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100% Merino T-Shirt $20 (RRP $109) + $9.95 Delivery ($0 with $50 Order) @ Merino and Co


Merinoandco.com.au is doing a sale at the moment, their 100% Merino T-shirts on sale for $20 each.

Merino fabrics are highly regarded because its a natural fibre and its anti-bacterial, breathable, sweat wicking (hence you don't have to wash it as often as say cotton fabrics). They are great for travelling or just everyday use. I own a Navy crew T-shirt for 6 months now and loving it, I paid $69 previously :(

If you are a new registered customer you can use the WELCOMEMERINO for $20 off for order over $50.

I bought 3 crew T-shirts for $40 shipped super happy!

Men merino crew T-shirt
Men long sleeve polo shirt
Men long sleeve top

All sale items (including women's)

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  • +12

    The largest size available in any colour is small .. this could have been a good deal

    • I find XS too large for me going for the XXS

      • What are you 5’2 it says their XS is 92cm chest while river island XS is about 81-86cm

      • how tall are you and how much do you weight (if its not too rude to ask?).

  • Plus $9.95 postage.

    • +4

      FREE Standard Shipping - enter code ENDSEASON

      • Yeah free shipping if you spend certain amount. I paid $40 for 3 shirts shipped!

        • how is the cut on these? not too tight under the arms?
          Icebreaker changed the cut of their shirts so I don't buy them anymore.

          • @bohn: I don’t buy from Ice breaker because it’s very expensive. Not tight around the around which you would expect for a classic cut.

  • Any one wear Merino in summer?

    • Yes you can wear Merino in summer actually its better than cotton as it can wick the sweat

      • +21

        Nope. I tried this in Asia and I really suffered. Merino just doesn't breathe as well as cotton and I found myself only wearing them on laundry days. The only benefit is that they don't stink up like cotton t-shirts so you can wear them many more times that a cotton t-shirt (but you feel much hotter).

        I really can't recommend them for anything more than spring weather when you really don't want to wear a jacket but for some reason need to show off your guns.

        • +1

          Spot on. I bought some Merino shirts from Macpac a several years ago and had the same experience regarding warmth and odour. I think they also look better when not ironed compared to cotton.

        • +5

          What weight merino were you wearing, lightest grams I find is cooler than any cotton shirt

          • @Pacify: how light are your grams?

            i got the lightest i could find at the time. 150 from macpac and it was white as well so no colour heat issues there. i really wanted it to work but i found it was way hotter than any cotton t-shirt. it did wick the sweat away from the skin but got saturated fast and didn't dry easily.

            i find plain cheap white cotton t-shirts the best, gang colours yo

            • @cynicalmike: @cynicalmike - Sounds strange, was it 100% merino? I find that to be the fastest drying of all my clothes?

            • @cynicalmike: Interesting, I've never really found the same to be the case.

              Main reason I stopped using merino so much is alas they just fall to pieces too fast for the price

              • @Pacify: Sounds like you're washing it wrong…

        • can confirm, I've tried Icebreaker 150g cool lite tshirt in Vietnam. Would not recommend

          just go with thin cotton

        • +2

          Wrong. You need to buy good merino like icebreaker. Wore mine every second day for a month in Dubai with no sweat no smell.

          • +2

            @zsik3115: maybe in a dryer environment it would be ok, but humid places, it does not work ime

    • +10

      Yeah, sheep.

    • you can wear merino, …during a Melbourne or Tasmanian summer :-)

      i wore a special type of Icebreaker material called "cool-lite", where it had the breathability of cotton,
      but when temperatures dropped, it worked as a light fine Merino-wool top.

      it was pretty good actually.

      • Last time I was in Melbourne it was 36 degrees. Time before that got to 40.

  • +1

    No L / XL / XXL Sizes (Mens)

    • +21

      so 99.9% of ozbargain miss out I'm guessing.

      • It's a privileged of 1%

      • +4

        Many of us are scrawny. Eating less saves money.

    • Their measurements even for the smaller sizes are quite big

  • +1

    Going by the sizing chart, and the size increments, I would need t-shirts in XXXXXXXXXL. Tempted to email them and ask if they stock that size, LOL.

    • +1


    • At work when promotional shirts come in, we usually get given 2 6XL shirts. They are pretty much a small blanket (small as in single bed) and can for two people in and still be loose.

      Not sure how many stores have a staff member who can fit it, and trust me - my store ain't small in regards to staff

      • It all depends on the brands these days. I used to be a XL at JayJays years ago, but now none of their shirts fit me, and I haven't gotten any fatter. At K-Mart I am comfortable in a 4XL-5XL t-shirt.

        For work I wear a Van Heusen 48cm collar shirt. But the supplier for my work uniforms doesn't have anything in any of their workwear brands in my size.

        • House size?

        • This is true and really annoying. I don't really buy clothes online anymore due to the size discrepancies. I'm always either M, L or XL and the differences can be quite great!

          • @subywagon: I definitely prefer to shop in store, sizing changes too much. Except pants. At least the brands that measure in centimeters or inches for the waist.

            I remember one of my friends complaining how she used to wear size 8 womans t-shirts at K-mart, then the next time she went she had to wear a 10, then the next time it was 16, and the next it was back to 8. No consistency.

  • Coupon code "WELCOMEMERINO" is not valid.

    • Minimum $50 order to activate.

      • Yeah I had $60 in the cart. But not created an account yet.

    • Only works if it’s a new account and first order. And you have to spend at least $50

    • Same issue here, had $80 worth of stuff in my cart

      • +1

        yeah you need to signup, login, and then it works.

