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PolarBackup: 5TB Lifetime Subscription $99 USD / $146 AUD via AndroidCentral Offers



This my first post, have not tried polarbackup as a service before but it looks like a pretty good deal for 5TB of cloud storage.

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  • Who's lifetime?

    • Who's
      contraction of who is: Who's there?
      contraction of who has: Who's seen it?

      the possessive case of who used as an adjective: Whose umbrella did I take? Whose is this one?

  • Lifetime Subscription

    Lifetime right up until the company collapses and you lose everything.

    • Well assuming it's only used as one backup with other redundancies in place that shouldn't be an issue, I definitely wouldn't use it as a sole storage solution. :)

    • I lost my CrashPlan subscription with unlimited storage after they decided they only wanted business customers. In my option, it's far better to stick with Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud.

      • We also used to use crash plan, until it kicked domestic clients off and now use time machine and iCloud. Probably a blessing in disguise- crash plan managed to lose our entire back up. Not exactly the type of service you would expect…

  • Lol. Would be very dumb to trust this with backups. Very unsustainable business model that will just cash in and disappear over night.

    • $99 would barely even pay for a single 5Tb HDD, let alone the network bandwidth, other equipment, redundancy, software development, and business costs.
      The cheapest storage on AWS S3 Glacier would be US$240/year for 5Tb (I know AWS isn't the cheapest, but it's a good comparison as to what it really costs cloud providers)

  • I've been off discounted lifetime subs ever since a bunch of us here bought lifetime Getflix subscriptions, only for them to shortly after change the subscription to apply to all of their services EXCEPT Netflix.


    So you pay for companies to mine your data? How very 00’s

  • Most of the old lifetime could storage provider already dead

  • My lifetime unlimited download dialup plan has been long dead.
    It cost $500….