank god for sudocream!

      Aldi water baby wipes are $6.99 a box and have worked well. Huggies wipes worked well too but we bought 20 boxes when they were $2 a pack back in March. All ran out now and won't even pay $4 a pack for them.

      Dri-bots work too, but we use them as a convenience thing like spills etc. We also keep a pack in the pram for emergencies. At $1 a pack it's very convenient and no nappy rash or any adverse reactions. They are a smaller wipe though and not as thick, so for poo explosions I wouldn't recommend.

      • Your babies must be teenagers by now or something, Aldi hasn’t had boxes for 6.99 for a decade or more I think.

        Dri bots are also not a dollar a pack, best you can get is 6 packs for 9.

  • I don't know if they are any better. As I find them quite thin last time I've used them. But same price as WW one so would try then again.

    How much are the aldi ones?

  • These ones have a scent like an old ladies perfume. Got a sample from the Amazon baby wish list.

  • We've stopped using scented wipes and find the water based wipes are better for their skin.
    Could just be our little fella of course.

    • When I was a fresh dad, I went to a baby expo. Water Wipes (the expensive water based wipes company that sells 80 packs for $6 each or 6 pack for $30 (or something stupid) told me, their wipes are the best coz its 100% water. Others contains chemicals.

      Obviously being a new dad water seems better than chemicals.

      But the commerce inside me wonders, which chemicals is cheaper to obtain/use than water? All water is comes from a tap, no logistics, warehousing, ordering supplier management etc. It just on tap.
      Why is it that "other" wipe companies put "so many yucky chemicals" in their product, if not for profit?

      my mind still boggles.

      • Just buy fragrance free

        • Yep I normally do, we normally use dri-bots ($9 target home brand). But after trying curash from baby gift box curash wipes were definitely thicker feel.

          Now just coz it felt thicker didn’t mean I would pay a 50% premium lol, but for 15 cents more a pack, I’d cough up.

    • Nothing wrong to sticking with what works

  • Read the ingredients in these before using on your babies.. these are terrible.

    • So why do they put that stuff in? Cost cutting, profit driven mutlinationals that tries to sneak in the 1% chemicals to cut costs?

      • Because people are easily scammed into thinking something is good. At birthing class they will tell you that a plain wipe and water is actually the best thing for a baby.

        In an ABC TV series called The Checkout they do some short clips called 'As a guilty mum' which shows many others scams targeted toward new parents

        Toddler formula is another scam that average mum and dad fall for. Toddlers should not have formula unless they have a proper medical condition.

  • Pringle’s sweet chilli sour cream and BBQ sausag

    Is that flavour good?

    • Chili sour cream is pretty good for me, the BBQ sausage is a little salty for me.

      I've eaten like 6 cans of sour cream (before rthey were even a buck each)

  • That is cheap - it's $12 at Catch for example.

    A similar Curash product (Fragrance Free - the pink one) was on sale at Coles recently for $2.50 a pack so assuming you're fine with this flavour, it would appear to be a bargain!

  • These wipes are great for anything except for babies. Don't be fooled thinking the added aloe vera and chamomile is a good thing. No pediatrition would recommend these wipes.

    • No pediatrition would recommend these wipes.

      Which brand have you been recommended?

      • Which brand have you been recommended?

        No brand specifically, just any water based wipe thats free from additives and chemicals

    • I’m not fooled adding those things are good, I’m not convinced they are bad, they are just wiping away poo and piss after all.

      These wipes just happen to feel thicker than the usual run of the mill. Similar to Huggies, feels great, but usually heft price tag.

  • Huggies wipes are currently $3 a pack if you're after wipes with a handful less ingredients and without phenoxyethanol. We use these wipes for the sloppy nappy changes before their bath.

    • At $3 a pack, half price, its still almost double the price of these, or home brand ones.

      I’ve used buggies, they do feel thicker, but I can’t justify throwing $10 down the drain every few weeks for wiping away poo.

      • Yes, they cost more. I find the less chemicals baby wipes have, the more expensive they are.
        The Huggies wipes mentioned don't have the controversial phenoxyethanol in them.

  • Are they flushable?.

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