        • Ah cheers, works now.

      • Updated description to say "new registered customer"

  • XXS? Even the size guide doesnt say what size that is…Who wears XXS!! Would have been a bargain if they did have the sizes. Oh well subscribed..maybe at some point will get the discount

    • Going by the size increments, I'd say its a 87cm chest. Which is bloody small.

      • I wear 81-86

        • You have a very slim build. Assuming your chest is about 15cm deep, that's only about 25cm across.

          • @AdosHouse: Yeah I’m 5’6 and skinny

            • @Griffindinho: Yeah fair enough. One of the guys I used to work with, super skinny dude. He told me that he could never seem to put on weight, no matter how much food he ate. Now I didn't think he could eat that much, so I just chalked it down to that. But most of us from work all went drinking one night, and of course a night out should end with a 4am Maccas run. I watched him put away more food than my 130kg arse could ever hope to eat. Guy was like a black hole for food. Super funny to watch.

      • I am 91cm chest and just got the XXS as the XS was too big for me. XXS fit me much better

    • I put on xxs from time to time… On the outside it's for the lol's, but inside I'm wishing it would tear when I flexed and make me feel better about myself…

      All it does is inflict pain

    • +1

      You’d be surprised. There are many people (especially of Asian descent) who fall of the bottom of the usual sizing scale.

      • Yep, I find myself floating between kids and adult sizes, since Western brands don't like to cater for my size, with the exception of YD for some reason. Uniqlo is one of my favourite stores for this reason, as well as the pricing/quality/usual stuff that would make you like a clothing shop.

  • +5

    Just signed up and got 3 x small shirts for $40. Cheers.
    Also, glad to be in the .01% of ozbargain that wears small ;)

    • Enjoy! Make sure you take care of them, I.e use delicate wash cycle and in lukewarm water, hot temp will shrink your shirt! I am wearing mine now :)

      • hot temp will shrink your shirt!
        I learnt this the hard way

      • +1

        just curious - are you associated to this store?

        • +1

          I hope its meant to be a joke I am not in any way associated with the store. I bought previously from them got their newsletter so sharing it here. I just love my Merino gears.

  • +11

    is this a deal for ants ?

    • +4

      Yeah pissants

  • Thanks OP. Got 2 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve for $40!

    The sizing looks to be a bit bigger than those high street brands based on the sizing chart.

    • Yes it’s bigger I.e I had a XS and actual fit is like a S hence I bought XXS this time

      • Do you mean it's bigger than it specifies in the size chart?
        If I am 92cm chest, should I be going for XS or XXS you reckon?

        • I am 91cm chest and i found the XS a bit big for me. I just got the delivery today and tried out the XXS and fits me so much better.

  • Not bought from these guys before and I would hate to get the size wrong

    Please note there is no return or credit notes on sale items, however we are happy to offer an exchange sale items, depending on stock availability of the sale item.

    • Pretty standard clause. They have no obligation to refund it if you purchase the wrong size. But they will do an exchange if it it in stock, which is pretty nice.

      • They have no obligation to, but without being able to try it on first it's pretty standard for online stores to allow refunds on incorrect fit.

  • +1

    Was about to buy but noticed the wierd curved hem dipping down front and back.

    • I really hate t shirts like that.

    • Thanks!

      I was about to buy before I read your comment, I don't like shirts with the curves.

  • Thanks OP - got a bunch of stuff for my wife - plenty stock at @20 bucks in M and some in L for women's wear. Great deal!

  • Made in Australia?

  • +1

    Sweet I'm an XS with size 9 feet, only miss out on shoes :(

  • Damn no sizes :( literally nothing bigger than a small

    • Received mine today and the small felt quite roomy. I'm usually a medium (around the waist) but this feels like it could be a medium-large.

  • Anyone knows if it is stackable with Shopback's 5.5% cashback?

  • +2

    They do not breed Merino's big enough to attire most Ozbargainers

  • +1

    I know I don't need them , but I still purchased 3 of them :)

  • -2

    Wool was never meant to rub on Phantom skin.

    Old Jungle Saying.

  • +1

    Are these shirts fairly shiny? The pictures suggest they are, like mercerised cotton, which isn't a good look outside sportswear.

  • Beautiful, got 3 x XS two long sleeve and one short for $40. Looking forward to seeing the quality.

    • I have Merino Tees from Macpac, Kathmandu and Merinoandco. By far Macpac and Merinoandco feels the best because its 100% Merino. You won't be disappointed with the quality. Kathmandu uses the Corespun crap which is Merino with Nylon and I find very itchy and uncomfortable. For this price its a no brainer.

  • All M are sold out … sigh

  • No socks :-/ Handy for biking on cold days.

  • Finally my slim build comes in handy. I am usually a small, so hopefully these will fit well. Had to go with weird colours though, but I guess it doesn't really matter since I will use them as underwear.


  • Site got ozbargained, see below

    Hi Anton

     Our Website has been temporarily suspended due to the high volume of orders.

    It will be up again approx. 5pm today(24sep),

  • +1

    Seems like they have updated their availability I can see stocks for M and L

  • Got my shirts, FYI these are really long.
    A bit like a woman's nighty. Heh.
    Wonder how easy it is for someone with sewing skills to bring it up a bit?

  • Got mine and they fit pretty nicely. I'm normally an Icebreaker size S but ordered XS and fits nicely. A bit itchy on the skin compared to icebreaker but will seee after first wash off they still are.

  • Did anyone get cashback tracking?

  • How long does it usually take to process the order? I ordered Thurs, still showing as processing?!