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$45.91 off $250, $91.83 off $500 AUD @ eBay UK (e.g. Wish Card, eBay Gift Card & Others)


Greetings everyone, just spotted this over at HUKD.

You can get a discount off sitewide @ eBay UK and works on gift cards!

The coupon on another item listing states that the expiry is midnight 22/9/2019 GMT, which should be 10AM 23/9/2019 unless otherwise cancelled.

Updated to just put the best discount

eBay Gift Card
Woolworths Wish Card
Other Wish Card Listing with $250
Paypal Digital Gifts Store

Available $200 value eBay Gift Cards thanks to ozzbargainer.

Wish Card Listings with $100 Availability:

Dan Murphy's
Big W

You will need to make a new account if you don't have an eBay UK account yet. And then put a UK address as your primary address when you sign up and change it to Australia afterwards to be able to add the gift cards to cart.

Coupon Terms and Conditions

Can also use Cashrewards to possibly get a further 0.75% back, however seems to exclude gift cards.

As always, enjoy!

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  • +3

    Sounds like a weight watchers deal smh

  • Does anyone know if you can use ebay gift cards to buy other gift cards?

    • +3

      you cannot

    • tried, cannot use au gift card to purchase from uk site

    • +19

      U N L I M I T E D. M O N E Y

    • +2

      @123bargain dodgyness at its best.

  • +1

    Does it have to be on the app?

    • +3

      Ahh no it doesn't, have removed that out of the description, thanks!

  • +7

    No, just bought $600 worth of eBay gift card for $508.17 on my computer. 15% off, thanks OP!

    • Wait really? That's awesome!

      • Yeah, I'm seeing the same in the cart, have a mix totalling $600 and after d/c is AU $508.17

    • Thanks mate

    • +8

      Yes i was going to buy $925, then saw your post and dropped to $600, for some reason discount remains at $91.83.

      Looks like the system see 500 AUD and thinks it qualifies as 500 pounds.

  • Has anyone got a (better) way of keeping track of all these e-gc's we keep buying? I mean the ebay ones, woolies ones just get added to the app.

    I'm losing track of how much I have πŸ˜‚

    • +12

      Excel spreadsheet?

      • Free Google sheets if you're too tight to have bought MS office through one of the deals published here

        • +1

          I can get office 365 free thru work, google sheets I'd been using for ages but not so friendly on the mobile, will see what Excel looks like

      • Thanks for the reminder, will try it on the mobile.

    • +8

      You can use my Google spreadsheet, more than happy to share.πŸ˜‰

      • +9

        thanks, does it have your GC codes too?

    • +2

      Google Pay has a gift card feature, we add Coles egift cards to it & update the current balance.

    • +2

      I use the stocard app

    • @nismo if you are lodging track, you probably have too many.

      • Correct! But I am starting to use them ;)

  • $1k GCs for AU $908.17

    Thanks OP

    • +7

      You paid too much.

      • +6

        Realized that after the fact but it's ok still a discount.

        • you are right. It's better than nothing.

  • +14

    AU$500 of gift cards for AU$408.17

    Paypal SMS-ed to confirm it was a legit transaction..

    • WTF!

        • +1

          Awesome, just got it too, this is glitched lol!

          • @doweyy: Just grabbed a second lot, 2x $200 + a $100 = $408.17

            The second order went through ok but it says:
            "Your payment is pending."
            tick tick tick, hopefully it goes through..

            • @FLICKIT: Same second order also pending.

              Didn't checkout with Amex, worked straight away with St. George.

              • +1

                @oldmate78: My second order of 3 was cancelled, no surprise due to the 5 card limit… so I placed a new second order for a $200 and a $50 which cost $204.09…

                So total is $750 for $612, a 18.4% saving…

                • +1

                  @FLICKIT: Literally same thing for me, second order disappeared.

                  I did 150+100. Working it appears

      • +19

        You called ?

        • Assume you're talking about the "pending payment" on my second order… No, and it's outside normal business hours for ebay UK:

          "Sorry, we're currently closed. Please contact us during our normal working hours:
          Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm , Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm"

          Probably safe to assume the payment for the second 3 hasn't gone through because I've ordered 6 total… Oh well… If they cancel it I'll buy a couple of $250 Wish cards if there's any left by then…

    • +1

      got this too, best saving in ages

      • Damn didnt see this until too late

    • Same..
      Good deal.

    • got the pending payment thing, i never got paypal sms?

  • +2

    What the hell, bought $500 Wish gift card for $408.17, seems like that's the maximum discount!And can buy multi pule time!

