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AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core CPU $463.20 + $12.95 Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Futu Online eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Futu Online have dropped their price for the 3700x making this a decent deal, especially for those with the discounted ebay gift cards. This chip was $441.15 a couple of weeks ago so if you are not in a rush, it could be worth holding out for a better deal.

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  • Good post, I can wait.

  • Awesome CPU. Make sure you have updated the Chipset drivers from AMD and have the latest BIOS for your Mobo, mine was constantly boosting and the voltage was between 1.48 and 1.51 at 4200Mhz-4300Mhz.

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      Yeah my 3600 was doing that. At stock 3.6ghz on Auto voltage it was running at 1.42 - but then I bumped the CPU up to 3.8 and it went down to 1.2V on Auto - Not sure why lol. I know nothing about OC or if that's good or bad haha

      And not too keen to update the BIOS in case it all goes to sh1t

      • just to be safe with your OC, consider running prime95 overnight to make sure it is error-free :)

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          I don't think there's any point to manually overclocking Ryzen other than bragging/because you can.

          The automatic overclocking does a better job of delivering short bursts that are faster than manual overclocking thus gaining higher performance.

          • @Diji1: Yup I second this. This is why i Overclocked my RAM and GPU but left CPU on PBO and all auto for voltage and Frequency setting.

            You shorten the life of your CPU constantly running high frequencies and voltages.

      • Generally speaking if it is stable and you have ran some stability tests it should be ok. Just monitor core temperate and also voltage. unlike RAM, CPU's degrade fast under high voltage/Temperature conditions.

    • Yep, my 3600X won’t boost past 4250mhz even on the latest bios. On V1 of the bios I was boosting to 4400mhz all day long. I’ve over clocked all cores but can’t get past 4325mhz before it becomes unstable. I’d really like the be able to boost to 4400mhz again though, my cooling I excellent, but it turns out my choice of motherboard is shit. (MSI x570a Pro)

  • love my 3700X :) so good

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      Thanks for the update

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      Please remind us later if you decide to upgrade. Also I’d like to know what you had for lunch.

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    I need the 3900X deals.

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