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Save 15% on Tradfri Smart Lights Range with Purchase of The IKEA Symphonisk Wi-Fi Speaker at $149 @ IKEA


Ikea has started selling their range of Sonos partnered wifi speakers today - the Symphonisk bookshelf speaker $149 and lamp speaker $269

On paper they are the same spec as the updated Sonos One and according to this teardown the components are near identical

The Sonos One retails for $279+ so I'd consider this a bargain at $149

Usual Sonos deal - no bluetooth or aux or USB in; only Wifi using the Sonos app (but syncs well with Apple Music/Spotify/other steaming apps)
Does links up with your existing Sonos setup
From what I can see these don't have the steam resistance of the Sonos One but apart from that appear to be the same thing

Bookshelf Speaker White $149
Bookshelf Speaker Black $149
Lamp Speaker White $269
Lamp Speaker Black $269

Don't forget to sign up to Ikea family for another $10 off

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  • Plus, if you buy one of these, you can get 15% off the entire range of Ikea's new Tradfri smart lights.

  • Isn't this just RRP? Where is the bargain?

    • The bargain is in that you a receiving effective a Sonos One (RRP$279) for only $149

      • But unfortunately it is still not Sonos one and this is still RRP.

        • Agree, no more of a deal than the Ikea Ladda eneloops but still useful for those who aren't aware.

          In this case the partnership is also official and carries the Sonos branding on the product

        • Actually it is, check youtube. The guts and drivers are all the same as Sonos and from the same factory. Just a different shape. Not for me, but its a great price if thats what your after.

          • @pauliau: I saw that tear-down as well.
            The tear-down states the drivers are likely from the ‘same company’ but you can see they look slightly different and are different in size (the Play:1 has a slightly smaller tweeter but a slightly larger woofer than the Symfonisk).
            The internal circuit-board & chips are very similar though.

            Also another review also stated there is a noticeable difference in the sound-quality. Makes sense for Sonos to put their own more expensive Sonos-branded products at an advantage.
            The cabinet design can also make a bigger difference than you may think (and Sonos is proud about their speaker-design know-how in their own products).

      • Not according to this and a few other comparisons. Sound quality isn't as good, it doesn't have 360 sound and it doesn't have voice control.
        Edit: and it's fugly in comparison.
        Edit2: don't know about the company which makes Sonos but IKEA is a tax evader

        • Yes the Sonos One / Play:1 use similar components but they are still the superior sounding speakers.
          The Play:1 is more of a direct comparison since it lacks a microphone.
          It makes sense since Sonos charges more for their Play:1 and would keep the best sound-quality for their own products.

          I actually think the ‘360 sound’ claim of the Sonos One is a mistake on Gizmodo’s part. The tear-down’s show forward-facing drivers and as far as I know they are directional like conventional-speakers.

      • From what I can see you are receiving an Ikea speaker which uses Sonos 1 internals (not One) and cuts corners on components (cheap caps, cheap housing, etc.) and has worse sound quality. How is that "effectively a Sonos One"?

    • The bargain is in the 15% discount on the smart lights if you buy one of these speakers.

    • Think we need to stop getting caught up in using RRP as the only factor to determine a deal and instead look at the whole value proposition.

      If you can get pretty much a Sonos One, made by Sonos, with identical internal components for significantly less cost because Ikea put their brand on it, I would consider this a bargain.

      • No but ozb is about the best deal for a particular product.

        An Infinity Qx30 is the exact same car as a Mercedes gla for cheaper. But that wouldn't qualify as a deal.

        This belongs to the forums.

      • The validity of your comparison with a Sonos One is highly questionable from reviews I've read. The video link you posted mentions a Play 1 and specifcally mentions older tech. Perhaps not chalk and cheese, but maybe Kraft cheddar and mature cheddar.

      • did you even watch the video you put in your post!

        it has sonos 1 internals, not sonos one.

      • +1 vote

        with identical internal components for significantly less cost because Ikea put their brand on it

        Not really. They cut cost by using cheaper components. One of them being crappy CapXon capacitors. Also enclosure design and material makes a big difference. This will not sound like Sonos Play:1 or One completely.

  • Ikea dropped their range of Sonos partnered wifi speakers today

    Can you elaborate on this? Do you mean IKEA has dropped the price, or do you mean IKEA has dropped the partnership with Sonos and so the WiFi speakers will no longer be for sale after existing stock is sold out?

    • Ha "dropped"; released today in Australia.

      Have been available overseas for a couple of months now

  • Been eyeing off one of the white lamps for a while. Looking forward to getting my hands on one this afternoon! Good to know you get a discount with the smart bulbs when purchased together.

  • Isn't this the same as the Play:1, not the One (which is Google Assistant/Alexa compatible)?

    • The IKEA ones are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

      There's also a $20 remote that looks quite handy. Hopefully that can be repurposed in Home Assistant.

