SIS Sport ‘Champions Sale’ up to 70% off Clearance Items + $15 off Code (Min Spend $60)


Range of discounts on clearance items also save $15 on all orders over $60 with code : CHAMPS

SIS sports protein bar bundle reduced from $28.00 to $18.20 -35% off

I spent over $60 and got free shipping, I can’t find the minimum spend for free shipping.

Enjoy them gains fellow oz-bar-gainers

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    Is this old stock they are clearing? How is the their quality? Any banned substances in the ingredients?

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      Clearly stated on their web site is that all their products are triple tested for banned substances but if you want more information you will just have to go to their web site and read it for yourself.

      But if your question is a veiled attempt to elicit a response re banned substances then I guess you must be one of the many people who are finding their supply drastically reduced due to recent police activity.


        I am just new to these sports supplement world and heard so many different views about having supplements. Anyways, 5 boxes of protein bars are ordered. Thanks, OP.

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          Cool - no problems. I was just overcome by my Norwegian side.

          Good luck with your research then. Some advise I could give would be:

          • Treat what 'experts' say as interesting but not gospel and verify for yourself.

          • Cheapest usually doesn't mean the best and conversely the most expensive also doesn't mean the best.

          • Supplements are UNREGULATTED so a company can add 0.0001% of an ingredient to a product and advertise the product as a great supplement based on that ingredient. Also as they are unregulated you really have to be careful as to what FILLERS are being added!

          • Protein - albumen (egg), whey (milk - various versions, incl casein), soy (various versions), pea, rice, hemp, … there are many different protein sources and some have many different variations. Don't let anyone tell you that one type of protein is better than another type. For example whey and soy are both great sources but have different amino acid compositions which can benefit different people or different training requirements. Albumen (egg) protein has the highest complete amino acid complex but is not vegan and tastes terrible by itself. Then you need to consider the source of the protein. Whey for example, if the milk is sourced from grass feed cows whom are not hormone treated, the resulting whey has a lot more macronutrients with the protein. Then there's taste, mixability, brand loyalty.

          • Sugar. Avoid all simple sugars period! Simple sugars include glucose (dextrose), fructose, and galactose and their variations. Table sugar is sucrose (a bond of glucose and fructose). But not all sugars are bad for you if consumed when needed eg milk which contains lactose (a bond of glucose and galactose). An example is the energy drinks, powders, gels, etc, that endurance cyclists consume which contain Maltodextrin (produced from partial hydrolyses of a special variety of Maize). And don't confuse sugars with carbohydrates.

          • Fat. Now fat is not a bad thing and in fact it is an excellent source of energy and without it your body's endocrine (hormone) system would not work. Just be aware there are bad fats that everyone should avoid - do your own research.

          The SiS web site that this offer is from has a lot of info from a lot of athletes from various sports. Just click on the Athlete Advice on the top right-hand corner. Again, remember that the info will have references to SiS products and you are reading accounts by athletes so keep that in mind.


    This is straight from the email I received. Note that in the email it states "Extra $15 off all orders over $30 with code: CHAMPS" but in the small print further on is the comment "Promo code CHAMPS. Minimum spend $60.

    Also free delivery on orders over $70 and that's applied before the discount code is added!


    UP TO 50% OFF + EXTRA $15 OFF

    In setting a new world record for the 100m breastroke in South Korea, Adam Peaty has cemented his place as one of our champions for 2019.

    To celebrate we’ve launched our Champions sale with up to 50% off a huge range of products:

    + EXTRA $15 off all orders over $30 with code: CHAMPS

    Promo code CHAMPS. Minimum spend $60


    Got enough for free delivery and the discount. Cheers


    not bad. 5kg for $60. But crappy flavour of Pineapple and Coconut.