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Eufy HD 2 Camera & Home Base Security Kit (T8801CD2) - $484.03 + Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Stumbled across this Eufy Cam setup on Good Guys eBay.


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    Thanks OP - picked this up for $413 after combining with this deal - just need to add something worth $1

  • Same price at JB. So i dont think it is price error. Thanks op

    • Ahh good call!

  • Posting this again until they fix it.

    Beware about purchasing this system. It has a major flaw that won't allow recording locally if the internet is down.

    It won't continue recording if the internet is down or it gets disconnected from the network.

    It's ridiculous considering that one of its major features is the local recording capability.


    • Not sure if they have made any changes recently but we had a planned power outage on the 8th of September which meant we lost power to the homemade and also internet (NBN).

      Upon power being restored we had a influx of notifications from the eufy app and I could see recordings that were recorded during the power outage.

      • The problem is coming only when homebase connects to router but router is offline.

        Your case has been tested and it worked well when power and internet are down as same time.

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  • i have the 4 camera system and i absolutely love it. It gives the missus peace of mind and now i don't have to get up and check the house at 3am everytime she hears a bang.

  • do the cameras connect to my wifi network or to the homebase.
    ie can I use my home WIFI (already have mesh network to cover the distance/ walls etc) to extend range or am I limited by the range of the homebase?

    2nd qn if I buy 2 sets (as I need 4 cameras( can I mesh them to extend range or will I just have an extra homebase to sell?

    • I dont own it as I have just bought today. From what I read about it, the cameras will connect to the homebase, and you must connect the homebase to your router by using Ethernet for first time setting up, then the homebase can be connected by wifi.

      Based on comments from other thread, you can buy 2 sets to have 4 cameras, and just sell the extra homebase.

    • So the cameras connect to the homebase which then connects to the modem/router by LAN but can be connected by wifi.
      I'm not 100% sure but the app seems to support having multiple homebase stations, so I am fairly sure you could mesh the second homebase station.

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      camera connect to homebase, homebase connect to router through wifi or cable. if you want to extend range from camera to camera, you may need extra home base. i don’t have extra homebase, but base on the app, you can have multiple homebase.

      • This is correct, I have 2 homebase which I use to connect cameras to the nearest one for maximum wireless range. The app shows all the cameras together

  • Great price! I paid $592 for mine previously, using the eBay Plus 15% off. Looks like the price has dropped significantly now

    Cameras have been working well, no issues with the Android app

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