    • The Ikea ones are functionally closer to the new Sonos One SL, which is functionally a One minus the built in microphones. The Ikea speakers have Airplay 2, whereas the Play:1 doesn't. Airplay 2 is useful to me so I would take the Ikea speaker over the Play:1 although the sound is likely not quite as good.

    • My bad, I didn't actually realise the 1 and the One were different devices

      Such a good naming convention

      • It gets worse blonky. Sonos One (Gen1) and Sonos Play1 are apparently sonically the same. Sonos One has mics etc to enable it to receive and respond to voice control, Play1 doesn't have those features. Sonos One has been updated (Gen2) but the upgrade is apparently to permit future improvements rather than changing existing performance. A bloke on Sonos? forums has succinctly set out the changes and differences between Sonos One Gen2 and Gen1.

  • Why would I get this over say a Google Home that plays music? What's so good about Sonos? Does this have Google Assistant?

    • Sonos ecosystem. Have multiple sonos speakers and select which one to play music on if not all of it.

      If you need a smart assistant device then get a home or alexa. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

      • Have multiple sonos speakers and select which one to play music on if not all of it.

        So the exact same as CCA/GH speakers.

    • I suggest you test a Sonos for sound and then you'll get your answer.

    • You can install this one like a shelf

  • Looks like not available in any Victorian IKEA until next week :(

  • This isn't even as good as a play 1 yet you're comparing it to a sonos one.

    Cons: doesn’t sound as good as a Play:1, no Bluetooth or line in, no built-in smart speaker functionality.

    • This speaker is functionally comparable to the One SL. You could get a stereo pair of the bookshelf ones for not much more than a single One SL. I suspect the pair would be preferable in a lot of situations.

  • If anyone interested. Some of the tradfri bulbs work with mi gateway directly.

  • I wonder what the sound quality is like. Not a bad option if you wanted cheap AirPlay 2 speakers. Even better if you could leave it outdoors, not necessarily storm proof, but say under cover with a bit of moisture or heat.

  • I picked up two of the bookshelf speakers to use as satellites in a 3.1 Sonos set up today.

    I have 2 x play 1 in my kitchen and a beam and sub in my living room to round out the 3.1.

    I played the lamp and bookshelf speaker in store using a couple of the demo tracks. Sound was crisp and clear on both with surprising bass response for footprint.

    Lamp had the edge because the sound was multi directional, I don’t know if the components are different but I think they probably are.

    The bookshelf’s work very well as surround speakers and there was no noticeable difference in this format compared to when I had my play 1 there. Trebles can get a little shrill but that’s my only complaint.

    In terms of the price, I think they are good value for money. They integrated well into my system and took only a few minutes to set up. One major issue for me is that the cables are too short (power).

    If you want to install these as shelves you have to buy a bracket separately which I think is $20.

    Overall happy and think it represents good value for money, particularly for existing Sonos users adding to their room setups.

    • Trebles can get a little shrill but that’s my only complaint.

      Sonos has DSP room-correction called Trueplay, give that a go and see if you like the sound better (you can turn it on-or-off after you set it up).

    • At last, an opinion from someone who has bought and heard them. I don’t understand you knucklehead posters who bag/praise things you have no experience with. Thank you p1owz0r for your input.

  • Got a lamp on Friday. Makes for a really good bedroom speaker and the sound quality to me feels pretty much on par with my parents Sonos Play:1. Saves me a bit of space on my bedside table by having the speaker/lamp in one. Could also be used to fill a small room with good quality sound.

  • I bought one bookshelf speaker 2 days ago. I like it and would recommend it. Pretty close to the Sonos One - but a bit different. I personally can't add the Symfonisk remote to my system as my speakers are not recognized by the Ikea Smart Home App - so I guess there are still some little issues.

    Be aware it is a mono speaker and you can only pair it as a stereo pair with another similar speaker (so you need 2 Ikea Symfonisk … you can't pair a One and a Symfonisk.)

    Great price to get started with Sonos … :-) (which then can get expensive )

    (Also picked up some Tradfri lights in the process and pretty impressed for the price (not perfect - esp. the need for an ethernet cable for the hub and the pairing process

    • I found the bookshelf speakers a tad large, but otherwise cheap AirPlay 2 speakers.

    • You can’t even pair two different Symfonisk speakers, makes sense now that I know they’re different internally but a bit disappointing.

  • I picked up the bookshelf speaker too, and have found it comparable to the 1's I also have, albeit that it is a lot bigger. In my case it's sitting on top of some cupboards and is mainly being used to help fill out the sound in a large space that's already occupied by a 3, so even if it is a little less bassy than the 1, I don't really notice. I like it enough that I'm looking at getting another one. Using the Trueplay tuning seemed to help round out the sound after it was positioned and the build quality (externally) was totally fine IMHO.

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