    • +2

      Except for the annoying 5 gift card per 10 day limit

      Only had 100 buck wish ones left so no double dipping :/

  • where to add the code? is that "add vouchers"?

  • +1

    Just bought a $250 woolies card for $204.09. Quite the discount!

  • Thanks Op! Got few GCs.

  • +1

    Bought $500 for $408.17

  • +1

    Thanks OP, always comes in handy

  • i purchased on the last deal on the 12th.. not 10 days yet so cant buy again :(

    • I didn't realise there is a restriction, what's that about?

      • You can only buy 5 gift cards every 10 days

        • +1

          5 eBay gift cards or 5 gift cards of all retailers? I bought 2x eBay and 3x eWish on the 12th, bought 3 eBay GCs today, and got the codes

        • +4

          You know you can just use a different email right ? at least thats what the rest of us are doing :)

  • +27

    Thanks,OP! 10% Saving!

    I hope ATO will let pay my tax with the Ebay Gift cards instead of their preferred itunes gift cards as a payment.

    • Legend haha :D

    • Call and ask them! Or you can wait for them to call u and ask them politely. I am sure they will accept. :)

    • +3

      I offer a dollar for dollar conversion service for people with your needs. Send me the eBay gift card, along with tax details, and I'll convert it to iTunes AND even hand the tax in for you.

      A bit of good will, giving back to the OzBargain community πŸ‘

    • I've got a mate in the ATO's Nigerian office that can organise it for you. Just PM me the codes off the gift cards and I'll get him to take care of it for you. :-P

      • I heard about if you talk to the store manager of Woolies before you buy gifts cards for tax purposes he/she can pull a few strings to minimise the amount U would otherwise pay.

    • Wait what? I just paid mine last week with iTunes Gift Card and won’t be going to jail any soon.

  • Crazy, again! Buy!Buy!Buy!

  • +1

    Officeworks eftpos for those interested


    • Weird. I only got 18.97 off

    • Need to do 3 x$200 for full discount

    • Thanks Clem. This bypassed the limit of 5 paypal digital gifts. Do you know if they're sent registered?

      • +1

        It's sent by officeworks staff/courier they msg you before delivery

    • +1

      sold out?
      im seeing zero avail

    • is this safe? since we can't do click and collect?

  • So looking at the t&c this can only be used once and not 3 times like the last UK deal right?

    • +3

      No, you get 3 uses of the code, as per

      The maximum discount you may receive is Β£50 per redemption and you are limited to three redemptions

      • Thanks, need my morning coffee haha

        • I was worried enough myself to re-read it a few times to make sure πŸ˜‚

  • can you stack this with discount codes on ebay AU e.g. bing lee / myer?

    • Yes

  • Can we use gift cards as method of payment at during ebay "20% off sales"?

    • +1

      Yes they stack

    • +1


    • +1


    • Yes

  • +6

    Anyone having this issue?

    We can't process your payment. Please select a different payment method or check your payment details.

    • yes for credit card

      paypal worked

    • +5

      Yes, after 3 purchases now can't purchase any more. Can't use paypal and won't work when add my CC details manually

      • +2

        Yeah Paypal doesn't work anymore for any of my UK accounts. Hoping it's a temporary block otherwise would have to call up for next time >_>

    • +2

      Getting that message as well. Tried switching from chrome to firefox and my CC worked.
      EDIT: nvm JUST GOT

      "Sorry, your recent payment for the item(s) below did not go through.

      Please return to eBay to send your payment again"

      • +1

        Thanks for the tip! Changing to Edge worked for me after all the usual error messages.

        edit: yeah mine just bounced as well haha. oh well just the one purchase this time.

      • Rang paypal, took like 5 minutes and they lifted the block.

    • +7

      Call up paypal, apparently the transaction is flagged as suspicion, i got them to over ride it once but no luck the second time

      • I did this too. Worked well. Trying my luck second time now :)

    • +1

      Getting the same error. Trying to pay with Paypal and 2 different credit cards

      • +3

        I originally had that error when linking PayPal at checkout. I ended up opening ebay uk on desktop version (classic version), added my paypal account in the payment details section then it let me check out.

        • Thanks, but unfortunately didn't resolve the issue

          • +1

            @CheckMateWin: Had to call Paypal to resolve the issue on their end, after that payment succeeded!

    • +1

      Changed browser from Chrome (on mobile) to ie (on tablet) - worked with PayPal.
      Only could place 1 order for 5 x $100 - then hit limit of 5 purchased every 10 days

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